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The 10 least expensive Tiffany bracelets

Are you looking for a Tiffany bracelet? You don’t have to rob a bank. Here are 10 less expensive Tiffany bracelets: review with pictures and prices ♦ ︎

Tiffany and Co has a long history behind it: it was founded in 1837 and has become a jewelry giant, with over 300 stores in 27 countries. Not only that: it sells jewels for about 4,4 billion dollars (in 2019). Among other things, in recent years Tiffany has also been committed “to reducing environmental impact, respecting human rights and contributing positively to communities”, with careful management regarding gold, which is extracted exclusively from a mine that is identified publicly or from recycled sources.

Audrey Hepburn in «Colazione da Tiffany»
Audrey Hepburn in «Colazione da Tiffany», davanti alle vetrine del negozio di New York

This is to say that the brand is historical, but at the same time remains modern, current and refined. But Tiffany’s jewels are also considered, erroneously, unattainable, of an inaccessible luxury. This is true with regard to high jewelery or pieces in gold and large precious stones. But it does not correspond to reality for silver jewels, even design, which can be purchased at a cost really affordable for everyone. Here, for example, the 10 least expensive Tiffany bracelets (prices updated in December 2023). The novelty concerns the bracelets which are sold exclusively online. All bracelets are in silver.


Tiffany Infinity, solo online. 260 euro
Tiffany Infinity, online only. 260 euros


Bracciale Tiffany Infinity, solo online. 260 euro
Tiffany Infinity bracelet, online only. 260 euros


Bead Heart Tag. 300 euro
Bead Heart Tag. 300 euros


Bracciale Bead con chiusura toggle. 300 euro
Bead bracelet with toggle clasp. 300 euros


Bracciale Bead Heart Tag versione rosa. Disponibile anche verde, rosso, fuchsia. 300 euro
Bead Heart Tag bracelet pink version. Also available in green, red, fuchsia. 300 euros


Bracciale a maglie tonde. Solo online. 300 euro
Round link bracelet. Online only. 300 euros


Bracciale Loving Heart disegnato da Paloma Picasso- 310 euro
Loving Heart bracelet designed by Paloma Picasso. 310 euros


Tiffany Infinity a maglie grosse. Solo online. 320 euro
Tiffany Infinity in chunky links. Online only. 320 euros


Collezione Return to Tiffany, bracciale Heart Tag a doppia catena. 330 euro
Return to Tiffany collection, double chain Heart Tag bracelet. 330 euros


Bracciale Arrow, collezione Graffiti di Paloma Picasso. 380 euro
Arrow bracelet, Graffiti collection by Paloma Picasso. 380 euros

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