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Jennifer Lopez con i gioielli Pasquale Bruni nel film Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez gets married with Pasquale Bruni jewels

There is no wedding without jewelry. And there is no star of the show without rings, earrings or necklaces. That said, Pasquale Bruni announces a special wedding, the one with […]

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Orecchini Ama Feel in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi

The softness of Pasquale Bruni with Ama Feel

Ama (he or she loves), voice of the verb to love. And Pasquale Bruni really loves jewels. The Ama collection, which consists of jewels with the shape of four leaves […]

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Anello in oro bianco 18 carati, con smeraldi, zaffiri rosa, gialli e blu

Pasquale Bruni adds colors to Aleluià

The ancient Hebrew word Alleluia indicates an acclamation of praise to God, but more prosaically it is used as a sign of jubilation: and what happiness can equal that of […]

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Lady Gaga indossa gli orecchini Stella in Fiore in diamanti bianchi durante l’intervista su 60
Minutes - CBS News

Pasquale Bruni runs with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wears earrings by Pasquale Bruni but, probably, the Maison of Valenza is even more satisfied with the economic results obtained in 2021. The high jewelery company, in fact, […]

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Collier della collezione Goddess Garden

The new garlands by Pasquale Bruni

In India, flower garlands play an important role in every holiday: Hindu deities are always decorated with fragrant wreaths and leaves. In Italy, however, garlands are often found in the […]

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Ambra Angiolini con la collana della collezione Giardini Segreti

Pasquale Bruni’s jewels at the Venice festival

Pasquale Bruni’s jewels also sparkled on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Georgina Rodrguez, model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, on the occasion of her arrival at the […]

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Kim Kardashian con un girocollo firmato Lorraine Schwartz

How to wear the choker

The chocker, a jewel that has come back into fashion in recent years. That’s when to wear it ♦ The chocker, also called collier de chien, gargantilla or girocollo, is […]

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Orecchini Petit Joli con quarzite viola di Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni adds a touch of lavender to Petit Joli

Lavender, a fragrant flower with a seductive color, a delicate shade that inspired a special edition of Pasquale Bruni‘s Petit Joli collection. Alongside pink gold and small diamond pavé, in […]

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Collezione Petit Joli Bouquet, bracciale

Spring bouquet with Pasquale Bruni

Chopin wrote 20 waltzes, all with the same 3/4 time, but all different. Pasquale Bruni, on the other hand, works on the theme of the five-petal flower, the one that […]

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Bozzetto del sautoir più orecchini Luce

Total light by Pasquale Bruni

And the Light was, and the sea was to illuminate the crativity. The new collection by Pasquale Bruni, Luce (light), was born in front of the sea of ​​Camogli, in […]

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Anello in oro rosa, diamanti e corniola della collezione Petit Joli

Pasquale Bruni adds red to Petit Joli collection

A brushstroke of red to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And to expand a collection, Petit Joli, which Pasquale Bruni launched just a year ago, in 2020. The red color was added […]

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Orecchini con zaffiri rosa

The Petit gardens of Pasquale Bruni

One of Pasquale Bruni‘s novelties concerns the collection that was launched four years ago, at Baselworld 2016, but which has now been renewed. The jewels are variations on the theme […]

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Collier Goddess Garden in oro, diamanti, morganite di Pasquale Bruni

The Goddess Garden by Pasquale Bruni

Between nature and sentiment, luxury and idealism: the Goddess Garden collection by Pasquale Bruni contains the elements that characterize the production of the jewelery brand from Valenza (Italy). The theme […]

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La boutique in in Vicolo del Cervo

Pasquale Bruni in the Costa Smeralda

Pasquale Bruni, understood as a jewelry brand, also goes to the beach. The Maison has chosen the Costa Smeralda, in Sardinia, and in particular Porto Cervo. As in tradition, this […]

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Collana e orecchini indossati, Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni with the Daughter of Flowers

Nostalgia for the floral Sixties for Pasquale Bruni. In the middle of that decade of the last century, in fact, the hippy movement, the children of flowers, developed from London […]

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Lavorazione di un anello Toi & Moi by Messika

Moi & Toi, story of a mythic ring

Moi et Toi, a shape of ring that is timeless. Like love. Here are some of the most fascinating rings Moi et Toi ♦ Two diamonds are better than one, […]

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Anello con fiore arcobaleno con diamanti gialli e bianchi by DiaColor

Flower power jewelry

Jewels and flowers: an eternal bond, but that each jeweler interprets in his own way. Here are the jewels of flower power ♦ The link between flowers and jewelry is […]

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Anelli della collezione Ton Joli in oro rosa, agata verde e bianca

Pasquale Bruni renews Ton Joli and Petit Joli

A classic is forever, like one of the successful collections by Pasquale Bruni. The Maison of high jewelery in Valenza does not, however, only offer collections for a small group […]

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Georgina Rodriguez a Sanremo con la collana di Pasquale Bruni

The jewels of the Sanremo Festival

As always, the Sanremo Festival is not only the greatest Italian singing competition, but also an outfit challenge. And jewelry. Here are some that have appeared on the stage of […]

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Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Goodbye Baselwoorld, Gucci throws in the towel

Another bad blow for Baselworld: Gucci also leaves. At the Basel fair, scheduled this year from April 30 to May 5, the brand of the Kering group will not be […]

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