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Mattioli, collezione Puzzle, modello Bikini in oro rosa e madreperle fuxia

Chains on exhibition

In Vicenza 80 jewels that have the chain’s protagonist ♦︎ There are chains that bind and there are chains that release. There are also chains that like. Those that are […]

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Bracciali della collezione Eclisse

Vhernier illuminates the Eclisse

The Eclisse by Vhernier is renewed, with new materials, new colors, the same design ♦ ︎ Eclipse is a rather rare astronomical phenomenon, which has more or less the same […]

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Vhernier, bracciali Mini Calla

Vhernier, three bracelets for Itaca

Vhernier sails for the Onlus Progetto Itaca with three Mini Calla bracelets. Images and price ♦ ︎ A jewel for a good cause. Vhernier has created a series of three […]

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Spilla Granchio

Three new boutiques for Vhernier

Vhernier expands in Italy with three new boutiques ♦ ︎ Vhernier, Maison of Valenza specializes in high jewelery design, expands. Indeed, it multiplies with new boutique openings. In Sardinia, Vhernier […]

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Vhernier, orecchini con pasta turchese. Prezzo: 900 euro l'uno

New Vhernier Earrings

A new version of Vhernier earrings from the Vague collection, with turquoise paste. Images and price ♦ ︎ Five years ago Vhernier proposed a pair of limited edition earrings in […]

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Orecchini a clip Tourbillon in oro bianco e diamanti

With Vhernier a Tourbillon in the ears

New earrings and rings are added to the Tourbillon collection of Vhernier ♦ Couple’s life is complicated: hugs are followed by misunderstandings, and then others embraces. In short, life is a […]

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Chernier, catena in oro bianco e kogolong, lunghezza 43 centimetri

Vhernier back on Ottovolante

The new series of Ottovolante (roller-coaster) necklace by Vhernier in two different combinations ♦ The roller-coaster aims to scare those who get on the carriages that go up and then come […]

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Linea Gourmet, con corniola, lapis o occhio di falco

Vhernier in pairs

The Vhernier cufflinks, for man, but also for women: the three lines with different characteristics. They are presented as the masculine side of Vhernier. But it is not unlikely that […]

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Anello Fuseau in titanio grigio e diamanti

The new Fuseau by Vhernier

By Vhernier, a springtime with Fuseau made in titanium and diamonds. Fuseau is a French word which means spindle, stretched. But it is also the name of a collection of the […]

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La collana Blue Velvet

Vhernier on blue velvet

In New York the new Vhernier necklace, Blue Velvet, made in titanium, diamonds and tanzanite. It’s called Blue Velvet, as the title of a famous song and a movie. But […]

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Calla, collana in titanio e diamanti

Vhernier, the Calla is made in titanium

The necklace Calla by Vhernier is now made with titanium: image and price. Every great jewelery company has, just like a musician, what are its strong points. But, unlike a singer […]

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Spilla Bruco in oro bianco, onice, cristallo di rocca e diamanti

Vhernier, best-selling of autumn

Vhernier with two classic lines: these are the prices of the brooch Bruco and the Pirouette rings. Let’s face it now: there are no new pieces. But for the new […]

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Orecchini Rosa, in titanio, diamanti, madreperla bianca e lapislazzulo

A titanium rose by Vhernier

The Valenza Maison Vhernier has accustomed its fans to very sophisticated jewels, with a strong imprint of the design and the attention to detail, materials at the top. But often he […]

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Vhernier, spilla camaleonte con diamanti, sugilite, opale arlecchino, giada nera e cristallo di rocca

Vhernier camouflage

Change to remain unseen: is the specialty of the chameleon, which changes its appearance adapting to the surrounding to environment. A specialty that is now overturned by Vhernier, a brand […]

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Bulgari, Diva Gingko

Jewels of Italy with design

Many jewels and an albino setting: from 2 April to 12 September, in Milan there is to see the exhibition Brilliant! The future of the Italian jewel, organized as part […]

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Orecchini Eclisse rosa con rodonite e diamanti

The Vhernier spring

The colors of spring Vhernier are those decreed by Pantone: rose quartz and pale blue, to which is added the peach tones. The shades are opaque stones are combined with […]

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Vhernier, anello  in oro rosa e pavé di diamanti

Twist for couple with Vhernier

Notice to lovers of modern design, innovative and valuable: to Valentine’s Day, Vhernier is going with the proposal of four rings. These are different versions of the ring Tourbillon, the […]

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Campari cocktail with Vhernier

Campari cocktail with Vhernier

Pour abundant Vhernier, add a pinch of Lorraine Schwartz and a few drops of DeBeers. Mix everything, and put it in front of the camera wise of Michelangelo Di Battista, […]

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Orecchini Volta Celeste zaffiri blu

Vhernier with titanium

Titanium rings and earrings: Vhernier worked a year to before it could show the new jewels. Which have a special feature: they are also in titanium metal used as an […]

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Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

Who is going at the Italian Jewelry Festival

There will also be the designer Marco Dal Maso with its brand Marco Ta Moko, among jewelers selected from Neiman Marcus for The Italian Jewelry Festival, dedicated to the jewelry […]

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