Fabergé, collana con pendente a uovo che contiene un anello con smeraldo
Fabergé, collana con pendente a uovo che contiene un anello con smeraldo

Jewelry like Easter eggs

Easter is a holiday that in the West is also synonymous with eggs. But eggs are not only an ingredient for typical dishes of this period. The oval shape has been used in the history of art as a symbol of rebirth, of motherhood, of a nature that is renewed. And it often occurs also in jewelery, in particular the precious eggs produced by Fabergé are famous. The great Russian jeweler, whose brand has been back to life for a few years (since 2012 he joined the Gemfield group), has produced 50 imperial eggs, created especially for the tsars.

Il motivo cinese della Gazza blu e bianca è realizzato in titanio e oro bianco e giallo 18 carati, con un pavé di oltre 500 gemme, delicati rami di alberi in oro bianco incastonati con diamanti e tormalina Paraiba. Una perla conch diventa un uovo su un nido d'oro giallo. Il pezzo è stato ispirato dall'antico motivo a fiori e uccelli blu e bianco su un piatto di porcellana a forma di cerchio del National Museum of History di Washington, DC, nonché alle opere di Giuseppe Castiglione, missionario gesuita e pittore del corte imperiale cinese
Brooch by Anna Hu. The Chinese Blue and White Magpie motif is crafted in titanium and 18k white and yellow gold, with a pavé of over 500 gems, delicate white gold tree branches set with diamonds and Paraiba tourmaline. A pearl conch becomes an egg on a yellow gold nest. The piece was inspired by the ancient blue and white flower and bird pattern on a circle-shaped porcelain plate in the National Museum of History in Washington, D.C., as well as the works of Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit missionary and painter of the Chinese imperial court

Today they are worth millions, they are often kept in museums and rare private collections around the world. The Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg, opened in 2013, houses the famous first egg which was owned by Empress Feodorovna. Seven imperial eggs, however, are actually still missing. But if Fabergé eggs are famous, and continue to be produced as jewels under the new management, there are also others in jewelery. Some others eggs are very gorgeous, such as the gold brooch signed by Cartier, while other eggs are less refined jewels, but still suitable to be combined on Easter day.

Uovo con gemme di Kristen Malan
Egg with Gems by Kristen Malan

Of course, we don’t necessarily have to stop at a simple jewel. Why not celebrate Easter with an oval cut diamond? Diamonds with this shape, in reality, are not exactly similar to a natural egg, but they are symmetrical. The two longer areas, therefore, are perfectly identical. The same goes for other gems cut with the oval shape. Oval cut diamonds are considered to be some of the most elegant and, when set on a ring, tend to make the fingers appear longer and tapered – something to consider.

Anello con diamante ovale di oltre 43 carati
Ring with oval diamond of over 43 carats

Decorating eggshells is an idea that has its roots in humanity. Ostrich eggs decorated and engraved 60,000 years ago have been found in Africa. In the pre-dynastic period of Egypt and the early cultures of Mesopotamia and Crete, eggs were associated with death and rebirth, especially if large in size. Ostrich eggs decorated with gold and silver were placed in the tombs of the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians 5,000 years ago. This tradition may have influenced early Christian and Islamic cultures in those areas, as well as through mercantile, religious and political ties from those areas around the Mediterranean, to being used by jewelry.

Collana in oro rosa 18 carati, composta da 206 perle di smeraldo dello Zambia, diamanti rotondi e con taglio princess by Fabergé
Necklace in 18k rose gold, composed of 206 Zambian emerald pearls, round and princess cut diamonds by Fabergé
Nido composto a mano con un uovo d'oro e due uova di porcellana
Tiffany, handmade nest with a golden egg and two porcelain eggs
rina limor
Rina Limor, silver earrings with sapphires
Bibi van der Velden, orecchini in oro e avorio di mammuth
Bibi van der Velden, gold and mammoth ivory earrings
Raro uovo per lo zar Alessandro firmato Peter Carl Fabergé
Rare egg for Tsar Alexander signed Peter Carl Fabergé
Pendente di Jean-Schlumberger per Tiffany, con oro e diamanti
Pendant by Jean-Schlumberger for Tiffany, with gold and diamonds
Pendente di Fabergé con diamanti, smeraldi e acquamarina
Fabergé pendant with diamonds, emeralds and aquamarine

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