Collezione Boules by Nanis indossato
Collezione Boules by Nanis

The Boules color Nanis’ jewels

The small gold spheres, slightly elongated and scratched with the ribbed burin, the boules, are one of the characteristics of Nanis. Laura Bicego’s Maison now offers the new Boules collection which elaborates the concept, but with the addition of the delicate nuances of semi-precious stones, accompanied by diamonds. The stones are the result of a delicate conjunction of different gems, united to create new shades. How to call them? Nanis had the idea of ​​naming the composite gems with the names of traditional Italian drinks: Rosolio, Lattementa, Violetta, Anice.

Anelli della collezione Boules
Rings from the Boules collection

Rosolio, for example, is pink in color and is composed of a triplet of rock crystal, strawberry quartz and mother of pearl. Lattementa, green, is the result of the superposition of rock crystal and jadeite. Violetta, obviously purple, has rock crystal, lepidolite and mother-of-pearl at its base, while Anise, light blue, has rock crystal and amazonite. 18-karat gold and stones are used to make charms, to be combined with Boules chains or the Essentials necklaces (Soffio, Ivy, Libera), or as rings, and with Ciliegine earrings.

Collana con Boules
Necklace with Boules
Collana in oro 18 carati e Boules
18k gold necklace and Boules
Girocollo con Boules
Choker with Boules
Orecchini Lattementa
Lattementa earrings

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