Selim Mouzannar, Transparence collection, bracciale in oro e topazi bianchi

The Mediterranean on the neck

It is when winter comes that increases the nostalgia for the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The blue waves of the sea where civilization was born, is now transformed into […]

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence with Tiffany

Jennifer Lawrence with Tiffany Necklace designed by Elsa Peretti. Here are some of Elsa Peretti’s Tiffany jewelery, pictures and price ♦ ︎May 1, 2017 Elsa Peretti turned 77. She is […]

Orecchini in oro bianco, argento annerito e diamanti. Photo: Bernhard Rampf, Courtesy Hemmerle

Hemmerle still amazes

Hemmerle’s High Jewelry still Surprises at Masterpiece London ♦ ︎ A visit to Maximilianstrasse 14, Munich, always surprises you. It’s the adress of the high-jewelery of Germany, under the signs […]

Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti bianchi

In Venice with Fope

Fope celebrates Laguna with the collection Solo Venezia. Pictures and prices of jewelry. After reaching the listing (at the Milan stockexchange) and after the opening a store in the prestigious […]

Francesca Grima, anello Arabesque in oro e diamanti

The last news from Grima

The new jewelry by Maison Grima showed at Masterpiece London ♦ ︎ Every year the Maison Grima produces 20 to 30 new pieces. Few, no doubt, but it is the […]

Orecchini pendenti con diamanti

The precious carats by Luca Carati

New collections signed by Luca Carati, Maison of Valenza that continues the tradition of the great handicraft jewelry ♦ In Valenza and around the jewelry is the queen: the area […]

Stella arancio, collana con pendente. È molto rara, naturale, frutto della lumaca di mare Melo Melo. È valutata oltre 700.000 dollari

Assael’s rare pearls

The rare pearls and the extraordinary jewels of Assael, based in New York ♦ The stories of great jewelers are often intertwined with the stories of great gem business. And the […]

Vhernier, orecchini con pasta turchese. Prezzo: 900 euro l'uno

New Vhernier Earrings

A new version of Vhernier earrings from the Vague collection, with turquoise paste. Images and price ♦ ︎ Five years ago Vhernier proposed a pair of limited edition earrings in […]

Anelli con fiori dipinti a mano

The little works of Gabriella Rivalta

In Cascina Centofinestre, an old farm building in the heart of Piemonte, in Monferrato, Gabriella Rivalta gives life to atmospheres that are found in those places where they grow the traditions […]

Orecchini in oro Moon. Una dimensione media può adattarsi facilmente a qualsiasi tipo di viso

How choose earrings

If you plan to give as a gift a pair of earrings (maybe to yourself), think twice before you choose. Not only at the price (of course) and the shape […]

Other News

Giorgio Visconti, anello Eden, oro rosa e diamanti bianchi

(Italiano) Giorgio Visconti sposa Isabella Errani

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Letizia Maggio, In a colourful world. Photo: Alice Brazzit

The volume’s of jewels in Venice

Art and Jewelery: a marriage destined to last. Indeed, a n alliance that is regularly renewed with events, exhibitions, performances. Also on the avant-garde wavelength, as evidenced by About Volumes, […]

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Anello con smeraldi e onice

Leyla Abdollahi, the charm of the two worlds

The jewels of Leyla Abdollahi, winner of the Couture Design Awards ♦ She won a special prize: The Best in Debut at Couture at Las Vegas 2017. The wished acknowledgment, however, […]

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Orecchino a forma di insetto in oro, diamanti e perla

The roots of Yvonne Léon

New Jewelery by Yvonne Léon, a French designer who is climbing the jewelery steps ♦ For those who are not French, it is good to point out that Esmod is […]

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L'anello con lo smeraldo Rockfeller, venduto per 5,5 milioni di dollari

Rockfeller emerald sold to Harry Winston

The Rockefeller emerald sold to Harry Winston for $ 5.5 million from Christie’s ♦ ︎ The green gem with a story behind, the 18.04-carat emerald mounted on a ring, which […]

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Wallache Chan, Damask Silk. Diamanti trillion, tormalina rosa, diamanti fancy, zaffiro rosa, agata bianca

Masterpiece of jewelery in London

Back to Masterpiece London, art, antiques, but also many jewelries ♦ ︎ Masterpiece London (June 29 – July 5) is one of the highlights for those who love art and […]

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Pietre come i turchesi possono rovinarsi con l'acqua di mare

Dangerous sea for jewelry

Be careful to sea water and swimming pools: ruin your jewelry. Here’s what you must do. Summer is the time of year when there the most danger for your jewelry. […]

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Bracciale con coralli rossi, bianchi e rosa, e pietre

Amazing Maccarini

The goldsmith tradition, with some unusual combination, of Maccarini Piero from Valenza ♦ ︎ It seems like a story of other times: Maccarini Piero, a goldsmith company in Valenza, is […]

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Orecchini Eri in oro bianco e diamanti. Prezzo:  4620 dollari

Colette’s stars

Colette Steckel’s jewels, roots in France and Mexico, based in the US ♦ ︎ The name, Colette Steckel, has French roots. But she grew up in Mexico. With France, however, […]

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Vasco Rossi

(Italiano) Un ciondolo per Vasco Rossi

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati con tormalina verde e diamanti

Lisa Nik story

Lisa Nik, jewels, stones and a bit of Italy behind the history of the brand ♦ ︎ Lisa Nik is a New York fine jewelry brand. But it was also […]

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Anelli con acquamarina, ametista e smeraldo

The Silvio Ancora’s Class

Silvio Ancora’s jewelery are made in his goldsmith workshop in Valenza ♦ ︎ Since 1989 Silvio Ancora (the name is pronounced with the accent on “a”) works in his laboratory […]

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La tiara progettata per Asscher (dal sito di Reena Ahluwalia)

Tiaras: a brilliant idea

The first woman to minimize the royalty of tiaras, tiaras and crowns, the prerogative of high jewelery and high society, was Courtney Love, in 1995, when she showed up at […]

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Anello Viva l’Arte, in oro rosa 18K con spinelli rossi, zaffiri viola e diamanti. Lavorazione con piume

Piaget, sun of High Jewelery

Sunlight Journey, light waves on the highly jewelery crafted by Piaget ♦ Sunlight Journey, a secret diary of sunlight shining on the Amalfi Coast. Piaget has so called his new […]

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Bracciale in oro e diamanti. Prezzo: 10.500 dollari

John Hardy, birthday collection

John Hardy, a capsule collection to celebrate the 40th anniversary in Bali ♦ ︎ Oriental fragrance with a bit of California essence: John Hardy, a Bali-based brand, but especially present […]

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Pendente selezionato ai Couture Awards: ro giallo 18 carati, intarsiato con lapis lazuli, diamanti bianchi, smalto turchese, zaffiri gialli, rosa e blu, smalti, opale

Andrea Fohrman, the first designer on the moon

Andrea Fohrman: the moon is a precious satellite in Los Angeles designer collections ♦︎ She is one of the few women who do not are offend if someone tells her […]

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Anello con turchese e diamanti neri

Doryn Wallach, Manhattan art deco style

New York-style Art Deco jewelry of rising designer Doryn Wallach, with novelties at Las Vegas Couture ♦ Doryn Wallach was recently named Emerging Designer of 2016 by Centurion Jewelry and […]

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Spilla a forma di viso di neonato. Con diamanti e pietra luna intagliata

Everything on the moon stone

Let’s face it: how many of you have had the suspicion that the moonstone, has some stellar origin? In fact it is simply the name that you give to the […]

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Anello della collezione Together Diamonds. Prezzo: 698 euro

Thomas Sabo ready for the winter

Together for Autumn-Winter: Thomas Sabo is ready for the new season ♦ ︎ Time flies and is already autumn-winter 2017. Yeah, big jewelery companies, especially those that work on big […]

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Anello Imperial Crest,  in oro bianco, diamanti e rubini. Prezzo: 13.615 sterline

Sarah Ho loves red

Sarah Ho comes back to China and presents a ruby ​​collection with Kimberlite ♦ ︎ From China with love, and return. Sarah Ho was born in Hong Kong, grew up […]

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