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Pandora on Aladdin’s flying carpet

in vetrina
Il genio della lampada

There are those who dream of walking on a red carpet and those who dream of a flying carpet. In fact, dribbling traffic on a flying carpet would also be in tune with a green economy. And there are those who have made the dream come true, at least in the fairy tales of the…

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Pandora x Keith Haring collection

in vetrina
Gioielli della collezione Pandora x Keith Haring indossati

Keith Haring, who passed away from AIDS in February 1990, was an American pop artist who transformed spray graffiti in New York into the painterly works contested by galleries around the world. Now the simple and immediate figures of him become a source of inspiration for Pandora, which offers a collection of jewels dedicated to…

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A Pandora charm for Unicef

in news/Pandora
Il charm di Pandora per Unicef

Jewelery and social solidarity initiatives: this time Pandora is launching an initiative in support of Unicef. This is the pendant called Light in the Dark, which is produced in a limited edition and continues the Charms for change initiative in support of Unicef. The pendant glows in the dark and was designed to represent a…

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Pandora with Avengers’ superpowers

in Pandora/vetrina
Bracciale placcato oro con charm Iron Man

After the heroes of Disney it is the turn of the super heroes of Marvel. Pandora expands the number of bracelets and pendants dedicated to the fantasy world with Avengers, the result of the collaboration with Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel x Pandora collection is inspired by the iconic characters that populate paper comics but,…

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Luck of Aaron Basha

in vetrina
Bracciale edizione limitata in platino

In 1950 the Middle East Aaron Basha was not the current one. He was a young jeweler born in a family who supplied rich people and real, and he was determined to conquer the New World, that is, America. He succeeded. Specializing in pendants for necklaces and bracelets, she won not only New York, but…

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Pandora Timeless for Christmas

in ANELLI/Pandora/vetrina
Anello con placcatura oro rosa 14 carati e cubic zirconia

Pandora’s Christmas collection is called Timeless. In fact, time does not exist at Christmas, it is a moment in itself. But it is also a time for gifts and jewels are among the favorite gifts. Here, then, are the timeless jewels of Pandora: a hand-finished ring made with 14-karat rose gold plating, with a pink…

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Silver and tradition of Tane Mexico 1942

in Argento/bracciale/vetrina
Collana con i ciondoli della collezione Mexico Mi Amor

Love for Mexico of a Mexican jewelry company. Tane Mexico 1942 has 80 years of history behind it (it was founded in 1942). And she is extraordinarily proud of her country, rich in nature, history and culture. So it is not surprising that he launched the Mexico Mi Amor collection, which is made up of…

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Sporty Pandora for those who love the Olympics

in bracciale/COLLANE
Charm racchetta tennis

Olympics fever affects everyone. Pandora suggests showing one’s sportsmanship with a series of charms that refer to as many sports. For example, the Scarpa Sneaker pendant charm, which is inspired by sportswear in general rather than a sport and has two colorless cubic zirconia stones set flush and a small heart on the soles. More…

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The Rosato Stories for spring 2021

in Argento/bracciale/vetrina
Charm in argento 925‰ e placcatura oro rosa a forma di campanellino con smalto bianco, 30 cubic zirconia bianchi

Launched years ago, the Storie collection by Rosato is also renewed for spring 2021. At the center there are always silver charms with rose gold plating, which represent different subjects: butterflies, bees, shamrocks. In short, subjects linked to the summer and nature. The pendants, offered at a price of 39 euros, are suitable for the bracelets…

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Pandora between spring and Unicef

in bracciale/Pandora/vetrina
Anelli della collezione Pandora Garden

x Flowers and spring are almost a synonym. And if the flowers fade, flower-shaped jewels make spring last all year round. New jewels are now added to the Pandora Garden collection: new rings and new charms present a new shade of color in the Purple Daisy charms and Pink Daisy jewelry. The petals of the…

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Dogs and cats on charms with Rosato

in Argento/
Ciondolo labrador

It is not the first time that a jewel says: meow, or it barks. And it will not be the last: the collections dedicated to pets, dog and cat first of all, have always been a success. Now the Rosato brand, which is part of the Bros Manifatture group, is focusing on the jewel-animal combination.…

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The ocean becomes Rosato

in bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Ciondoli in argento placcato oro e smalto

Safeguard the sea. But also your appearance. To combine business with pleasure is Rosato, a brand of the Bros Manifatture group. Indeed, Rosato launches an initiative linked to its Into the Blue collection. The purchase of a pendant from the collection will help, with a portion of the proceeds, to support the One Ocean Fundation,…

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The today Middle Ages of Erica Molinari

in vetrina
Pendente fronte-retro con la croce maltese e la scritta: quello che pensiamo

From the Olympic luge to the jewels: it is not a curriculum that is often encountered that of Erica Molinari. Although the name is Italian, Erica is American: she was a member of the Olympic Luge Team for 18 years and participated in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Winter Games. But, leaving the ice descents,…

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Rosato, memories from the future

in Argento//bracciale/COLLANE
Orecchini Space

Charm, necklaces, bracelets and earrings projected into space in Rosato’s Memories from the future collection ♦ Towards the universe and beyond, Buzz Litghtyear proclaims, the astronaut who is one of the most exhilarating characters in Toy Story. And if you like the stars, if you would like to travel in space and see the moon…

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Pandora collectible with the queen bee

in Argento//bracciale/Pandora
Ape Regina

One more Pandora collectible jewel. To celebrate the 20 years of the Pandora Moments bracelet, which decreed the success of the Danish brand, for 2020 the company has decided to propose the jewel together with a series of limited edition charms. The first charm, in January, was the strawberry. Then, in February, the frog prince…

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Cinderella gets into the carriage with Stroili

in Argento/vetrina
Orecchini a lobo in oro bianco e zircone con carrozza di Cenerentola

Instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, Stroili turns Cinderella’s anniversary into a collection of bijoux. Or, to be more precise, the spell is used to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Disney cartoon release which tells the story of Cinderella. The magic of the Italian jewelry brand, which is part of the French…

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Pandora Me for Gen Z

in Argento//Pandora
Charm della collezione Pandora Me

The Pandora Me collection for young people: 28 charms to add to three bracelets ♦ ︎ According to grammar, the word me is a pronoun of a singular person. That is, it is indicating a point of view of a person acting or talking about something about him or her. In short, a semantic selfie…

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Pandora’s lionesses

in /bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Pendente con testa di leonessa

Pandora in the urban jungle in the company of lionesses ♦ ︎ In the jungle with Pandora. Hunting for lions. But it is not necessary to fly to deep Africa: the line of bijoux inspired by the theme of the jungle, but it would be better to say of the savannah since we are talking…

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Hundred Stories for Rosato

Bracciale con charms della collezione Storie di Rosato

Rosato tells women through the new charm of the Stories collection ♦ ︎ Every life is a novel and, therefore, a story. There are those who tell stories, those who live them, and now there are also those who wear them. Rosato launches the Storie line: charms with electroplating in pink gold, dedicated to women…

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