Bracciali della collezione Rondò
Bracciali della collezione Rondò

The Fartan’s Etruscan Patents

In the goldsmith district of Arezzo, the Fartan Group intends to continue the tradition. Starting from the name: according to what the company emphasizes, Fartan in the ancient Etruscan language means “genius, vital and creative force”. In short, the claim of ancient roots, but at the same time the desire not to be left behind from a technological point of view. The production of jewelry proves this. The company, in fact, boasts numerous patents concerning both specific processing models and the machinery used. The idea is to combine technology with the creativity of Italian design. A story that has been going on for about forty years, with a good result, as evidenced by the collections.

Set della collezione Rondò
Set from the Rondò collection

The sole shareholder and director of the company since 2009 is Leonardo Terziani, who has behind him a career as an engineer and project manager in companies in the mechanical sector: a background that testifies to the industrial approach of the brand, which works in particular for third parties. Terziani’s experience has yielded innovation. For exemple, for Multi-light a patented technology for the insertion of elements in the basic chain: the final result is a unique jewel, which presents a “dynamic brightness”. Or Atmosphere, also with a patented technology for the insertion of precious inserts, which «generates remarkable harmony and linearity (with pre-established pitch) and avoids any unsightly overlapping of the elements. Extreme brilliance of the jewel thanks to the direct and reflected brightness ». Or, again, Rondò, which derive from a specific processing «thanks to which it is possible to obtain in the finished product areas with different surface finishes that create captivating plays of light, accentuated by the possible different colors». In short, creativity lies not only in the design or choice of a stone, but also in identifying intelligent construction techniques. Perhaps this is also a legacy of the Etruscans.

collane rondo
Necklaces from the Rondò collection
Collana della linea Dna
DNA line necklace
Collane della linea Holly
Necklaces from the Holly line
Collana Holly di Fartan
Holly necklace by Fartan
Collane della collezione Holly
Necklaces from the Holly collection
orecchini fartan
Fartan earrings
Collana della linea Dna
DNA line necklace
Orecchini Dna
DNA earrings

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