Expensive ring, more probable divorce

Have you received an engagement ring? Do you also know the price? We hope it is not too high, because … ♦

A diamond is forever, but divorce can also be long. There are many causes, but it seems that the more expensive the engagement ring, the greater the probability of separation of the spouses. But, be careful: it is not a rule. This is demonstrated by the couple Amal Alamuddin, and George Clooney, who after almost ten years together, seems one of the most stable couples in Hollywood. Yet the engagement ring cost the actor 550 thousand euros. In many other cases, however, it seems that the ring purchased with a high price was not a guarantee of happiness.

Amal Alamuddin e George Clooney
Amal Alamuddin e George Clooney

As in the case of Angelina Jolie, who married Brad Pitt after receiving a 200 thousand euro ring: a failed marriage. Even the separation years ago between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney (ring with heart-shaped diamond of 55 thousand euros) could prove it. Beyoncé is at risk (even if she’s holding on for now), given that the ring that gave her to Jay-Z cost 5 million. Not to mention Kim Kardashian’s ring, with a 15-carat diamond worth over 7 million euros.

Lady Gaga e Taylor Kinney: crisi nonostante l'anello con diamante a cuore da 55 mila dollari
Lady Gaga e Taylor Kinney: crisi nonostante l’anello con diamante a cuore da 55 mila dollari

To launch the alarm, or rather, to notice a link between the price of the ring and divorces were two American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, who long ago put more than 3 thousand married couples in the United States under the lens. Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon have come to the conclusion that if men choose an engagement ring between 1,500 and 3,200 euros the risk of divorce is 1.3 times higher than the average. Quite low, in short. The two researchers considered as a basis a cost for the ring a price from zero to 1,500 euros. Not only that: the greatest risk of separation is reached when the engagement ring exceeds 20 thousand dollars. Women who receive such a precious ring have 3.5 times more the chance of divorcing, compared to those who have received a solitaire of between 5 thousand and 10 thousand dollars.

La coppia scoppiata: Beyoncé e Jay-Z
La coppia Beyoncé e Jay-Z

So you have to be “scottish” to save the marriage? Not at all: even couples who have spent less than € 400 on their engagement ring have high divorce rates. In short, the ring on the finger it’s ok: just do not overdo it, better stay in the middle. And if you have any doubts about choosing the ring, you can always ask our quick guide for advice.

La signora Clooney con anello
La signora Clooney con anello
Angelina Jolie con l'anello di fidanzamento
Angelina Jolie con l’anello di fidanzamento

How to distinguish between real and synthetic diamond?


Attention: the number of synthetic diamonds is increasing, which are now even produced by De Beers. Do you know how to recognize laboratory-created diamonds? The first thing to know is…  ♦

How do you know if the diamond in your ring is synthetic? Is it possible to find out if a diamond is real or fake? The answer is: it depends. The difference is not visible to the naked eye, but only with sophisticated instruments. Naturally, a diamond is considered fake only if its origin is not declared. Synthetic diamonds, if they are officially declared as such, cannot be considered fake. Lastly, diamond giant De Beers has also entered the scene, producing synthetic diamonds with a laboratory in Great Britain for jewelery under the Lightbox brand.

Orecchini lab-grown di Lightbox
Lab-grown earrings by Lightbox

The misunderstanding between real and synthetic, however, is a problem for traders: in fact, in case of doubt, for large stones traders turn to gemological institutes. But if the certifications are dubious, large jewelers do not use smaller stones, under 1 carat, to avoid the risk of compromising their reputation. Alberto Osimo, diamond wholesaler and president of the Geci (Gemological Education Certification Institute) of one of the main gem laboratories in Italy, stated this some time ago: «Currently there is only one machine, the Diamond view, produced by Dtc, the Diamond trading company, able to carry out this analysis, which however takes ten minutes and is uneconomical in the case of diamonds of one hundredth of a carat. In fact, it is not convenient to certify and check a stone worth just a few euros when the procedure could cost up to 80 euros per piece.” However, other systems subsequently proposed to analyze diamonds also require long and expensive procedures.
By Ethereal Green Diamond, 34,59 ct. Photo: Johnny (Chak Wan) Leung
By Ethereal Green Diamond, 34,59 ct. Lab-grown diamond. Photo: Johnny (Chak Wan) Leung

A partial solution to the problem comes from another machine created by the Swiss institute Ssef and capable of analyzing even 4 thousand stones in a single hour. So everything is fine? In part: the device only identifies the molecular structure of the object, i.e. it divides them according to type. And, fortunately, only one of these categories is artificially replicable. In short: a synthetic diamond can only be identified with expensive machines and complicated procedures.
Expertise in un laboratorio Tiffany
Expertise in a Tiffany laboratory

But it’s not just synthetic diamonds. Alongside the natural diamond, there are laboratory-created stones on the market, such as cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite. Which are certified and sold as extremely cheaper alternatives to diamonds which are the result of the thousand-year-old work of the earth.

So, how do you know if your diamond is real or fake?

1 A real diamond is certified. Therefore, a diamond jewel must also have the certificate attesting its purity, color and carats.

2 You can purchase a device to test yourself. A device such as the Professional Diamond Selector I. It is a probe or thermal conductivity meter and can be found on sale on Amazon for a few dollars, serves to distinguish real diamonds from other simulated stones. For example, it finds out whether the stone is, in fact, a crystal or a cubic zirconia. However, he will not be able to find out if the diamond was created in a laboratory.

3 Other tests that you can do at home: drop the diamond into a glass full of water (but this presupposes that it is separated from the jewel). If the gemstone sinks it is a real diamond. If it floats on the surface of the water or just below it, it is false.

4 Breath test: fog the diamond with your breath, as if cleaning the lenses of your glasses. If the water vapor dissolves immediately from the surface, the diamond is more likely to be authentic. Needless to say, it’s a very crude method…

5 Take a magnifying glass. If you see the tiny abbreviation CZ on the stone it means that it is cubic zirconia.

6 A test for strong hearts: heat your diamond on a flame for 40 seconds. Then throw it in a glass of cold water: if it’s real it won’t break. But if it’s a crystal…  We don’t recommend it, if you want to try it’s your risk.

Controllo del reattore al plasma CVD che produce diamanti ​​in laboratorio
Control of CVD plasma reactor producing diamonds in De Beers laboratory

The jewels of Letizia of Spain

The jewels, and especially the tiaras, of the Queen of Spain Letizia ♦ ︎

Like all the queens, letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, wife of Philip VI of Spain, loves jewelry. As a former network journalist such as Bloomberg, CNN and the Spanish public broadcaster Tve, he is well aware of the value of image and visual communication. Clothing and jewelry selection are, therefore, particularly taken care of by Letizia, who married the then Prince of Asturias, Felipe di Borbone, on May 22, 2004. The ceremony was an event followed by TV stations all over the world: on the screens, one of the innumerable tiaras that are part of the royal kit has appeared. It’s a kind of jewel that seems to be among the queen’s favorites.

La tiara regalata dall'ex dittatore Francisco Franco alla allora regina di Spagna, Sofia, e ora indossata da Letizia
La tiara regalata dall’ex dittatore Francisco Franco alla allora regina di Spagna, Sofia, e ora indossata da Letizia

It is no coincidence that to celebrate the wedding anniversary, King Philip VI gave a tiara worth € 50,000 to Letizia: it is made up of 450 brilliant cut diamonds and five pairs of Australian pearls. Alongside the tiaras, of course, the Queen of Spain has many other jewels, including a pair of earrings with three sapphires each and a large Cartier bracelet in white gold and diamonds. About bracelet: Letizia has also decided to turn a diamond crown of Queen Victoria Eugenia. The set diamonds have been removed to be reused in two identical bracelets.
The Prussian tiara. From the neoclassical line with Greek inspiration, the tiara was made in Berlin in 1913 by the jeweler Koch. In platinum and diamonds, it is composed of two bands: the upper part with laurel leaves and the bottom with greek, in the middle a row of vertical bands of diamonds with a central motif from which hangs a pear-cut diamond. She was presented to Sofia by her mother for her eighteenth birthday.

tiara e1531652614656
La tiara prussiana
Letizia Ortiz indossa la tiara prussiana il giorno delle nozze con Felipe di Borbone
Letizia Ortiz indossa la tiara prussiana il giorno delle nozze con Felipe di Borbone

The chatones necklace. King Alfonso Alfonso XIII’s wedding gift to his wife was a type of necklace very popular in the mid-nineteenth century: diamonds set on a platinum plate (chaton) with a very discreet four-stemmed frame. The king used to have two diamonds on every anniversary, birthday or birth. Result? A 90-carat necklace that came up to life. Divided into two parts, one touched Juan Carlos and is often seen at the neck of Sofia of Spain.

La regina Sofia indossa la tiara di Cartier e la collana chatones
La regina Sofia indossa la tiara di Cartier e la collana chatones
Letizia con la tiara chatones
Letizia con la tiara chatones

The Cartier tiara. Created in the Twenties for Queen Victoria Eugenia, the diadem is composed of a central aigrette, or a frame or jewel in the shape of a feather, in platinum and diamonds and three sloping curls with a pearl set in the center. In a second time the pearls were replaced by emeralds inherited from the empress Eugenie of France, her godmother. Which were then sold during the Roman exile and the tiara returned to its original appearance.

Senza titolo 3 e1531653028930
La tiara Cartier in un immagine precedente all’eliminazione della perla sulla sommità

The Mellerio or de la Chata tiara. Isabella II’s gift for her daughter’s wedding, nicknamed Chata, is one of the few jewels that has been saved from the sale during the Paris exile. The platinum structure ideally depicts the foam of a wave in the center and on the sides of the shells from which pear-shaped pearls hang and 12 diamonds that sway following the movements of the head. But a reader of (see comments at the bottom of this page) points out that the story is another: the Mellerio diadem of pearls and diamonds, he specifies, was not sold to Drouot (30 June 1878) by Isabelle II simply because the queen received an annuity from Spain after the return to the throne of her son, Alfonso, and it is with this money that she bought new jewels from the French jeweler, like a necklace and a star-shaped tiara.

Senza titolo 22
La principessa delle Asturie con la tiara de la Chata

The floral tiara. It turns into a necklace or brooch the diadem composed of large diamond flowers, given by Francisco Franco to Sofia of Greece, betrothed to Juan Carlos of Bourbon.

tiara floerale franco
La tiara floreale regalo di Francisco Franco a Sofia di Grecia per le nozze con Juan Carlos

The Niarchos rubies. By Van Cleef et Arpels, they are a wedding present in Sofia of Greece by the Greek shipowner. The necklace consists of a chain mounted in gold with cabochon rubies of different sizes, each surrounded by diamonds. The tiara is a double row of the same motif of the necklace and can be used as a two-round necklace or as a long sautoir. To complete the set of drop earrings.

La parure di rubini, regalo di Stavros Niarchos a Sofia di Grecia per le nozze con Juan Carlos

The Russian tiara. Made of platinum, pearls and diamonds for Christine of Austria, regent of Spain, is inspired by the traditional Russian female headdress Kokoshnikc, from which the name comes.

Senza titolo 4
Sofia di Spagna con la tiara russa, appartenuta a Cristina d’Austria reggente di Spagna

The tiara of lily flowers. The most spectacular among the wedding gifts of Alfonso XIII, was created in 1906 by the jeweler Ansorena of Madrid and is composed of brilliant cut diamonds and cushion, on a platinum frame that draws the heraldic symbol of the Bourbons: the lilies. Queen Sofia has worn it only on special occasions.

Senza titolo 9
La tiara con i fiori di giglio simbolo araldico dei Borboni
La tiara regalata da Filippo per l'anniversario di nozze
La tiara regalata da Filippo per l’anniversario di nozze
La ex regina di Spagna Sofia con la tiara prussiana
La regina di Spagna Sofia con la tiara prussiana
La regina Sofia con la tiara
La regina Sofia con la tiara

The nuances of Mangiarotti

Mangiarotti, a jewelry manufacturer in Valenza Italy, which is doing great on the international market ♦

Little is known about the role of Roberto Mangiarotti. The company that bears his name, on the other hand, is well known in the world of jewelry. Mangiarotti is an established signature among the 350 companies of Valenza (Piedmont) that produce jewels. A part of its production, however, is on behalf of third parties, while a percentage of the jewels made is reserved for export, also for the Asian market, as evidenced by the presence of the Piedmontese brand at numerous trade fairs.

Collana in oro e ametista
Gold and amethyst necklace. Copyright:

The company has now passed the milestone of 35 years since its foundation, which took place in 1987, and the “Mangiarotti jewel” has established itself as an object that makes stones, especially colored ones, a flag. As in the case of the Riviere collection, in which large amethysts keep company with gold and diamonds. The Amante set, on the other hand, focuses on jewels in white gold, Tahitian pearls, briolette-cut stones and white diamonds, while the opera line uses yellow gold, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, green amethyst, brown diamonds. In short, there is no lack of interesting combinations. In addition, for each set of jewelry, there are some variations, such as gold of a different color or the replacement of some stones.

Anello in oro e ametista. Copyright:
Gold and amethyst ring. Copyright:
Orecchini con topazio blu e turchese
Earrings with blue topaz and turquoise
Bracciale con corallo, topazio e diamanti
Bracelet with coral, topaz and diamonds
Anello con opale e smeraldi
Ring with opal and emeralds
Set Cenerentola
Cinderella set
Mangiarotti, collezione Opera
Mangiarotti, Opera collection
Anello in oro, diamanti e tanzanite
Ring in gold, diamonds and tanzanite

The rainbow of Marie-Hélène de Taillac

Taste of India in the jewels of the French Marie-Hélène de Taillac ♦

Fascinated by India and precious stones, Marie-Helene de Taillac is inspired by the subcontinent to create jewels that reflect her culture and colorful world. The Wall Street Journal and Vogue have devoted her long and passionate portraits. The idea of a world that encompasses the rainbow came when she was three years old and playing with colored pencils, she says. Since then the colors of the gems are her passion. She uses the 22-carat gold and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, iolite, garnets in various shades and rose quartz, cut by the best artisans of Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan where she lives half the year in 1996, when she launched his first collection.

Orecchini in oro giallo 22 carati e tanzanite
22k yellow gold and tanzanite earrings

The story of Marie-Hélène de Taillac, in fact, has no boundaries. She was born in Tripoli, Libya, where her father was Elf (oil) representative for the Persian Gulf, but she also lived in Lebanon before moving to France in 1975. The designer then studied gemology and worked in the fashion industry. with Philip Treacy. But success reached him with jewelry: he opened stores in Paris, Tokyo or New York.

Anello con pietra luna rainbow circondata da tanzanite, zaffiro rosa, lilla e giallo, apatite blu
Ring with rainbow moonstone surrounded by tanzanite, pink, lilac and yellow sapphire, blue apatite
Orecchini con tormalina rosa per oltre 28 carati
Earrings with pink tourmaline over 28 carats
Collana Calliope in oro giallo22 carati e lapislazzuli
Calliope necklace in 22 carat yellow gold and lapis lazuli
Collana Sfera in oro giallo e acquamarina
Sfera necklace in yellow gold and aquamarine
Collana con gemme taglio briolette
Necklace with briolette cut gems
Orecchini in oro con iolite e tanzanite
Gold earrings with iolite and tanzanite

The jewels suitable for New Year’s Eve

What to wear for the evening of the last day of the year? Here are jewelry ideas that you will find in some cases at the last minute.

You’ve found the shoes and the dress, to decide what to wear on New Year’s Eve, all that’s missing is the jewelry. But be careful, if you like celebrating the last day of the year so much, you should know that the date is not the same everywhere in the world. If in most Western countries and Japan the last day of the year is December 31, in other parts of the world this date falls on completely different days. Some examples: for certain Orthodox Churches and Eastern Catholic Churches, the beginning of the year (for religious ceremonies) is celebrated on the day corresponding to Gregorian January 14.

Collana di perle by Coscia
Pearl necklace by Coscia

Chinese New Year is celebrated in correspondence with the new moon which falls between January 21 and February 20 (in 2023, for example, it is Sunday January 22). The Islamic New Year, on the contrary, corresponds, compared to the Gregorian calendar, to approximately one month late every three years. So if you want, you can celebrate them all…

Pandora, gioielli della collezione Moments indossati
Pandora, jewels from the Moments collection worn

In short, the most important night of the year, how to choose jewelry? A flashy and colorful necklace will help reinvent a little black dress or a dress already worn before. Or lace, stars, moons on gold and silver, embellished with diamonds or zircons make any look sparkling. If, on the other hand, it is the dress that is flashy, button earrings, a sterling silver bracelet or long thin gold necklaces will give the perfect finishing touch. In short, the important thing is that they shine to celebrate until the early hours of the New Year, but also that they are in balance with the dress.

Madalina Ghenea con una collier della colelzione Vulcania, alta gioielleria Damiani
Madalina Ghenea with a necklace from the Vulcania collection, Damiani high jewelry

There are certainly three guide colors for the night of December 31: black, white and red. For a party that starts strictly after 9 p.m., a black dress is perfect. And with a dark color the ideal is to prefer the classic: the red of rubies, or of a stone of the same shade (there are also cheap ones) and the sparkling white of diamonds or, if in the drawer you Don’t have any such as precious jewelry, white silver or synthetic stones, like cubic zirconia. They just need to shine to the toast.

Collezione Amuleti by Nanis
Amulets Collection by Nanis
Anello in oro bianco e diamanti di Leo Pizzo
Ring in white gold and diamonds by Leo Pizzo
Anello e bracciale di Giselle Effting
Ring and bracelet by Giselle Effting

Some nice triangles

Do you like the shape of the triangle? Do you think which number 3 is perfect? Do you want a different shape of jewelry? Here are the triangles, which give a shock to the habits ♦

Some like the triangle. No, not that of love: After a timid appearance in 2012, is back as a protagonist in 2014-15 catwalks and gives shape to rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. So, even in fashion the geometric figure, which in many religions represents unity and is the alchemical symbol of the past present and future, it seems to be a trend here to stay. Saint Laurent has fit into earrings combining it with another season’s must have, the fringes, Isabel Marant has made from it a bandana to put on the neck. Actually, in jewelry is a form as old as the jewelry itself and not for nothing each year there are always some designers who propose it again. In colored plastic or unsual material it ever seems new.

Il taglio trilliant
Trilliant cut

The Trilliant (or trillion) cut
Jewelry with a triangular shape usually uses Trilliant cut gems, especially diamonds. It is a triangular type of cut, with three equal sides and 31 or 50 facets, if the diamonds are used as solitaires or additional stones. For solitaires is used a curved or convex cut, while for other uses the gems with Trilliant cut stones, are cut not curved or concave. There are also triangular cuts with rounded corners and step cuts. Diamonds with this shape are often used as side stones to complement a solitaire in engagement rings.

Eva Fehren, orecchino singolo in oro bianco annerito con diamanti bianchi e diamante taglio trilliant
Eva Fehren, single earring in blackened white gold with white diamonds and a trilliant cut diamond

It’s good wearing triangular jewelry?
The choice of a triangular-shaped jewel denotes the desire to go against the grain, to be original. Pay attention, however, to the combination with the dress, which must be consistent with the style of the jewel: a sporty outfit is better, even better with a dark or post-punk touch. The triangular jewel must also be considered in relation to the physical conformation of the wearer. Triangular earrings, for example, can be redundant on those with a heart-shaped face. A triangular pendant can instead draw the eye to the neckline. Finally: those who wear a triangular-shaped jewel must be careful not to get the corners caught in the fabric of the dress, and must try to avoid stinging someone in the event of kisses and hugs. Or he may do it on purpose, of course.

Orecchini Cairo con diamanti taglio trilliant e madreperla
Cairo earrings with trilliant-cut diamonds and mother-of-pearl by Busatti 1947

Triangular-shaped jewels, or with gems cut on three sides, can also be appreciated for the symbolic meanings that are connected with this geometric figure. The number 3 is considered special in many religions and has been at the center of the history of philosophy. Just remember Hegel’s thesis-antithesis-synthesis triad. It should be noted that when we talk about a triangle in symbolism, a figure with three equal, equilateral sides is almost always depicted. Three phases of human existence are considered: birth, life, death. Or: past, present and future.
Collana con ciondolo triangolare di diamanti
Necklace with triangular diamond pendant

In the Christian religion the number three is also linked to the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit): God is often depicted as a triangle. In many ancient cultures, such as the Greek or Norse, the triangle was associated with the concept of fertility or with the brotherhood and honor of slain warriors. More simply, however, the triangle is also the symbol of shared love, not of a couple. But giving a jewel with a triangular gem does not allude to a choice of this type.

Orecchini con tanzanite taglio trillion e diamanti
Earrings with trillion-cut tanzanite and diamonds
Anello in oro bianco e tormalina Paraiba
Ring in white gold and Paraiba tourmaline
Anello della collezione Oui in oro bianco, smalto nero diamante taglio trilliant e smeraldo
Nikos Koulis, ring from the Oui collection in white gold, black enamel, trilliant cut diamond and emerald
Jill Golden, girocollo con pendente triangolo in oro 14 carati
Jill Golden, choker with 14k gold triangle pendant

Rcm surprise

The high jewelry by Rcm, one of the best companies in Valenza ♦

Rcm, a brand born in the district of Valenza: the abbreviation suggest the initials of names of Lorenzo Ricci, Adriano Corbellini and Guerino Manfrinati that in 1969 they put together their goldsmiths expertise to open a laboratory. Objective: To maintain a very high standard and possibly convince the international public. Therefore the three have focused heavily on the quality of gems, so you assign value not only to the pleasure of the design, but also to the materials used to manufacture the jewelry. The results are very bright jewels, but also very sober in some occasion, with results even surprising. As in the case of the book rings, which seem to open it with a design that is similar to a bellows. They are studded with small diamonds or emeralds and in this way double their surface of the pavé.

Collana con diamanti bianchi, oro, ametista
Collana con diamanti bianchi, oro, ametista. Copyright:

Rcm jewels are marked by a classic, high-end style. But the company does not forget the importance of new technologies. For example, with the introduction of titanium, a metal that allows the creation of large volumes and absolute lightness of jewelry, even if it is difficult to work with. An example of the goldsmith art of RCM is the bracelet composed of diamonds and emeralds, with two bands of overlapping gems, presented at Vicenzaoro.

Bracciale con diamanti per 24 carati e smeraldi per 47 carati. Copyright:
Bracelet with 24 carats of diamonds and 47 carats of emeralds. Copyright:
Bracciali in oro di Rcm
Rcm gold bracelets
Orecchini con diamanti fancy
Earrings with fancy diamonds
Anello in oro 18 carati con diamanti bianchi e gialli
18k gold ring with white and yellow diamonds
Anello con diamanti bianchi e fancy yellow
Ring with white and fancy yellow diamonds
Anello con diamanti bianchi e smeraldi
Ring with white diamonds and emeralds
Orecchini con diamanti
Diamond earrings

C & C, accomplished revolution

C & C Gioielli continues on its way with collections that are an evolution of the goldsmith tradition of Valenza, such as Archetipe II, The Evolution ♦

Valenza vs rest of the world: it is not a game, but a long race. No doubt the Piedmont area is an inexhaustible source of talent and there are companies who can use them, as in the case of C&C Gioielli, which in 2015 has made the 15 years since the breakthrough. The mark, in fact, was refounded by Antonello Cocuzza with a radical process of its business model. Valenza has a goldsmith tradition, but it needs also of the ability to stay in step with the time from an industrial point of view. In a nutshell: craftsmanship translated on a scale capable of competing with other brands.

Anello in oro rosa e diamanti
Ring in rose gold and diamonds

But this to anyone who wants to wear jewel matters little. What he wants is a beautiful jewel, at a fair price. And speaking of fairness, it should be emphasized also the commitment of C&C Gioielli for the use of “conflict-free” stones, that is obtained with the respect of the ethical principles that agree to the Western world. An additional pleasure for the wearer. The style: classic. rose gold, white gold, diamonds. Some semi-precious stones, such as topaz, or nacre and rock crystal.
Anello con topazio e diamanti
Ring with topaz and diamonds

Orecchini della collezione Domino con diamanti e finitura opaca
Earrings from the Domino collection with diamonds and matte finish
Pendente Orecchini della collezione Domino in oro rosa con diamanti
Pendant earrings from the Domino collection in rose gold with diamonds
Anello Colori d'Oriente in oro giallo e diamanti bianchi e brown
Colori d’Oriente ring in yellow gold and white and brown diamonds
Bracciale Colori d'Oriente in oro rosa e zaffiri rosa
Colori d’Oriente bracelet in rose gold and pink sapphires
anello oro bianco
Ring in white gold and marquise cut diamond
Collezione Colori d'Oriente, anello in oro bianco, diamanti e smeraldi
Colori d’Oriente collection, ring in white gold, diamonds and emeralds
Anelli della collezione Archetipe II, the Evolution. Oro bianco, diamanti e lapislazzulo, oro rosa e diamanti bianchi
Rings from the Archetipe II, the Evolution collection. White gold, diamonds and lapis lazuli, rose gold and white diamonds

Hannah Martin, pride and Rock N ‘Roll

The limited edition of fine jewelry by Hannah Martin, in London ♦

The Central St Martins School in London deserves a medal (in gold, of course) to be an inexhaustible factory of high-level designers. One is Hannah Martin (almost the same name of the school, coincidentally), who started working as a consultant for other luxury brands in Paris, Place Vendôme area. Inevitably, then she harnessed her capacity with a brand that bears her name, along with business partner, Nathan Morse.

Piercing in oOro giallo 18 carati con perla marrone di Tahiti e diamanti champagne
Piercing in oOro giallo 18 carati con perla marrone di Tahiti e diamanti champagne

In 2005 she founded in London her brand. Her philosophy, a little ‘surprise, it’s based on three pillars which at first glance are not all connected with the jewelry: authenticity, creativity and honesty. Three important values, as essential stylistic choices, combined with the focus on the technical aspects of implementation. Many pieces are made to order, others are limited editions. Each piece is handmade by the best craftsmen in London, in the laboratory of the company or through an intricate network of specialists in Hatton Garden “We are unabashedly proud of our direct link with the historic nature of the trade,” is the comment by Hannah Martin. The results give the reason. As the It’s Only Rock N ‘Roll collection, which has its references from the idea of ​​a youth style.

Anello Teardrop in oro
Gold teardrop ring
Piercing Teardrop in oro
Gold teardrop piercing
Ciondolo in oro bianco e diamanti
White gold and diamonds
Hannah Martin a GemGenève
Hannah Martin. Copyright:

Rivière jewelery guide

Rivière and Triple X: Two terms that are sometimes used in jewelery. You want to know what Rivière and Triple X mean? Read here ♦

Some time ago, in New York, in a Bonhams auction, a 51 diamond rivière necklace, rated triple X-cut, was sold for $ 1.2 million. It was been the jewel that has reached the highest price. Each diamond of the necklace was accompanied by a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. The diamonds in question weigh over 70 carats: in the necklace are joined by a 2.04-carat heart-shaped clip. The stones are mounted in platinum. But do you know what the rivière and triple X definitions mean?

Collana rivière di diamanti di metà XIX secolo
Mid-19th century diamond rivière necklace

Rivière. The term rivière derives from the French word that means river. In jewelry, it indicates a row of stones that are the same size or scale, that is, from larger to gradually smaller. It is also a way to make the most of the stones of different sizes and order them in a geometric pattern. It is a set often used for diamond necklaces, more rarely with other stones. Very fashionable in England during the Georgian period, rivière style necklaces are still popular today.

Collana rivière in stile art déco in oro bianco, tormalina, malachite, onice e diamanti
Boucheron, art deco rivière necklace in white gold, tourmaline, malachite, onyx and diamonds

Rivière necklaces are usually designed without ornaments, to enhance the stones used. But in some cases these necklaces hide a small ring that allow you to add a pendant. There is also a practical reason when it comes to necklaces with stones of different sizes: enhancing the larger ones, placing them on the front of the necklace, makes the jewel more slender. The perspective effect of the stones that become smaller when they approach the nape of the neck also makes the necklace more slender. Finally, it is difficult for a jeweler to have so many stones of the same size and quality. This solves the problem.

Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un'immagine di qualche anno fa
Nicole Kidman with a rivière necklace in an image from a few years ago

Triple X. Also known as Triple Ex, it is an informal denomination, mostly in the commerce sector, which means a diamond that has excellent chiselling, symmetry and cutting. The definition is only intended for brilliant cutting diamonds.

Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un'immagine di qualche anno fa
Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un’immagine di qualche anno fa

Tripla X. Conosciuta anche come «Triple Ex», è una denominazione informale, per lo più nel settore del commercio, che significa un diamante che ha ottima cesellatura, simmetria e taglio. La definizione è destinata solo ai diamanti taglio brillante.

La collana rivière appartenuta a Zsa Zsa Gabor. Stima: 1,2-1,5 milioni di dollari
The rivière necklace that belonged to Zsa Zsa Gabor
Bonhams Riviere necklace
The rivière necklace sold at Bonham’s for $1.2 million
Collana rivière a tre fili
hree-strand rivière necklace
collana cartier
Rivière necklace by Cartier. Sold for $2.8 million

Holydays in red with coral

What jewels to wear for holidays? Red is the color of winter holidays and is also the color of coral, which can give an extra touch of liveliness ♦

Winter holidays are colored red, like coral. For this reason, jewels with this material can be an excellent choice to wear for the winter holidays, together with gold and the green color. In fact, shades of red generally go well with an elegant dress and are in line with the Christmas atmosphere. Another advantage is that red coral jewelry is quite easy to find. But be careful: choose those that can prove to be sustainable from an environmental point of view. Many jewelers, who have understood that they cannot risk compromising coral colonies already put to the test by rising temperatures, can show certificates proving the sustainable origin of the coral used for the jewellery.

Anello in oro con corallo rosso e diamanti
Ciaravolo, gold ring with red coral and diamonds

Furthermore, if you have jewels like the ones we publish on this page, be careful not to ruin them. Coral is a natural material, beautiful but also delicate. Coral jewelery must be treated with great care. Coral, like pearls, is a product of animal origin (it is composed of micro organisms) and is not a gemstone or mineral. The tiny corals live in the sea and over the years form calcareous skeletons. This is why you need to be careful. Here you will find the right suggestions to best preserve coral.

Anello con corallo rosso e tsavoriti
Alex Ball, ring with red coral and tsavorites

How to clean coral. It should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and rinsed with warm soapy water, then dried carefully. But it should not be placed in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, nor subjected to a bath in water. If the jewel is dusty, you can also remove the dust using a can of compressed air, of the kind used to clean the inside of computers.
Sautoir di corallo rosso e diamanti
Chantecler, red coral and diamond sautoir

Anello della collezione Riviera in oro bianco, diamanti, corallo
Avakian, ring from the Riviera collection in white gold, diamonds, coral
Orecchini in corallo rosso Cavolfiore
Cassandra Goad, red coral and gold Cauliflower earrings
Bracciale con corallo intrecciato
Eredi Jovon, bracelet with woven coral
Bracciale in argento 925 con sfere in pietra naturale e corallo mediterraneo. Prezzo: 63,35 euro
Salvatore Collaro, 925 silver bracelet with natural stone and Mediterranean coral spheres

Everything about tsavorite

The tsavorite is already more 50 years old: it was discovered in 1967. The story of the tsavorite is very adventurous, and it also includes a murder ♦ ︎

History. In 1967, in Tanzania, Scottish geologist Campbell R. Bridges was walking in the countryside when a buffalo attack him. To save life Campbell jumped into a well where he noticed a bright green rock. He was not able to pull a sample, as he was busy tu save himself. But the curiosity prompted him to do research and seven years later he discovered a gem similar to emeralds: the tsavorite. Mines in Tanzania, however, were nationalized in the 1970s, and Campbell Bridges moved his research to Kenya. In an wild area he again found a tsavorite reservoir.

Orecchini in oro 18 carati, diamanti, tsavoriti
Neha Dani, 18k gold, diamond, tsavorite earrings

Convinced that it was a precious stone, he built a house on top of a tree to defend himself from the fierce animals and enlisted a python to watch the first gems he had found. Later in his estate he also put leopards instead watchdogs. But he did not help avoid his death: in 2009, at the age of 71, Campbell was killed in an ambush by some twenty bandits who wanted to exploit his mining concession. Today, the extration of the tsavorite is entrusted to his son, Bruce Bridges, but goes on a lot of difficulty.

Campbell Bridges e la casa sull'albero che è stata la sua prima base
Campbell Bridges and the treehouse that was his first base

Features. The tsavorite is named after the Tzavo National Game Park on the border between Kenya and Tanzania where it was discovered for the first time and where the only known mines are located. It is a green stone, from a gemmological point of view it is a variety of garnet, particularly grossularia. The merit of spreading tsavorite is Tiffany, who in the 1970s began to make it known: Campbell Bridge was a consultant geologist at the American Maison. It was precisely Henry Platt, chairman of Tiffany, to propose the name of tsavorite to the still unknown stone.

Una spilla di Tiffany in oro bianco con tsavorite, diamanti e perle
A white gold Tiffany brooch with tsavorite, diamonds and pearls

Color. The stone goes from pale green to a very intense green, very bright in all shades. Like all the other garnets, the tsavorite has a high refractive index of light. Unlike other stones, it does not undergo treatments to make it brighter, not heated and not even immersed in oil. Its hardness is similar to that of emerald, but it is more resistant to shocks. Compared with emeralds it is also easier to cut and less susceptible to accidental damage. It is particularly useful for the so-called invisible embedding. Usually the stones are small, it is rare to find rough stones larger than 5 carats. Its price is rising steadily.

Anello in platino con tsavorite e diamanti
Platinum ring with tsavorite and diamonds
Hemmerle, anello in alluminio con tsavorite
Hemmerle, aluminum ring with tsavorite
Selim Mouzannar, orecchini con tsavoriti, avorio, smalto, diamanti
Selim Mouzannar, earrings with tsavorites, ivory, enamel, diamonds
Anello in oro rosa, argento annerito, tsavorite, zaffiri gialli, diamanti
Arteau, ring in rose gold, blackened silver, tsavorite, yellow sapphires, diamonds
Valerio, anello con rubini e tsavorite
Shaill Jhaveri, Valerio, ring with rubies and tsavorite
Bracciale Butterfly in oro nero, opali, tsavoriti, diamanti neri, bianchi e champagne
Wendy Yue, Butterfly bracelet in black gold, opals, tsavorites, black, white and champagne diamonds
Michele della Valle, collana con smeraldi e tsavoriti a forma di edera
Michele della Valle, necklace with emeralds and ivy-shaped tsavorites
Lydia Courteille, anello in oro rodiato, diamanti gialli, zaffiri, tsavoriti e onice
Lydia Courteille, ring in rhodium-plated gold, yellow diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites and onyx

Winter holiday jewelry by Oscar Heyman

Oscar Heyman, one of luxury symbols in the American jewelry, has made a collection dedicated to the winter holidays 
The Santa Claus myth comes from a real person: St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra (now called Demre and is a city of Turkey). According to legend, St. Nicholas found and revived five children, which were been kidnapped and killed by an innkeeper. For this prodigy is considered the protector saint of children. St. Nicholas from Turkey went in Italy, in Bari (where he is buried) and from South of Italy the myth has slowly spread to the West, and then transformed in the nineteenth century in an old man, fat and with a white beard, who brings gifts to children. Santa Claus as we know it today, however, is especially an invention of Coca Cola, which in the thirties has been promoting that image, with the aim to drink a cold drink even in winter.

Spilla in oro, perla placcata, onice, zaffiri, 120 diamanti
Snowman brooch in gold, plated pearl, onyx, sapphires, 120 diamonds

The two myths, that of the carbonated beverage and the dispenser of gifts, have established themselves each other, becoming two American icons. So it is not strange that Oscar Heyman (we talked about here) one of the most famous jewelers in stars and stripes, symbol of luxury and of traditional America, has dedicated to the symbols of the Christmas holidays a small, fine collection. Of course, if Santa we might give one of these jewels would not be a bad idea…

Spilla Stella di Natale, con 24 rubini baguette, 75 rubini squadrati, 35 diamanti,
Christmas Star brooch, with 24 baguette rubies, 75 square rubies, 35 diamonds
Spilla Corona con 12 rubini, 24 diamanti, 12 smeraldi
Garland brooch with 12 rubies, 24 diamonds, 12 emeralds
Orecchini in platino, diamanti e rubini taglio baguette
Earrings in platinum, diamonds and baguette-cut rubies

The beautiful but strange jewels

The most surprising jewels: from the diamond glove to the pavé handcuffs ♦

Strange jewels. There are not only the classic pearl necklaces, or the solitaire ring: designers and jewelers occasionally indulge in incredible fantasies. For example, what would you say about a diamond-encrusted glove? There is, and it was designed by Jacob & co. Or you might like some pink earphones with Swarovski crystals. In this case, an Indian brand called iWave took care of it. Or, again, the thong sandals with crystal gem proposed a few years ago by Tamara Comolli.

Flip flop con gemma intagliata, by Tamara Comolli
Flip-flop sandals with crystal gem by Tamara Comolli

Then there is the shoe chapter: stylists have indulged in creating shoes that look like jewels or jewels that look like shoes, you name it. An example: Casadei designer shoes, with Swarovski crystals. Or those by Ruthie Davis that were liked, they say, by Beyoncé, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga. Perhaps the most surprising jewel, however, is represented by the pair of diamond-studded handcuffs signed a few years ago by the Swiss jeweler de Grisogono, which however no longer exists.
Bulgari, collier ispirato alla marijuana in oro bianco, diamanti, smeraldi
Bulgari, marijuana-inspired necklace in white gold, diamonds, emeralds

If we exclude that they are used by policemen with a mania for luxury, the suspicion arises that they are intended for fans of 50 Shades of Grey. Less unusual as an object, but equally precious is the perfume spray adorned with a gecko composed of small Colombian emeralds, which climbs on branches designed with diamonds. Some, however, will raise an eyebrow at the choker, a leather and gold dog collar style, with a bone-shaped pendant: it is designed by Chopard and is intended for high-class pets.
Chopard, collare per cani in oro e cuoio
Chopard, gold and leather dog collar

A little out of the ordinary, it must be admitted, was also the Grace Kelly pen by Montblanc, studded with diamonds and pink sapphires: who knows what you can write with such an object. The skirt by Titan Industries seems more traditional, but it isn’t, with designs made of cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals: be careful when sitting down, though. Technology couldn’t be missing: an iPad cover colored with crystals to feel in step with technology.

Anello hamburger in oro rosa, diamanti champagne, zaffiri, tsavorite, rubini
Hamburger ring in rose gold, champagne diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites, rubies by Nadine Ghosn
Guanto con 17 carati di diamanti by Jacob & co
Glove with 17 carats of diamonds by Jacob & co
Auricolari con cristalli di Swarovski
Earphones with Swarovski crystals
Manette con diamanti bianchi e neri proposta dalla maison di Ginevra De Grisogono (che ora non c'è più)
Handcuffs with black and white diamonds proposed by the Ginevra maison De Grisogono (which now no longer exists)
La penna Montblanc Grace Kelly con gemma
The Montblanc Grace Kelly pen with gem

4 things to know before giving away a jewel

Four tips from an expert for those who want to give a jewel. Read and above all, do not forget them ♦

How to choose a jewel as a gift? A question that creates some concern. Help arrives from Angelina Chen, head of online sales of Christie’s Jewellery, which published some considerations and four tips. Better to read them and follow them. Better to read and follow them. and if you want to know even more, you can read What to give a woman? and, in particular, how to decide which ring to give. Because jewels cost money and often also become an investment: before purchasing them, therefore, you need to choose them carefully. So, if you intend to give a jewel as a gift, read these tips first.
Un pacchetto regalo

1 Find the color. According to Angelina Chen, a good idea is to observe which are the favorite colors of the clothes of the person who will receive the gift, the clothes she wears most often. A suggestion, therefore, is to look for a jewel that has that color as its hue. For example, for those who love blue you can choose sapphires, but also simple turquoise, those who love green can opt for emeralds, tsavorites or tourmalines of that shade. When in doubt, there is always the color that is always in fashion: that of white diamonds, that is, colorless.

Granato spessartite by Nomad's
Spessartite garnet by Nomad’s

2 Choose the style. There are those who love modern style and jewelry with a contemporary design and those who prefer traditional shapes: the classic solitaire ring, the necklace with a string of pearls, a simple gold bracelet. So, before choosing, take a good look at the aesthetic inclinations of those who will receive your gift: are you a conservative and traditionalist woman in terms of clothes, or do you change often to stay on the wave of fashion? In any case, the precious jewels, created by a great brand, survive historical eras and fashions and therefore are a little safer. With a less expensive jewel, however, you cannot go wrong: it must be consistent with the style of the jewelry and clothes worn.

Serafino Consoli, bracciali e anelli
Serafino Consoli, bracciali e anelli

3 Beware of collections. There are women who love a kind of jewel and want to wear it always, with small variations. For example, a white gold ring with a diamond, or a simple earring made of the same materials. But also different pieces of the same collection: for example, you can give a ring and, if the jewel has been really appreciated (you have to be sure), you can continue with a bracelet or a necklace from the same collection. If a woman has a certain number of similar jewels in her drawer, she is likely not to disdain to receive another one, obviously with some variations on the theme.

Collana di Hermès indossata
Collana di Hermès indossata

4 Look for the missing pieces. A brilliant idea (in the true sense of the word) is to integrate a series of jewels with the missing piece. For example, someone with a lot of white gold jewelry might want a rose gold piece to add to their collection. Those who have a lot of earrings probably want to increase the number of rings, and so on. The same goes for jewels of the same series of the same brand.

Collana in diamanti e smeraldi, indossata a Baselworld
Collana in diamanti e smeraldi di Jacob & Co, indossata

How to behave in a jewelry store

Do you want to buy a jewel? Know that jewelers judge your behavior and may be more or less available. Here’s what not to do when you enter a jewelery store ♦

What a jeweler thinks of you when you go into his store? You must know it: it’s important. Often between customer and jeweler there is a relationship that lasts for years: the engagement ring, the watch as a gift, the necklace for wedding anniversary… But, as with all businesses, even a good relationship may fall apart. A jewelry salesman does his job, and you have to do yours. So, you must remind what the jeweler wants from you. These six points summarize what is expected from you.

La boutique Repossi, a Parigi
The Repossi boutique, in Paris

1 Even if the jeweler has a friendly relationship with you, do not forget it’s anyway a commercial activity. At the end of the day the jeweler look at what he earned. So, do not take the jeweler for a consultant or expert to consult casually. Many, for example, get into a store to ask for a value on a jewel that, maybe, they want to sell. It is not an attitude pleasing to the jeweler, unless he sold you that piece. Bring into the store a ring or a necklace purchased elsewhere may be fine once, if you are regular customers, but no more. Probably your jeweler has a same item you are asking to evaluate: showing a competitor’s product may irritate him.

Non sottovalutate l'esperienza
Don’t underestimate the experience

2 The jeweler seeks to identify customer’s financial resources and on this basis propose rings, necklaces or earrings that can satisfy the needs. If he is a good professional, he’ll be able to offer a good price too. In return, however, he expects loyalty from the customer. It may be benefit for both parties.

L'interno di Harry Winston, a New York
The interior of Harry Winston, New York

3 Certainly, those who buy a jewel is not a jeweler or a gemologist. But jewelers are bothered by the complete ignorance on the subject. They will be ready to explain the characteristics of an object that you like and why its price. In return they expect the customer to understand why a piece of jewelry is more expensive than another, or more simple differences between different diamonds (of course, reading here helps you ). Then, if the client has some knowledge of basic the jeweler is more positive and, perhaps, more flexible about the price.

Tiffany, a New York
Tiffany, New York

4 Regarding the price: when you look at a price tag, keep in mind how much it costs to set a warehouse, buy gold, precious stones, conceive original jewelry, charge the craftsmen for manufacturing. Manage a jewelry store, especially small ones, is a substantial investment in terms of capital equipment, that it is there in the form of rings and necklaces. The jeweler expects you to realize that keeping a store of precious is not how to run a bakery.

Necklace for sale

5 Before getting into a jewelry store is good to be clear how much you are willing to spend. An uncertain idea about financial resources makes difficult for the jeweler, determine what is the most suitable product for you. In any case, aimless expect high quality jewelry on a budget too low.

A look at the window

6 The jewels are delicate and wear and tear. Necklaces, rings and bracelets needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Most jewelers cleans what you bought in their store for free. Others even offer a warranty on their products. But you must not believe that the jewels can last forever. It is not said. Household chores or every day life can ruin your jewels. And even a diamond, in certain conditions, may deteriorate. Do not blame your jeweler.

Gioielleria a Shanghai
Jewelry store in Shanghai

All about the tanzanite

It is blue like sapphire, precious like an emerald, desired like a ruby: can you recognize a tanzanite, stone of the month of December? And can you tell why it is called that? Read here ♦

From the name, tanzanite, it is easy to guess the origin of the December birthstone: Tanzania, a country in Africa. Linked to the Masai culture since ancient times for its intense blue color, this gem is considered sacred by that warrior people. Its name is rather recent, because it was coined in 1969 by Henry Platt, vice-president of Tiffany, who launched it on the international market. Today tanzanite is highly appreciated for its intense color and is used by many jewelers.

Wallace Chan, anello con tanzanite da 22 carati, lapislazzuli, diamanti e zaffiri
Wallace Chan, anello con tanzanite da 22 carati, lapislazzuli, diamanti e zaffiri

Characteristics: from a mineral point of view it is a zoisite, while from a gemological point of view it is the unique color that makes it so interesting. In fact, each crystal has blue, red-violet and bronze tones depending on the amount of chrome and vanadium present in it. The shade of the stone is the combination of these three colors. Because the deep blue is the most valuable, at the time of cutting you look for the angle with the strongest blue color. But the operation must be done by expert hands, because it is a stone with a split in one direction and is easy to chip, as it is relatively soft. The different nuances are also linked to the type of light with which the stone is illuminated. The blues appear more evident when tanzanite is viewed under fluorescent light, the purple hues are more easily seen under incandescent lighting.

Cartier, bracciale Flora and Fauna con perline in tanzanite, becco in ossidiana, diamanti e occhi di acquamarina
Cartier, bracciale Flora and Fauna con perline in tanzanite, becco in ossidiana, diamanti e occhi di acquamarina

Color: its famous blue is inimitable. It has a purple tinge and then a purple that is lower than that of amethyst and superior to that of blue sapphire, to which it resembles, even if it is less harsh. All natural stones are heat treated to eliminate the most opaque gray, greenish or brownish tone. There are also yellow, green, orange, pink and bicolor blue-green specimens.

Leyla Abdollahhi, orecchini con tanzanite taglio trillion e diamanti
Leyla Abdollahhi, orecchini con tanzanite taglio trillion e diamanti

Where it is found: tanzanite is extracted in the only deposit in the world, in the Simanjiro area, in the Manyara region, in Tanzania. It is a mining area only 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) long and 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) wide. This is also why the stone is considered very valuable and quite expensive.

Louis Vuitton, bracciale Orangerie des Tuileries. Il blu viola della tanzanite rappresenta le maestose fontane dei giardini delle Tuileries di Parigi e le tsavoriti la vegetazione.
Louis Vuitton, bracciale Orangerie des Tuileries. Il blu viola della tanzanite rappresenta le maestose fontane dei giardini delle Tuileries di Parigi e le tsavoriti la vegetazione.

Evaluation: usually the stone is without inclusions visible to the naked eye and is not even noticed with the magnifying glass: it generally has a good degree of purity. Two important aspects because transparency and absence of inclusions enhance its color.

Margherita Burgener, orecchini con tanzanite taglio goccia e diamanti
Margherita Burgener, orecchini con tanzanite taglio goccia e diamanti
Anello con tanzanite di 35,42 carati, calcedonio e diamanti montati su titanio di Wallace Chan
Anello con tanzanite di 35,42 carati, calcedonio e diamanti montati su titanio di Wallace Chan
Botta gioielli, anello con tanzanite, rubini e zaffiri gialli
Botta gioielli, anello con tanzanite, rubini e zaffiri gialli
Orecchini in oro giallo, tanzanite (44,72 carati), zaffiri rosa, perle naturali, diamanti
Arunashi, orecchini in oro giallo, tanzanite (44,72 carati), zaffiri rosa, perle naturali, diamanti
Sofragem, anello con tanzanite cabochon e diamanti
Sofragem, anello con tanzanite cabochon e diamanti
Mattioli, anello in oro rosa della collezione Rêve_r
Mattioli, anello in oro rosa e tanzanite della collezione Rêve_r
Tiffany, bracciale Peacok, con tanzanite ovale di 19.41carati, tormaline e diamanti
Tiffany, bracciale Peacok, con tanzanite ovale di 19.41carati, tormaline e diamanti
Pasquale Bruni collana Ghirlanda con tanzanite
Pasquale Bruni collana Ghirlanda con tanzanite
Anello di Dior con tanzanite
Anello di Dior con tanzanite
Orecchini con tanzaniti e diamanti
Orecchini con tanzaniti e diamanti

The Cristina Sabatini’s formula

Cristina Sabatini, fashion jewelry and bright colors made in New York. Here are the latest news from the brand ♦ ︎

Italian of origin, born Brazilian, US Citizenship. Cristina Sabatini in New York founded, in 2012, a small empire of accessories, including vibrant jewelry, at affordable prices, and with access to the stars as Lady Gaga, who adopted them. And you understand why: Cristina Sabatini’s jewels are eclectic, unorthodox, they are noteworthy. The designer has a very elaborate concept of her creations: swinging colors, exotic skins, resin, sterling silver, 18k gold, precious and semiprecious stones. An original mix that can astonish you. As in the case of her “gladiator” bracelets, available in ten different colors and combinations.

Anello Serpente in bronzo placcato oro
Serpente ring in gold-plated bronze

The formula was successful and Cristina Sabatini, as well as convincing stars like Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Rhonda Rousey, Teyonah Parris and Danielle Panabaker, opened five luxury boutiques around the world. Her fashion jewelry is also the result of a mix of experiences, styles and emotions she has gathered in her travels. But not only. If you are curious, know that when she does not plan, Cristina spends time with her husband, two children and a beloved bulldog, Louis.

Orecchini Rosalie, bronzo placcato oro, madreperla
Rosalie earrings, gold-plated bronze, mother-of-pearl
Anello Porto Cervo in ottone placcato oro, madreperla, rodio
Porto Cervo ring in gold-plated brass, mother-of-pearl and rhodium
Orecchini Porto Cervo, ottone placcato oro, madreperla, abalone
Porto Cervo earrings, gold plated brass, mother of pearl, abalone
Collana Penelope in ottone placcato oro, madreperla
Penelope necklace in gold plated brass, mother of pearl
Anello Maldive in bronzo placcato oro, madreperla, rodio
Maldive ring in gold plated bronze, mother of pearl, rhodium
Anello Cambodia in bronzo placcato oro
Cambodia ring in gold-plated bronze

L’oro è meglio se equo e solidale

Buying and selling gold jewelery extracted in mines that respect workers’ rights and reduce dangers, in addition to being an ethically right action, can become an advantage for marketing. Think about it: would you rather buy a jewel that cost the life of some underpaid miner or, with a minimal difference in price, gold that respected all civil rights? Fairtrade gold is the equivalent of fair trade for food. This reasoning is pushing numerous jewelry brands to specify the ethical origin of the material used and, in particular, of the gold. And ethical provenance, in addition to being laudable, also proves to be a powerful marketing tool.

Pepite d'oro
Gold nuggets

Fairtrade, says the presentation text, «offers a lifeline for artisanal and small-scale miners and their communities. Our passion is to see transparency, traceability, truth and justice in the living conditions of millions of artisans and small-scale miners around the world. Small-scale miners work in remote, marginalized and harsh conditions, doing life-threatening work. They are constantly exploited by brokers and their access to markets is limited and they rarely receive a fair price for their gold.” In short, the association tries to bring some balance to a world dominated by large mining multinationals.

Anello Eternity in oro Fairtrade
Eternity ring in Fairtrade gold by Mad

In recent years, the membership of around a hundred jewelers and gold artisans in Great Britain, for example, has brought the miners 100 thousand dollars in the form of bonuses. Those who join Fairtrade can purchase gold and silver ethically certified by five master licensees. Gold is semi-processed into sheets, wire, tube or grains. The annual consumption limit is 500 grams of gold or platinum, or 2 kilograms of silver. According to Reena Agarwal, coordinator of the association, «it is a great moment for small jewelers. The ethical jewelery market is growing rapidly and the Fairtrade mark is the most widely recognized certification worldwide. Fairtrade has a strong brand profile.”

Cercatore d'oro
Gold digger

In short, fair trade gold can also be an advantage in terms of sales. «Fairtrade for gold and precious metals is a very innovative initiative, offering a lifeline for poor, small-scale miners around the world. It’s the best way to communicate the benefits of responsibly sourcing metal to customers. In addition to registered jewelers, we also have 50 licensees for the purchase of large quantities of gold, who are authorized to stamp their jewellery”, adds Reena Agarwal, as reported by the Professional Jeweler website some time ago.

Anello Rose in oro 18 carati fairtrade
Rose ring in 18k fairtrade gold by Ute Decker