Orecchini a forma di stella
Orecchini a forma di stella

Auverture and The Jewelery Room, a platform for two

Unity is strength, even in the virtual world of online jewelry sales. It’s the strategy of Auverture and The Jewelery Room, who have announced a strategic partnership. The two platforms are united by the idea of offering jewels by independent designers, with great attention to quality. And, given that online jewelry sales tend to increase: they will grow from 13% to 18-21% of the total global market by 2025, according to data from the McKinsey & Business of Fashion report. There is, therefore, the need to maintain competitiveness compared to platforms that can count on a global business. In this case the partnership aims to combine the technology and reach of The Jewelery Room with the relationships of Auverture, which is a platform promoted in 2016 by celebrated designer Bibi van der Velden.

This partnership allows us to enable even more independent designers to succeed on the global stage and accelerates our strategy to become the number one destination for online jewelry. There is great cultural complementarity and we share the same ambition.
Pernille and Charlotte Møbjerg, founders of The Jewelery Room

Pernille Møbjerg, Charlotte Møbjerg
Pernille Møbjerg, Charlotte Møbjerg

With the partnership, a selection of Auverture will be displayed on The Jewelery Room’s platform and will be supported by their technology and operations, while Auverture alone will continue to match its high-end clientele with the selection of fine jewelry designers at the avant-garde.

We both started from the same belief: to create an environment suitable for designer jewellery, to make their works of art accessible to a wider audience and to place designers at the center of everything we do. I believe that by joining forces, we will make it and become the undisputed leaders of the category.
Bibi Van Der Velden, designer and founder of Auverture

Bibi Van Der Velden
Bibi Van Der Velden

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