Anello Marine in argento placcato oro 24 carati
Anello Marine in argento placcato oro 24 carati

The gears of Ludovica Andrina

The tiny gears of Ludovica Andrina make new, but also traditional, jewelery ♦ ︎

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, Italy, is famous for cars and chocolate. But also for craftsmanship and, in particular, for the noble goldsmith’s art. It is no coincidence that a few kilometers away is the pole of Italian high jewelery, Valenza, for which grandfather of Ludovica Andrina works. Introduction that serves to explain why Ludovica Andrina is perfectly at ease in Turin, where she was able to create the brand that has her name and an activity able to offer satisfaction.

Orecchini Amore, argento placcato oro
Love earrings, gold plated silver

Unlike those who deny tradition and are inspired by models from other countries, Ludovica Andrina looks for inspiration in the past for the future. In short, her jewels are the result of an evolution, not a break. Although new ideas are not lacking, such as when she using microscopic gears of wristwatches to make rings or bracelets: a fun but also aesthetically pleasing idea. And the demonstration that she can remain faithful to tradition, also innovating a lot. As in the case of the new collections, with silver rose gold plated, silver and small natural stones.
Anello multibanda in argento, oro 9 carati, con pavé di diamanti
Multiband ring in silver, 9 carat gold, with pavé diamonds

Orecchini in argento placcato oro con figure tratte da monete dell'antica Roma
Gold-plated silver earrings with figures taken from ancient Roman coins
Anello in argento placcato oro con diamanti grigi
Gold plated silver ring with gray diamonds
Collana in argento placcato oro
Gold plated silver necklace
Collana di perle barocche con chiusura in argento placcato oro
Baroque pearl necklace with gold-plated silver clasp
Anello Marine in argento placcato oro
Marine ring in gold-plated silver

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