Anello con tanzanite di 35,54 carati, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright:
Anello con tanzanite di 35,54 carati, smeraldi e diamanti by Fraleoni. Copyright:

Fraleoni, back to the future

Fraleoni, jewels that come from the past to go to the future ♦︎

He says the proverb: one thing leads to another. The old popular adage is also valid for jewelry, in particular for a company that combines old and new, even if not necessarily with the reuse of the material. For example, Fraleoni, a Roman jewelry brand. It was founded by Attilio Fraleoni, after 50 years of expertise in the sector. What does the proverb have to do with it? It’s easy to say: the small jewelery Maison is the daughter of another business, the purchase and sale of gold and jewelery managed by Valentina Fraleoni called Vecchi Gioielli, «she dedicates herself with experience and professionalism to the buying and selling of gold » and precious stones. Vintage jewellery, in short, in line with the circular balance of use and reuse, the frontier for the future.

Spilla a forma di farfalla com zaffiri rosa e blu. Le pietre sono tagliate allo stesso modo da entrambi lati. Copyright:
Butterfly-shaped brooch with pink and blue sapphires. The stones are cut the same way on both sides. Copyright:

Fraleoni’s jewels are divided, however, into two very distinct categories. The first is that of traditional jewels. The second line, however, is an idea of Sara Fraleoni, second generation of the family. Fraleoni Rainbow is very modern, fast, with a simple design, which focuses on the shape of maxi colored chains. In short, it is dedicated to daily use without forgetting the care taken in its creation and its own originality. Furthermore, Fraleoni Rainbow jewels can be customized with different color combinations at the time of purchase on the website.

Gioielli a forma di catena della linea Fraleoni Rainbow
Chain-shaped jewelery from the Fraleoni Rainbow line

Orecchini con zaffiri, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright:
Earrings with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright:

Anello con tanzanite di oltre 58 carati, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright: Copyright:
Ring with tanzanite of over 58 carats, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright: Copyright:

Anello con smerlado di 23,96 carati e diamanti bianchi e neri taglio rosa Copyright:
Ring with 23.96 carats emerald and rose-cut black and white diamonds. Copyright:

Anello con pietra luna di 133,88 carati, zaffiri blu e smeraldi. Copyright:
Ring with 133.88 carats moonstone, blue sapphires and emeralds. Copyright:

Anello con tanzanite di 35,54 carati, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright:
Ring with 35.54 carats tanzanite, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright:

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