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Salvini, anello chevalier

Salvini renews Daphne

New jewels for the Daphne collection by Salvini, in white gold and diamonds ♦ News for Salvini’s Daphne collection. This is one of the classic lines of the brand that […]

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Salvini, anelli della collezione Forma

The Shape of Salvini

The classic Forma collection by Salvini: jewels in white gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies ♦ ︎ A red, green or white soul can shine in a pure heart. The Forma […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e madreperla

The new Signs of Salvini

Salvini renews the I Segni collection with rings and long sautoir with mother of pearl and lapis lazuli ♦ ︎ What is reality, if not an immense archive of signs? […]

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Anello contrarié con diamante tagliato a cuore

Daphne’s jewels with Salvini

Salvini’s Daphne collection in the classic style of the Maison: white gold, diamonds, plus a pinch of mythology ♦ ︎ Daphne is a character from Greek mythology. It was one […]

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Anello trilogy in oro bianco, smeraldi e diamanti

Salvini puts the color in Luminosa

Salvini still extends the Luminosa collection with jewels with emeralds, rubies and sapphires ♦ ︎ It would be wrong to abandon a road that turns out to be full of […]

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Alessio Boschi, orecchino Palio, chiuso

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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Orecchini con zaffiri

Salvini’s colors

Jewels with rubies, emeralds and sapphires from Salvini’s Colourful collection ♦ ︎ A diamond is forever, but even a ring with a ruby ​​or a sapphire is joking. Although Salvini […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rosa con diamanti

Salvini doubles the wedding ring

Engagement or wedding rings, earrings and necklaces doubled with Salvini’s Euforia collection ♦ ︎ What can cause euphoria? An icecream? Too little. A dress? It depends on which. But for […]

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Anello tubogas con quadrifoglio

Salvini Minimal Pop

Salvini Minimal Pop, rings and bracelets for a lightweight collection, characterized by flexibility. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Minimal Pop is a Salvini collection that aims at a certain lightness. […]

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Salvini, anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Salvini rekindles Luminosa collection

New jewels from the Luminosa collection by Salvini: a necklace and bracelet Seventies style. Images and prices ♦ ︎ The light comes on every dawn and so is Salvini’s Luminosa […]

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Anello trilogy

Salvini with 6 prongs

Rings in white gold and diamonds stopped by six prongs: the classic world of Salvini with the Lavinia collection ♦ ︎ At the end of the nineteenth century a new […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamanti di Salvini

Salvini shines with Sunny

Sunbeams with gold from Salvini’s new Sunny collection, images and prices ♦ ︎ Hold on tight: Salvini changes. Or, better, it does not change its style, but introduces a new […]

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Anello Battito di Salvini

Valentine’s Day with Battito

Salvini for Valentine’s Day proposes Battito, a ring with diamond. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Valentine’s Day arrives, comes the right-duty to give a jewel, it’s time to choose. On […]

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La boutique Rocca di via Roma

(Italiano) Rocca brilla a Torino

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Collana choker in oro bianco con diamanti. Collezione Luminosa Precious di Salvini. Prezzo: 2.895 euro

Two new necklaces for Salvini

Two choker are added to Luminosa collection by Salvini ♦︎ Just in time to become a Christmas present two new pieces of Salvini’s Luminosa collection arrive. Read also: Salvini lights […]

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Bracciali della collezione Segni di Salvini

The Signs of Salvini

Salvini’s Segni collection for anyone who wants to communicate something besides wearing a jewel ♦ ︎ Life is made of signs. Everyone wears signs with the choice of their clothing, […]

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Salvini, anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Salvini lights up with Luminosa

Salvini’s Luminosa Precious collection: sparkling diamonds tuned on the winter holidays ♦ ︎ There is no Christmas without lights and in view of the winter festivals Salvini lights up its […]

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Salvini, collezione Nastro, anello in oro rosa e diamanti a quattro giri

Salvini Nastro collection

Salvini’s Nastro (ribbon) collection: white and pink gold more diamonds. Images and price ♦ ︎ What closes a gift package? What can be used to stop the hair? And what’s […]

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Anello chevalier in oro rosa e diamanti di Salvini

Salvini chevalier

Chevalier ring and earrings in Salvini’s Dettagli collection ♦︎ A chevalier ring and ancient Egypt. The couple, certainly a novelty, is a idea of Salvini, brand of the Damiani group, […]

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Bracciale Salvini in oro rosa con bambina. Prezzo: 375 euro

Minimal Baby for Moms

For the new moms (but not only) the Minimal Baby collection by Salvini. Images and prices of necklaces and bracelets ♦ ︎ There are also jewelery for babies. Or, better, […]

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