Anello in micro mosaico Persepolis
Anello in micro mosaico Persepolis. Copyright:

Ancient Persia and micromosaic, jewels by Roshanak Payrovi

It is not necessary to explain why many Iranian women, those who are able, decide to go abroad. Roshanak Payrovi has chosen two new worlds: Italy and jewelry. And after the master’s degree in Jewelery Design in Arezzo, he deepened the micromosaic technique to the point of making it the characteristic of his creations. In Tuscany the young designer followed the teaching of the art historian Paolo Torriti and found the support of the jeweler-artist Alessio Boschi. You also chose to use the micromosaic technique under the guidance of Maestro Roberto Grieco, a Roman artist with over 30 years of experience.

Orecchini in micro mosaico, perle, tormalina
Micro mosaic earrings, pearls, tourmaline

The micro mosaic technique used in the past and rediscovered today is used to create jewelery inspired by ancient Persia. His first collection draws inspiration from Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC), of which the ruins remain. It is located in the Marvdasht plains, near the southern Zagros Mountains of Iran. It is also one of the major cultural heritages of Iran and the world. Roshanak Payrovi made his debut at Vicenzaoro thanks to The8, a competition dedicated to IED students in Rome and Turin and promoted by Labigem, the Italian Gemology Laboratory.
Roshanak Payrovi. Copyright:
Roshanak Payrovi. Copyright:

Anello ispirato all'architettura dell’Impero achemenide
Ring inspired by the architecture of the Achaemenid Empire

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