Jewel box
Jewel box

How to choose the jewelry box

How to choose the right jewelry box for you? If you have not yet purchased a jewelery box, a container designed specifically for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, read what are the aspects to pay attention to. Because a jewelry box not only allows you to better keep the jewels, but it is also an aid for their choice when it is time to wear them. Here, then, how to choose the most suitable jewelry box for you.

Porta gioielli in legno di Seya
Seya wooden jewelry holder

The material. Most jewelry boxes are made of plastic or other synthetic material. However, they are not necessarily the most suitable for you. For sure they are the ones that cost less, but also consider choosing a wooden jewelry box. They are harder to find and even more expensive, but they have some advantages. The first is to be aesthetically pleasing. After all, a jewelry box will almost always be placed on a piece of furniture and, therefore, clearly visible in the house. In addition, wood can be especially useful in slightly humid environments, because it absorbs and keeps the jewels drier. On the other hand, consider that plastic jewelry boxes are probably more comfortable, because they contain compartments and moving parts that can better adapt to the type and quantity of jewelry you have to store. There are also jewelry boxes covered in leather, a real luxury.

Porta gioielli di E-manis
Jewelry holder by E-Manis

The interior. The simplest jewelry boxes are basically small parallelepipeds that contain drawers and compartments in which to put the jewels. Ok, but not all jewels are the same. For example, for rings there are drawers with slots in which to put the jewel. The bracelets, on the other hand, need more space, like necklaces. The earrings should not touch too much to prevent them from getting tangled or scratched. So, before choosing a jewelry box, take note of how it is structured inside and see if it is suitable for the number and type of jewelry you own (and for those that still have to give you).

Travel jewelbox

The coating. The inside of the drawers of a jewelry box is usually covered with a fabric. Caution: The lining should be soft, yet strong enough not to cause lint or fray. However, nothing prevents you from storing your jewels in the small bags used in jewelry.

Portagioie di Forrica
Forrica jewelry box

Style. There are a myriad of jewelery boxes on the market. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits not only the jewelry you own, but also the furnishings of your home. Jewelery boxes with many drawers, which develop vertically must not cover mirrors, paintings, framed photographs or anything else. Those that look more like a briefcase and are not very tall, on the other hand, will have to have the right place to be placed without taking up too much space on the furniture.

Portagioie di Songmics con serratura
Songmics lockable jewelry box

Safety. Let’s face it: a jewelry box is the most comfortable object in this world but, of course, it will also be the first thing a thief will take with him or empty if he visits your home. On the other hand, even keeping the jewels in a drawer or in the back of the wardrobe will only postpone the theft for a few minutes. How then? One option is to buy a travel jewelry box: in this case you can take it with you on vacation (but beware of thefts in the hotel). But the only real solution is to equip the entire house with a powerful anti-theft system. And if you have a particularly precious piece of jewelry, put it in a safe (if it is sturdy enough) or in a bank safe. If, then, you live with other people who are not your partner, consider choosing a jewelry box with a lock. Just in case.

La cassaforte per gioielli Baron
The Baron jewelry safe

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