Giving a ring as a gift: 10 mistakes not to make

Are you about to give a ring? Pay attention, because it is very easy to make mistakes. Here are the mistakes you should not commit when choosing a ring ♦

The occasion may be Christmas, or engagement, an anniversary or simply the desire to give a ring. But, attention: despite good intentions, giving a ring is a difficult action. Full of pitfalls. Of traps. And unfortunately, sometimes men make great mistakes: what should have been a moment of happiness turns into a disappointment or, worse, a reason for controversy. In short, attention. Here are the 10 mistakes that you should never commit when you give a ring.

Confezione Tiffany per anello personalizzata
Personalized Tiffany ring packaging

Error number 1: the style. The most feared mistake, both by women and by men, is the choice of a ring that is not in the style of the recipient. Of course, the thought is appreciated, but it is a pity to have spent some money on something that does not please. And this is a mistake that men tend to commit often, because they are not careful observers of what women choose. It is easier to get advice from a jeweler who does understand the style of your partner. The main advice, therefore, is to first carefully observe what kind of jewelry the woman wears to whom she wants to give the ring. In the case, you can take a picture of a jewel worn regularly to show to your jeweler.

Anello con rubini e diamanti di Graff
Ring with rubies and diamonds by Graff

Mistake number 2: poor jewelry. At the top of the ladder of things not to do is the cheap bijoux ring, perhaps bought from a street vendor. The ones that are so cheap that it seems fake. Because they are fake, in fact. Those rings are fine up to age 13. Besides, they are not to be given as gifts, not even as a joke. There is nothing worse for a woman to feel devalued with a ring that costs a few euros, even if the idea is that of a gift for fun. There are, however, also bijoux that do not cost a lot, but have a solid and well finished look.

Gioielleria durante il periodo natalizio
Jewelery shop during the Christmas period

Error number 3: used unsafe. Give a second-hand and ruined ring. Often, to save money, someone accepts the offer of rings that look good but, in reality, are simply cleaned and polished. Stones with scratches, which can only be noticed with a careful examination, small cracks, the metal that has small holes on the surface: these are all signs of a used jewel. And, of course, of little value, unless it is a special piece sold at auction. In that case it must be accompanied by the certified of the auction house that put it up for sale.

Anello vintage in oro giallo, con montato uno smeraldo colombiano di 10,37 carati
Vintage ring in yellow gold, mounted with a 10.37 carat Colombian emerald

Error number 4: inconsistent packaging. The illusion is fatal. Give a small box the size of the container of a classic engagement ring and find inside a jewel that does not correspond to expectations can cause a very strong (negative) emotional reaction. A box covered with satin or velvet, a ribbon that closes it: do not show up with this package if you have not put a ring in it that does not disappoint those who receive it. If the jewel is less noble, its’ ok just a small bag of colored cloth, which is already clear that does not contain an important ring.

Una confezione per anello
A simple ring package

Error number 5: wrong size. She opens the little box anxiously, inside there is the ring she has always wanted … But it is too wide. Or too tight. It is a mistake that ruins the atmosphere created by the gift. Moreover, it is not always possible to tighten or enlarge a ring and, often, it also risks ruining the jewel. Better, therefore, carefully take the size of the ring finger before going to the jeweler. The easiest way is to use the circumference of one of the most frequently used rings. Of course, if you do not live in common is not simple …

le misure degli anelli
Check the ring measurements

Error number 6: do not a gift. If your girl or woman expect to receive a gift ring, the worst thing is to keep putting off the moment. Every birthday or romantic dinner can be complicated by different expectations. Do not delay your gift: it could irreparably ruin the relationship.

È deludente non ricevere il regalo desiderato
It is disappointing not to receive the desired gift

Error number 7: give a ring too expensive. Women (except exceptions) are not so selfish as not to understand that there is a limit to everything. If your name isn’t Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, and the bank account gets thinner at the end of each month, avoid fainting by giving away too expensive a ring. The last thing your partner wants is to give up a holiday or a restaurant to make up for the ring shopping. The cost must be proportionate to the spending possibilities. That is, it should not reduce you to the pavement.

Anello con smeraldo e diamanti
Ring with emerald and diamonds

Error number 8: expect something in return. Especially that thing. When a man gives a ring he expects to stir up an emotion that translates into an open door to the bedroom. The ring can also arouse passion, but expecting the partner to turn into a mattress tiger is a wrong view. It does not work like this.

Anello in oro 18 carati di Marco Bicego
18k gold ring by Marco Bicego

Error number 9: to gift away a ring too soon. There are those who quickly conquer a woman and (if they can afford it) immediately goes into jewelry. There are some woman who might feel flattered, but also those who might have the feeling of being bought. Better not to rush the times before giving a ring of value.

Anello della collezione Amuleti di Nanis indossato
Ring from the Nanis Amulets collection

Error number 10: a ring with fake stone. It is very difficult to distinguish a true stone from a false one. But the moment may come (perhaps for a simple cleaning, or to widen the circle of the ring) that the jewel ends up in the hands of a jeweler, who notices the trick. Making a ring with a false stone is not a good strategy. Better a small diamond, but certified.

Anello in oro bianco e diamante a cuore della collezione Anniversary Love di Recarlo indossato
Anello in oro bianco e diamante a cuore della collezione Anniversary Love di Recarlo

Alina Abegg’s jewelry

Alina Abegg’s jewelry: when gold is something from other worlds ♦ ︎

NASA has only partially denied, but it is incontrovertible: aliens are among us. Not only: they are on our body, where they have put them ourselves. But they are jewels, those of Alina Abegg. The designer, born of a German mother and a Swiss-Canadian father, grew up between Italy, England, Switzerland and Germany. Perhaps this constant change of habits and cultures has pushed her to look beyond the boundaries. More, off from the entire Earth. Her jewels, in fact, are as aliens and flying disks in the most classic style. But not only. Alongside rings and earrings reminiscent of aliens, the designer also offers jewelery more common to Earthlings, in gold and semi-precious stones.

Anello in oro 14 carati con giada lavanda e tormalina rosa
14k gold ring with lavender jade and pink tourmaline

Even the social origin (Alina’s family deals with silk processing for the market in Europe) has probably influenced the luxury-chic style of her collections, including precious gems and extravagance. She certainly learned her job well with a study at the Marangoni Institute in London, a gemstone degree at New York City. She launched her Alina Abegg jewelery brand in London in 2016. Rockets, Ufo and planets soon are been liked: geometric shapes, gold and multicolored gems serve to create fun and refined jewels. Who knows what the aliens think.

Collana Candy Girl
Candy Girl necklace

But, not only: the latest idea is a necklace with nostalgia for childhood: the Candy Girl choker is inspired by colored candy necklaces. With, in addition, a Pfefferminz pendant made of rock crystal at the center of a fruity assortment of specially selected candy beads on a 14-karat recycled gold thread choker, which can also be worn alone. The candies are actually chalcedony, chrysoprase, moonstone, opal, rock crystal and white agate.

Anello in oro 14 carati con perla South Sea e tormaline
14k gold ring with South Sea pearl and tourmalines
Anello in oro rosa e pavé con mix di diamanti
Ring in rose gold and pavé with a mix of diamonds
Alina Albegg
Alina Albegg
Anello disco volante in oro bianco e tormaline rosa e verdi
Flying saucer ring in white gold and pink and green tourmalines
Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con giada e spinelli neri
18k yellow gold ring with jade and black spinels
Pendente Saturn in oro e zaffiri rosa
Saturn pendant in gold and pink sapphires
Orecchini pendenti Saturn, in oro giallo e perle di Thaiti
Saturn pendant earrings, in yellow gold and Thaiti pearls

Be careful of the prices of laboratory diamonds

Why are the sales of artificial diamond jewelery created in the laboratory increasing? Those who love diamonds must take into account a trend that is becoming more and more popular: that of gems produced artificially, in laboratories. Research firm Brainy Insights recently estimated that the  $10.8 billion lab-grown diamond market will reach $20.6 billion by 2032. Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly seen as a more attractive option. affordable compared to jewelry made with naturally mined diamonds. And more and more brands, from Pandora to De Beers, offer jewelery with laboratory-grown diamonds, now available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. And at an affordable price. So lab-grown diamond manufacturers are working with several jewelry companies and designers, particularly in Europe, to produce distinctive, fashionable and exclusive jewelry.

Bracciale tennis in oro bianco e diamanti di laboratorio
Tennis bracelet in white gold and laboratory diamonds by V Rai

Also according to the Bloomberg news agency, artificial stones, created in laboratories, are a growing market. Simply put, most artificial diamonds are made by two different methods: with carbon treated in a special microwave and strong overheating, which turns into a plasma ball, or strong compression is used. They are methods that simulate the natural process by which, over millions of years, diamonds were formed in the depths of the Earth. These processes (the two systems are called HPHT or CVD), however, require special machines (don’t try with your home microwave) to crystallize the carbon and transform it into gems also used (but not only) for jewellery. For this reason, in any case, defining laboratory diamonds as green is a stretch: the process of creating synthetic gems is still very energy-intensive. The largest producers of synthetic diamonds are located in India, China and the United States.

Synthesis diamond con taglio a pera
Synthesis diamond with pear cut, stone created in the laboratory

How do you recognize them?
Artificial diamonds are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. Only experts, with special machines and in laboratories with sophisticated equipment, can perceive the different characteristics, processing and cutting. Indeed, some synthetic diamonds have properties such as hardness, thermal conductivity and electron mobility that are superior to those of most natural diamonds. Impurities are generally avoided, but can be intentionally introduced to change some properties of the diamond. In short, distinguishing them is really difficult and, for a simple jeweler, almost impossible. This is also why natural diamonds are accompanied by a certificate that guarantees their authenticity.
Synthetic diamonds are usually very small, weighing less than 1 carat, although larger laboratory gems are starting to appear on the market. They are not just white, colorless. There are also fancy ones, in particular yellow and blue. The yellow comes from nitrogen impurities in the manufacturing process, while the blue comes from boron. Other colors, such as pink or green, are obtained using radioactive rain (but without danger to health, hopefully).

Anello in oro con diamanti di laboratorio della collezione Solstice
Gold ring with laboratory diamonds from the Solstice collection by Brilliant Earth

Do they cost more or less?
Synthetic diamonds are sold on average for 15-30% less than their natural equivalents. However, it also depends on their quality: even artificial diamonds are not all the same. According to the producers, the price should decrease further as production improves. Is it worth choosing them? But, be careful: Rapaport Group, which is a party to the dispute since it deals with information on the diamond trade, has raised an alarm with the aim of warning consumers about the retail prices of laboratory-grown diamonds, considered too high . According to Rapaport, some lab stones were purchased in bulk at prices up to 99% below list price for natural diamonds. But many retailers have not applied the same discount to consumers.

Anello in oro bianco con diamanti lab grown per 0,98 carati
White gold ring with lab grown diamonds totaling 0.98 carats

The 10 least expensive Tiffany bracelets

Are you looking for a Tiffany bracelet? You don’t have to rob a bank. Here are 10 less expensive Tiffany bracelets: review with pictures and prices ♦ ︎

Tiffany and Co has a long history behind it: it was founded in 1837 and has become a jewelry giant, with over 300 stores in 27 countries. Not only that: it sells jewels for about 4,4 billion dollars (in 2019). Among other things, in recent years Tiffany has also been committed “to reducing environmental impact, respecting human rights and contributing positively to communities”, with careful management regarding gold, which is extracted exclusively from a mine that is identified publicly or from recycled sources.

Audrey Hepburn in «Colazione da Tiffany»
Audrey Hepburn in «Colazione da Tiffany», davanti alle vetrine del negozio di New York

This is to say that the brand is historical, but at the same time remains modern, current and refined. But Tiffany’s jewels are also considered, erroneously, unattainable, of an inaccessible luxury. This is true with regard to high jewelery or pieces in gold and large precious stones. But it does not correspond to reality for silver jewels, even design, which can be purchased at a cost really affordable for everyone. Here, for example, the 10 least expensive Tiffany bracelets (prices updated in December 2023). The novelty concerns the bracelets which are sold exclusively online. All bracelets are in silver.


Tiffany Infinity, solo online. 260 euro
Tiffany Infinity, online only. 260 euros


Bracciale Tiffany Infinity, solo online. 260 euro
Tiffany Infinity bracelet, online only. 260 euros


Bead Heart Tag. 300 euro
Bead Heart Tag. 300 euros


Bracciale Bead con chiusura toggle. 300 euro
Bead bracelet with toggle clasp. 300 euros


Bracciale Bead Heart Tag versione rosa. Disponibile anche verde, rosso, fuchsia. 300 euro
Bead Heart Tag bracelet pink version. Also available in green, red, fuchsia. 300 euros


Bracciale a maglie tonde. Solo online. 300 euro
Round link bracelet. Online only. 300 euros


Bracciale Loving Heart disegnato da Paloma Picasso- 310 euro
Loving Heart bracelet designed by Paloma Picasso. 310 euros


Tiffany Infinity a maglie grosse. Solo online. 320 euro
Tiffany Infinity in chunky links. Online only. 320 euros


Collezione Return to Tiffany, bracciale Heart Tag a doppia catena. 330 euro
Return to Tiffany collection, double chain Heart Tag bracelet. 330 euros


Bracciale Arrow, collezione Graffiti di Paloma Picasso. 380 euro
Arrow bracelet, Graffiti collection by Paloma Picasso. 380 euros

All about pearls

All about pearls: a quick guide with what you need to know about one of the most loved items in jewelry. They are also considered one of the gems (even if they are not) of the month of June ♦

Pearls: this strange and precious shape is in fashion all year, every year. In fact, pearls have been liked for centuries: since ancient times they have been used for jewelry, even for men. Queens and princesses, young girls and old grandmothers: they all wore and will wear pearls, maybe in a different way. But they are not only used for necklaces, rings and earrings: these translucent spheres are in fact made up of a material that is used to produce also some beauty cream.

Ellence, collana Sakura
Ellence, Sakura necklace

Pearl is a sphere but is not always perfect. It consists of calcium carbonate in crystalline form (aragonite). This substance forms as a deposit in concentric layers and is produced from molluscs (usually oysters). The term pearl derives from the Latin word pernula, indicating the shell that contains it, and whose oblong oval shape reminded the ancient Romans, curiously, the thigh of the pig. A pearl is formed when a foreign body, such as parasites or pieces of shells, stops in the shell cavity of the shell. To protect yourself, the molluscs cover it with a pearls. In this way, several layers of calcium are deposited which, in combination with other minerals, create pearls.

Collana di Yoko London in oro bianco, perle e diamanti indossata nella serie «Bridgerton». Copyright:
Yoko London necklace in white gold, pearls and diamonds worn in the «Bridgerton» series. Copyright:

The nacre, or mother-of-pearl, is the natural substance that the molluscs secrete to protect themselves from irritants such as fragments of shells, parasites or foreign bodies grafted.
Contrary to what you think, a round pearl is rare (and, therefore, worth more). Usually, however, cultured pearls do not have symmetrical shapes. Although they may be very lustrous, they cost less than round pearls. Pearls that are not round can be created with special systems: to get them, a plastic fragment is inserted with the shape chosen, which the oyster will cover with the mother pearl. The result is that after years of waiting, the pearl that is born has the enlarged form of the initial fragment.
There are not only the white pearls, the most common ones. The rarest ones are pink, cream, dark purple, gray and black. But today with cultivation techniques you can also get pearls in green, blue, or orange shades. They are mainly used in jewelry.

Diverse forme di perle
Different shapes of pearls,0

Black pearls are the rarest. They can be Akoya (they are cultivated pearls that are produced by the Pinctada Fucata Martensii, better known as Oryka Akoya), from river, or Tahiti, the finest. They are also rare because oysters that create black pearls are much more delicate.
There are freshwater and saltwater pearls. The former are cultivated in lakes and rivers, the latter in the ocean and often in the lagoons. The most precious are the South Sea. But they are very widespread: they are found in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, in the Indian Ocean, along the South Coast of India, Sri Lanka. Mother-of-pearl, besides being used in the jewelery market, is today also used in cosmetics and even for the creation of some paints.

Collana con perle di Tahiti e chiusura in oro
Necklace with Tahitian pearls and gold clasp

How to evaluate pearls
The quality is measured with the luster, that is, with the amount and quality of light reflected from the surface of the pearl. Obviously, the shine is high, the better the quality. How to do? Try: You must be able to see your reflection clearly on the surface of the pearl. If, however, you see nothing, it means that the pearl is too white and opaque, probably of medium or low quality.

Collana di perle by Coscia, indossata
Pearl necklace by Coscia

Evaluation systems

Pearls classification is complicated: in fact, two different systems are in use. AAA-A and A-D (also called Tahiti System). This can create confusion in those who buy a jewel with pearls. The AAA rating system evaluates pearls with a scale ranging from A (lowest vote) to AAA (highest vote). Usually this classification is used for freshwater pearls and Akoya, but it can also be referred to for Australians and Tahiti.

AAA High quality, with no defects. The surface of the pearl has a very high shine, and at least 95% of the surface has no defects.

AA + High quality, luster, 85% of the surface without defect.

AA The surface has a high shine, 75% of the surface has no defects.

A + Luster not very high, surface with some defect, but below 25%.

A Luster shade, more than 25% of the surface with defects.

A-D classification (or Tahiti system)

Consider pearls on a ladder that goes from A (highest vote) to D (lowest vote). It is used in particular in French Polynesia.

A high shine and minimal imperfections, below 10% of the surface.

B High or medium shine, imperfections up to 30%.

C Medium shine, imperfections up to 60%.

D Imperfections on 60% of the surface.

La dimensione delle perle
The size of the pearls

The dimension

The dimensions matter, in this case: the most sought-after pearls are the big ones. In very rare cases the diameter reaches 2 inches (australian ones). Usually, however, they are smaller: from a diameter of even less than 1 millimeter to an average size of 6.5 to 7 millimeters.

Beware of hidden defects: Be careful of your pearls, often those on bracelets or rings hide a defect at the bottom. That’s why they have (or should have) a lower price.

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Collana di perle per uomo di Mikimoto
Pearl necklace for men by Mikimoto
Bracciale da mano Asteroid in oro giallo 18kt con perle 1
Tasaki gold and pearl bracelet

Nak Armstrong, Texas designer

The jewels of Nak Armstrong, which celebrates its first 25 years of activity.

Austin, Texas: in the city that in everyone’s mind is populated by people with big Stetson hats, decorated leather boots and Caddillac, there is a jewelry designer who has won the heart, aesthetically speaking, of the First Lady. He’s called Nak Armstrong, and his jewels, have seduced Sandra Bullock and other Hollywood stars as well as as Michelle Obama.

Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracelet in rose gold and diamonds

The Nak jewels are quite original. It’s as the earrings, rings and necklaces were passed through the images of a kaleidoscope and then reassembled. The designer makes no secret of loving tissue intricacies, shadows and the architectural volumes: these elements, like a mosaic, are combined with the help of precious stones and gold or silver. Among other things, Nak Armstrong is also known for his skill in working metals, which allows  him to create jewels that look so geometrically unusual, somewhere between aztec engravings and extraterrestrial graffiti. Nak began designing jewelry in 1990, but debuted with his collection only in 2011, after founding Anthony Nak.

Anello con spinello rosso e spinelli multicolori
Ring with red spinel and multicolored spinels
Orecchini Stem con tormaline e opale
Stem earrings with tourmalines and opals
Orecchini Bahia Banana, con tormaline verdi
Bahia Banana earrings, with green tourmalines
Anello con tormaline rosa e verdi
Ring with pink and green tourmalines
Collana rivière con pietra luna
Rivière necklace with moonstone
Anello con diamanti
Ring with diamonds

Fraleoni, back to the future

Fraleoni, jewels that come from the past to go to the future ♦︎

He says the proverb: one thing leads to another. The old popular adage is also valid for jewelry, in particular for a company that combines old and new, even if not necessarily with the reuse of the material. For example, Fraleoni, a Roman jewelry brand. It was founded by Attilio Fraleoni, after 50 years of expertise in the sector. What does the proverb have to do with it? It’s easy to say: the small jewelery Maison is the daughter of another business, the purchase and sale of gold and jewelery managed by Valentina Fraleoni called Vecchi Gioielli, «she dedicates herself with experience and professionalism to the buying and selling of gold » and precious stones. Vintage jewellery, in short, in line with the circular balance of use and reuse, the frontier for the future.

Spilla a forma di farfalla com zaffiri rosa e blu. Le pietre sono tagliate allo stesso modo da entrambi lati. Copyright:
Butterfly-shaped brooch with pink and blue sapphires. The stones are cut the same way on both sides. Copyright:

Fraleoni’s jewels are divided, however, into two very distinct categories. The first is that of traditional jewels. The second line, however, is an idea of Sara Fraleoni, second generation of the family. Fraleoni Rainbow is very modern, fast, with a simple design, which focuses on the shape of maxi colored chains. In short, it is dedicated to daily use without forgetting the care taken in its creation and its own originality. Furthermore, Fraleoni Rainbow jewels can be customized with different color combinations at the time of purchase on the website.

Gioielli a forma di catena della linea Fraleoni Rainbow
Chain-shaped jewelery from the Fraleoni Rainbow line

Orecchini con zaffiri, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright:
Earrings with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright:

Anello con tanzanite di oltre 58 carati, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright: Copyright:
Ring with tanzanite of over 58 carats, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright: Copyright:

Anello con smerlado di 23,96 carati e diamanti bianchi e neri taglio rosa Copyright:
Ring with 23.96 carats emerald and rose-cut black and white diamonds. Copyright:

Anello con pietra luna di 133,88 carati, zaffiri blu e smeraldi. Copyright:
Ring with 133.88 carats moonstone, blue sapphires and emeralds. Copyright:

Anello con tanzanite di 35,54 carati, smeraldi e diamanti. Copyright:
Ring with 35.54 carats tanzanite, emeralds and diamonds. Copyright:

Low priced jewelry is dangerous?

Are jewelry bought on stalls or markets dangerous? Cause allergies? In London they discovered… ♦ ︎

The alarm comes time ago from London. But it can be safely extended to the whole of Europe and, perhaps, to the United States, Australia, and so on. The alarm concerns low-cost bijoux that are sold on stalls, markets, and cheap stores. These jewels, which in almost all cases are manufactured in the Far East countries, like China, often contain toxic substances. In short, they cost little, but the money that you save will be spent in medicine.

Bijoux in vendita
Bijoux on sale

The survey results
According to a survey conducted by London Trading Standards and made known by Professional Jeweler, over half of the necklaces low cost have excessive levels of toxic materials. To find out, 30 metal necklaces were purchased from stalls and stores in London. Bijoux has been analyzed to identify components, in particular lead, cadmium and nickel release, measured according to European parameters (Reach Regulation). Lead and cadmium are toxic metals and only very low levels of jewelery are allowed (0.05% and 0.01% of total weight). Result: on 30 tested necklaces, 19 were not conforming to the rules (63.3%), only 11 variants (36.7%) had acceptable levels of lead, cadmium and nickel while 50% had excess lead, In one case even 82.4%.

Bigiotteria in vendita
Jewelry for sale at the market

Nickel allergy
Nickel, in particular, is known to create a sensitivity reaction and is the most common cause of contact allergy in Europe. And one of the headed necklaces had a very high nickel rate, over 60% of the maximum allowed.
How to avoid allergies to nickel

Bracciali indiani
Indian bracelets

You may not know that many metals that you come into contact with are toxic. Here are the 35 most dangerous: antimony, arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, cerium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, platinum, silver, tellurium, thallium, tin, uranium, vanadium and zinc.

When excessive exposure to these metals occurs, you may feel asthenia and fatigue, up to brain damage, to the lungs, kidneys, liver, up to abnormal changes in the composition of the blood.

Of course it is very difficult that a jewel should cause these symptoms. But it should be noted that prolonged contact with these metals can result in progressive muscle and neurological degeneration, with symptoms typical of serious degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and muscular dystrophy, in addition to tumors.

It should be noted that the list also includes metals such as gold and silver, which are not considered harmful. This is undoubtedly true of jewelry. Yet even gold, if inhaled (for example when powdered) or ingested, can be harmful. Furthermore, there is a small group of people who are also allergic to gold.

Bancarella di bijoux
Stall with jewellery
Mercatino di Portobello, Londra
Portobello Market, London

The affordable luxury of Dana Rebecca

Third generation of jewelry designers, Dana Rebecca Gordon seems to have precious stones in her DNA. And in fact, she debuted with a line at just 16 and right after college (she is an American from Chicago): during the summer, she tells her, she went to India with my father and returned home with her my first collection. Immediately all sold. An encouragement to found the brand with the name Dana Rebecca.

Anello Sophia in oro bianco e diamanti
Sophia ring in white gold and diamonds

All her creations, which she defines as accessible luxury, start from the combination of gold and diamonds above all, although sometimes she loves working with different stones, for example tourmaline, moonstone, opal, aquamarine: many colors set in gold 14 carat. But these are timeless and very versatile jewels as they can be combined with the same ease with a couture dress or worn with a t-shirt and jeans. The collection for next season is also made up of many pieces, many earrings, and geometric shapes of different volumes: elegant jewels, but to be worn every day.

Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette
Pendente Sadie in oro giallo e diamanti baguette

Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette
Orecchini in oro bianco e diamanti baguette

Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti
Bracciale in oro bianco e diamanti

Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Pendente com diamanti taglio marquise
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Orecchini a cerchio in oro rosa e diamanti
Anello eternity con topazio
Anello eternity con topazio

Picchiotti also makes cocktail rings Xpandable

The Picchiotti Xpandable collection also expands with cocktail rings ♦

The goldsmith’s art is more lavish with imagination than with technical innovation. In 99% of cases, ornaments, stones, shapes follow known paths, perhaps adding some small variant. When, on the other hand, creativity is added to a real novelty also for the architecture and engineering work of a jewel, you have to stand up and applaud. This is the case of Picchiotti’s Xpandable collection. As we explained at the moment of the launch of the collection, these jewels are made with an innovative technology that Picchiotti does not hesitate to define as revolutionary.

Anello con rubino sangue di piccione del Mozambico di 4,10 carati, rubini e diamanti per 3,16 carati
Ring with Mozambique pigeon blood ruby of 4.10 carats, rubies and diamonds of 3.16 carats

A mechanism hidden inside rings and bracelets, in fact, solves the problems of tailoring and comfort. Adaptable and comfortable rings and bracelets, in Sum. But also precious: a jewel that, now, are enjoying success. The response from the public was, in fact, very positive and convinced Picchiotti to expand (it should be said) the line with many new pieces. Combinations of precious stones, designs, cuts and mixes also with elements in white ceramic or black onyx, white or green mother-of-pearl, turquoise or coral. The same collection has also been joined by high jewelery cocktail rings: fancy diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires mounted on rings that are not only exceptional but also comfortable.

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Anello Xpandable con diamanti per 6 carati e zaffiri blu
Xpandable ring with 6 carats of diamonds and blue sapphires
Anello cocktail con tre zaffiri Royal Blue dello Sri Lanka
Cocktail ring with three Royal Blue sapphires from Sri Lanka
Anello cocktail con tre smeraldi dello Zambia
Cocktail ring with three Zambian emeralds
Anello con diamante fancy yellow e rubini birmani
Ring with fancy yellow diamond and Burmese rubies
Anello con diamante fancy yellow VS2
Ring with fancy yellow diamond VS2

The march of Kiros

From India to Paris: Kiros multiplies and also expands the amount of fantasy in its collections.
From Jaipur to Mumbai. From Mumbai to Paris. And after Paris, Madrid. And then also in other cities, Hong Kong, and the United States. It cannot be said that Manish Jain does not have a spirit of initiative. Together with Yacine Challal he founded the Kiros Jewels brand and then Kiros Paris. Partners are Kgk Creations, a company of the Kgk Diamonds group, with over 100 years of experience in the production and distribution of jewellery, Gemco, a company known for innovative designs, while Yacine Challal is an entrepreneur, designer and jewelery enthusiast. Objective: to seek a path distinct from that of used and abused styles.

Orecchini in oro bianco e ametista
Orecchini in oro bianco e ametista

An unusual style choice, but with absolutely traditional materials: pink or white gold, diamonds. A Parisian taste is perceptible, even if the jewelry is manufactured in India. In short, a product of globalization that knows no borders, not even those of the style, which is absolutely versatile. Where it will arrive?

Anello in oro giallo con diamanti, rubini, smeraldo di 2,65 carati e agata
Yellow gold ring with diamonds, rubies, 2.65 carat emerald and agate
Anello in oro rosa con diamanti bianchi e zaffiri
Rose gold ring with white diamonds and sapphires
Collana in oro, diamanti, acquamarina
Necklace in gold, diamonds, aquamarine
Orecchini in oro 18 carati, argento, diamanti, smeraldi, zaffiri, tsavorite
Earrings in 18k gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, tsavorite
Orecchini in oro 18 carati, argento, diamanti, zaffiri, smeraldi, rubini
Earrings in 18k gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies

The Parisian style of Lise Vanrycke

Lise Ferreira Vanrycke is a young designer born in Paris, “in the heart of the 9 arrondissement”, she explains. But she has Portuguese blood in her veins: she is the daughter of a father from the Algarve, while her mother is from Aveiro, a city on the west coast of Portugal. Vanrycke is instead the name of her husband. Lise It has a very pleasant, linear, clean, modern style. But at the same time hot. Graduated in applied arts in the French capital, she had the ambition to become a painter or photographer. She instead she created the Vanrycke brand in 2000 after having participated in some shows, while she was taking her first steps in the world of jewelry.

Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e diamanti

After exhibiting the jewelry in a salon, she almost simultaneously received an order from Japan and she realized that her professional life would be in jewelry design. The designer feels very Parisian and so is her style: refined, cultured, rich. But also accessible. If you like them, her jewels, which are sold all over the world (in Paris, in particular, also at Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette, but also at Harrods, in London), can also be found online.

Bracciale elastico in oro rosa 18 carati
Elastic bracelet in 18k rose gold
Bracciale Styloide elastico in oro rosa 18 carati
Elastic Styloide bracelet in 18k rose gold
Orecchino in oro rosa e diamanti
Rose gold and diamond earring
Bracciale con medaglietta in oro 18 carati su cordoncino di cotne
Bracelet with 18k gold medal on cotton cord
Orecchino Massaï in oro rosa e diamanti
Massaï earring in rose gold and diamonds
Bracciale Marrakech in oro rosa 18 carati
Marrakech bracelet in 18k rose gold
Anello Marguerite in oro rosa 18 carati
Marguerite ring in 18k rose gold
Anello in oro rosa 18 carati e tsavorite
18k rose gold and tsavorite ring

Elke Berr’s new color

At 17 she went to Sri Lanka to buy the first stones, which she needed to illustrate the gemology thesis attached to her school diploma in Germany: it is not surprising that Elke Berr has become a jewelery expert who focuses everything on the magnificence of emeralds, amethysts , rubies etc. But also a lot about design, sometimes in a minimal style. The designer, in any case, who defines herself as a stone hunter, even though she opened her jewelry company in Geneva, Berr & Partners, together with her husband, Thomas. Which is now simply called Elke Berr Créations Genève.

Collana di diamanti con zaffiro di 40 carati. Copyright:
40 carat sapphire diamond necklace. Copyright:

The designer and gemologist focuses above all on special gems, different from others, such as sapphires and rubies (strictly unheated) and spinels in Sri Lanka and Burma, while for tourmalines and emeralds the shopping takes place in Brazil and Colombia, opals and agate from ‘Africa. But after 20 years of activity (Elke Berr was founded in Geneva in 2003), she now focuses above all on design, originality, surprising proposals. For example, with a capsule collection dedicated to men, Rock’N Rose.

Elke Berr Creations anello diamanti diopside copyright gioiellis
Ring with diamonds and diopside. Copyright:
Collana con diamanti bianchi
Necklace with white diamonds
Anello della collezione Rock'n Rose in oro nero con diamante nero
Ring from the Rock’n Rose collection in black gold with black diamond
Anello con diamante fancy yellow di 5 carati
Ring with 5 carat fancy yellow diamond
Elke Berr
Elke Berr

Can an engagement ring be colored?

A ring with a colored gem instead of the classic white diamond? You can.

Perhaps it will be surprising for many, but the engagement ring must not necessarily be linked to the classic white diamond. Mind you: a rim in white gold with a brilliant and fourteenth -century diamond or six rebbi (the Tiffany frame) that block the gem, are fine. Indeed, such a ring has the advantage of being able to be worn on any occasion, with any dress, at any phase of life. It is necessary to know, however, that this type of ring is a fairly recent convention.

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7 Colored Engagement Rings

Anello Essentially Color di Picchiotti indossato con tormalina verde, ametista, diamanti
Essentially Color ring by Picchiotti worn with green tourmaline, amethyst, diamonds

The rings that for centuries have accompanied a request for engagement, a commitment for marriage, or simply were a testimony to the love of a man towards a woman, they were not the solitaire. Indeed, more often a colorful gem was chosen, from ruby to sapphire. It was, and it is still, a choice appreciated by women, the more the ring is made with generous size stones.

L'anello di fidanzamanto indossato da Kate Middleton. Era di Lady Diana
The engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton. It was Lady Diana’s

Therefore, it is completely legitimate to give an engagement ring with a precious or semi-predious gem. Just remember Diana Spencer’s famous engagement ring, with a large blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond crown. But it is not the only example of engagement ring with colored gems. Although there are also those who, like Jennifer Lopez, have received a ring with diamond, but of green shades, a very rare color for this type of gem.

L'anello con diamante verde di Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond ring

However, the choice of an engagement ring with colored gems must be performed carefully, because there is the danger of exaggerating. A ring full of colorful gems, very lively and flashy is not indicated as an engagement ring. Rather, it is what is called a cocktail ring, which suits, precisely, for parties or worldly occasions. An engagement ring, however, will often be worn on several occasions: it will therefore have to be sober, without excess, to be able to combine with any dress, both during moments of leisure, and in the office or during a ceremony.

L'anello con acquamarina indossato da Merghan Markle
Aquamarine ring worn by Meghan Markle
Anello con rubino e diamanti indossato
Ruby and diamond ring worn

The precious dreams of Morphée

The refined collections of Morphée Joaillerie.

Morpheus is a myth associated with sleep, peace and tranquility. But in the jewelery shop he evokes a Parisian Maison («a few steps from the famous Place Vendôme») that wants to «crystallize the dreams of mankind through the use of gold and precious stones». Morphée Joaillerie, on the other hand, arose from the dreams of Belgian designer Pamela Hastry. Her jewels are limited edition, just like the wishes that can be realized, but with the possibility of producing them to measure. Pamela learned her trade in London, refined it in Rome, and sells it in Paris. Ah, Pamela Hastry is also a gemologist. In short, a first class trip.

Orecchini della collezione Florealis in oro, diamanti, tormalina rosa. Copyright:
Earrings from the Florealis collection in gold, diamonds, pink tourmaline. Copyright:

Skilled French artisans transform her ideas into collections based on cherry blossoms, butterflies, buttercups and forget-me-nots. But also Make a Wish or Millésime. If the ingredients on Morphée’s menu are not surprising (gold, precious stones), the lightness and composition of the individual pieces are completely original. A symbolic collection, in the high jewelery line, is Florealis, which uses diamonds and rubellite for jewels inspired by the delicate and complicated patterns of flowers. The Maison also recently renewed its website.
Morphee Joaillerie bracciale a fascia diamanti bianchi e fancy gialli copyright gioiellis
Morphée Joaillerie, band bracelet with white and yellow diamonds. Copyright:

Bracciale a fascia con diamanti bianchi. Copyright:
Band bracelet with white diamonds. Copyright:
Anello della collezione Florealis con diamanti e rubellite. Copyright:
Ring from the Florealis collection with diamonds and rubellite. Copyright:
Collana della collezione Florealis. Copyright:
Necklace from the Florealis collection. Copyright:
Orecchini doppi con diamanti e tormaline rosa. Copyright:
Double earrings with diamonds and pink tourmalines. Copyright:
Orecchini con diamanti fancy gialli. Copyright:
Earrings with fancy yellow diamonds. Copyright:

Carlo Barberis, style & tradition

The Carlo Barberis company holds the oldest brand of manufacturing active in the area of ​​Valenza, one of the historical places of Italian jewelry. With that pedigree behind him, the young company’s CEO, Francesco Barberis, has a great responsibility. After the sudden death of his father, Gianni Barberis, the entrepreneur has taken the reins of the Maison with his brothers, Maria, Alessandro and Lorenzo. For the brand, born in 1929 in an open laboratory by Carlo Barberis, it is cominiciata so a second phase.

Spilla colibrì, con diamanti, peridoto, tormalina, rubino, tanzanite, topazio  azzurro con pietre tagliate ad hoc. Copyright:
Hummingbird brooch, with diamonds, peridot, tourmaline, ruby, tanzanite, blue topaz with ad hoc cut stones. Copyright:
Without, however, that it would upset the stylistic imprint and, above all, the quality of collections, which continue to be full of virtuoso mix of colored stones, diamonds simple, sumptuous frames, precious metals. In short, a concentrate of what is the goldsmith tradition that was born and thrives around Alexandria. No coincidence that Francesco Barberis also became president of the goldsmiths of Valenza. Judging by the creativity that continues to fuel the Maison of Piedmont, its role is right.

carlo barberis anello con rubellite 11 ct e diamanti copyright gioiellis
Ring with 11 carat rubellite and diamonds. Copyright:
Anello con zaffiro birmano di 16 carati non scaldato e diamanti. Copyright:
Ring with 16 carat unheated Burmese sapphire and diamonds. Copyright:
Anello con zircone naturale e zaffiri rosa taglio baguette. Copyright:
Ring with natural zircon and baguette-cut pink sapphires. Copyright:
Collana a motivi esagonali con rubini non scaldati e diamanti. Copyright:
Hexagonal motif necklace with unheated rubies and diamonds. Copyright:

The treasure of Omi Privé

From Burma to the USA: the surprising stones and jewels of the Maison Omi Privé ♦

The rubies of Burma are the most precious. No wonder, then, that in the country of Southeast Asia are born expert gemologists. As Omi Nagpal, descendant of a family of stones traders for five generations. But the political climate, to say the least, from many years is not conducive to Burma. So Omi and his wife Preeti have emigrated to the United States with a handful of gems in your pocket. The experience in precious stones has become over the years a luxury jewelry brand, Omi Privé, based in Los Angeles. Now the company is led by the son of Omi, Niveet. Without deviating from the style that has at its center, (guess what?) very large, rare and bright gemstones. Also very uncommon: in addition to rubies, sapphires there are, the iridescent alexandrite stones.

Anello con opale, tsavoriti, diamanti
Ring with opal, tsavorites, diamonds

Note that the emphasis is not only about the stones: the majority of the stems for Omi Privé rings, explain to the House, they are specifically formed from drawn wire, a method that dates back to Roman times. This system forms a thick, without porosity. Stated this, just take a look jewels to be impressed by the quality and quantity of precious stones used. They would envy even to the cave with Aladdin’s treasure.

Anello in oro rosa, tanzanite di 4,79 carati, zaffiri rosa, diamanti
Ring in rose gold, 4.79 carat tanzanite, pink sapphires, diamonds
Orecchini con pietra luna, tormalina Paraiba, diamanti, acquamarina
Earrings with moonstone, Paraiba tourmaline, diamonds, aquamarine
Collana con pendente di tormalina e diamanti
Necklace with tourmaline and diamond pendant
Orecchini con pietra luna, diamanti, spinelli rossi
Earrings with moonstone, diamonds, red spinels
Anello con pietra di luna, apatite e diamanti
Ring with moonstone, apatite and diamonds
Anello con pietra di luna, zaffiri e diamanti
Ring with moonstone, sapphires and diamonds
Anello con crisoberillo, occhio di gatto e diamanti
Ring with chrysoberyl, cat’s eye and diamonds

A stage at the opera for Schreiber

Milan, the capital of design. But also of jewelry stores: there are some, like Schreiber, with a long and pleasant tradition, which continues to renew ♦

Simplicity is the antechamber of elegance, and the good taste is in the next room. Schreiber, from longtime Milanese jeweler (the third generation, with Giacomo and Federico) has not problems to support the silver with enamel with classic collections in gold and precious stones.

La margherita simbolo della maison. Oro giallo e smalto bianco
The daisy, symbol of the maison. Yellow gold and white enamel

The jewels made with the least expensive silver, though, do not forget the daisy, the symbol of the jewelry that was founded in 1948 and now operates again in the center, in via Borgospesso. In perfect Milanese style, the jeweler offers a luxury not scream, although don’t has limits in value elements, such as the gems selected by the founder’s son, Giacomo, who after graduating from the Gia, personally chooses the stones to be used for the collections. The style is one that combines modernity with classic dedication to luxury: gold, often white, with alternating stones, often mounted in the classical form daisy. In short, jewelry that are perfect for a premiere at the Teatro alla Scala.

Anello in oro giallo e diamanti
Ring in yellow gold and diamonds
Anello in oro giallo, tanzanite e diamanti
Ring in yellow gold, tanzanite and diamonds
Bracciale in oro giallo e smalto
Yellow gold and enamel bracelet
Collana in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri
Necklace in white gold, diamonds, sapphires
Orecchini in oro bianco
White gold earrings
Anello chevalier in oro bianco
Chevalier ring in white gold

Clean the jewels with ketchup, beer and vodka

Tomato ketchup, vodka or beer to clean your jewelry. Yes, you can. If you do not have anything better at hand … ♦

At the table with jewels. To clean them. According to somebody, there are many ways to make brighter necklaces, rings and earrings: just use some products that are usually used in the kitchen. For example, ketchup, beer and vodka. Attention: we are not advising to follow these indications, especially for your most precious jewels. But, who knows, maybe it works …

Tomato sauce

For example, a bowl of ketchup can clean a ring dipped in red sauce after 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t leaving the jewel in contact with the sauce for too long: could cause damage. Clean everything with a toothbrush and rinse. Another useful food is beer: just pour a little on a clean cloth and rub gently to revive the gold. Better not to try, however, on light plating, and do not use dark beer.

Pulire i gioielli con l'acqua minerale
Pulire i gioielli con l’acqua minerale

Alcohol also likes diamonds: a small glass of vodka can restore brightness to the stones, but also to zirconia and crystal. Just pour the vodka on a soft cloth and carefully clean the jewels, or immerse the jewel in a glass full of the Russian liquor par excellence. Those who are teetotalers are consoled: sparkling water is excellent for resurrecting the splendor of the gems. Immerse a jewel with stones embedded in a glass with sparkling mineral water. Let it rest overnight: in the morning everything will be more shiny.
And after lunch? Brushing your teeth is a good hygiene rule. While you are there, however, you can use toothbrush and toothpaste on metal jewels or stones like diamonds or rubies. Then, rinse (before returning to the table).

Spazzolino e dentifricio sono utili anche per pulire i gioielli
Toothbrush and toothpaste are also useful for cleaning jewelry

Brusi and the asymmetric nature

The jewels of the small Milanese Maison Brusi, founded in 1930 ♦

Brusi is part of the many stories of Italian jewelry. A story that began in Milan in 1920, when the young Pietro Codari, a young goldsmith, started his business and opened a laboratory. The story continued: in 1970 his son Paolo inherited his laboratory and profession. Over time the company has expanded and has refined its vocation. Today, Paolo, Andrea and Simone, Paolo Codari’s three children, work in the family business and are responsible for the creative, financial and commercial management of Brusi.

Anello in oro con tanzanite e corona di diamanti
Gold ring with tanzanite and diamond crown

The company, located in a historic area of the city, between the Monumental Cemetery of Milan and the Chinese quarter, offers good quality pieces, based on gold, diamonds and precious stones. Rings with champagne diamond pavé and precious stones such as tanzanite are the workhorses. Always with the style of «almost symmetry». That is, that difference from the perfect geometric specularity that is often found in nature. The goal is to present jewelry in harmony with nature, thanks to this natural asymmetry. Subtle but interesting concept.

Anelli con smeraldi e zaffiri
Rings with emeralds and blue sapphires
Anelli con diamanti champagne
Anelli con diamanti champagne
Orecchini in oro, apatite, madreperla, diamanti brown
Orecchini in oro, apatite, madreperla, diamanti brown
Orecchini in oro e diamanti champagne e bianchi
Orecchini in oro e diamanti champagne e bianchi
Orecchini in oro e zaffiri blu
Orecchini in oro e zaffiri blu
Orecchini in oro e rubini
Orecchini in oro e rubini
Anello in oro bianco e tanzanite
Anello in oro bianco e tanzanite
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