Aleluià, bracciale in oro rosa e bianco, diamanti
Aleluià, bracciale in oro rosa e bianco, diamanti

Pasquale Bruni with Aleluià Feel the Love

The ancient word of jubilation, Alleluia, still resonates in the Maison Pasquale Bruni. The Aleluià collection (written with a single letter L and with the accent on the final a), presented two years ago, is renewed. Aleluià – Feel the Love does not betray the original design created by the creative director Eugenia Bruni, but evolves it. The shape of the leaf also becomes moon, dune and wave. And, as is the tradition of the Valenza Maison, the design of the jewels takes on not only an aesthetic value, but also a philosophical and spiritual one. Much more concrete, however, is the value of the jewel determined by the material and workmanship.

Anello in oro rosa e pavé di diamanti bianchi e champagne
Ring in rose gold and pavé of white and champagne diamonds

The high jewelery of the collection develops through a geometric riviera with fluid lines of diamonds. The elements of the jewels are worked and recessed individually to then be assembled in a second phase, in order to respect the shapes and clarity of the overlaps. This system also allows you to break down some jewels into different parts. The collection is available in rose gold with white and champagne diamonds, white gold with white diamonds, and white gold with white diamonds. The bracelet is adjustable.

Bracciale rigido in oro rosa e bianco con diamanti
Rigid bracelet in rose and white gold with diamonds
Anello in oro bianco con diamanti
White gold ring with diamonds
Orecchini in oro rosa con diamanti
Rose gold earrings with diamonds
Orecchini in oro bianco con diamanti
White gold earrings with diamonds

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