Anelli della collezione Tango

Tango with A.Odenwald

The jewel in the German version by A. Odenwald (the A. stands for Andreas) stands out from that of many other brands that are active in the area around Pforzheim. A. Odenwald, in fact, is one of the few manufacturers who can boast of carrying out the entire creation process in-house: from the design to the work of the goldsmiths, up to the setting of the stones, the finishing or polishing. Everything is produced in the factory in the city of Baden-Württemberg. The company has a history of almost a century and a half (it was founded in 1882).

Anello Tango in oro giallo e zaffiri multicolori
Tango ring in yellow gold and multicolored sapphires

The long history is also evidenced by the company logo: each jewel bears a hexagonal mark with the initials of the founder Andreas Odenwald. The brand was designed in 1910: the AO monogram is located in a golden hexagon, a shape that symbolizes pure gold in alchemy. The Odenwald seal was created at the time as a symbol of recognition and to guarantee that the jewelery was (and is) made of real gold. But a few years ago the German jeweler decided to renew its image with a restyling of the brand, which is also a commitment to the roots and tradition of Made in Germany manufacturing. The quality of the jewels, however, remains the same.

Anello in oro rosa con zaffiri multicolori
Rose gold ring with multicolored sapphires

The most famous model remains the Tango ring, a classic among the jewels of the German maison. The ring has a mechanism that allows rotation and is studded with colored sapphires. The idea of ​​a mobile element, which becomes a pastime, a kind of game for the hands, has also influenced the Twist collection, in which the customer can choose the colors of the sapphires surrounding the ring. In short, as in other cases, German goldsmithing combines precious material with engineering and mechanical skill. Almost a transposition into the world of jewelery of those surprising animated clocks that populated Nordic cathedrals from the sixteenth century onwards.

Anello in oro bianco con peridoto
White gold ring with peridot
Anelli in oro rosa e bianco con gemme
Rose and white gold rings with gems
Anello Samba, oro rosa e bianco, zaffiri
Samba ring, pink and white gold, sapphires
Anello Melody, in oro rosa e zaffiri
Melody ring, in rose gold and sapphires
Anelli Love in oro rosa o bianco e diamanti
Love rings in pink or white gold and diamonds
Anello in oro rosa
Rose gold ring
Anelli con pietre cabochon
Rings with cabochon stones

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