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Boucheron, earcuff Nuri indossato. Titanio, oro giallo, acquamarina,  berillo,  tsavoriti, onice, lacca nera, zaffiri, diamanti, gialli e bianchi

Titanium jewelry: should you buy them?

Titanium jewelry: they are the last frontier of jewelry. Beautiful, but also difficult to make. Should you buy them? ♦ Long live titanium, which has become synonymous with creative audacity […]

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Booth di Fope, VicenzaOro January 2018. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Vicenzaoro at quota 700

Vicenzaoro wants to go back to business as usual. He wants to leave the annus horribilis 2020 behind and return to breathe (with the Green Pass and Safe Travel rightly […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, diamanti e tre topazi London Blue

Minù in blue

Who ever said that the color of the female gender is pink? They are old conventions. And if you are not convinced, ask Minù, intended as the sparkling brand of […]

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Anello oro rosa, zaffiri gialli, zaffiri arancio, diamanti

Giovanni Ferraris’ Divine jewelery

Giovanni Ferraris’ Divina collection: seven golden circles and precious stones joined together in a single ring ♦ ︎ When something is called divine, it means that it is superlative. And […]

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Anello oro rosa,  diamanti, diamanti blu.
Anello oro bianco,  diamanti, zaffiri blu.
Anello oro rosa, diamanti
diamanti bianchi  lattiginosi, diamante brown

The new Fragrances by Giovanni Ferraris

The new pieces from the Giovanni Ferraris Fragranze collection: pavé of stones, colors, pink gold ♦ Too bad it is useless to smell the jewels. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, anelli in titanio con zaffiri blu o verdi

Giovanni Ferraris extends Titanium

New rings from the Titanium collection presented by Giovanni Ferraris at Baselworld ♦ ︎ Titanium is a light metal but very durable. And judging by the Titanium collection by Giovanni […]

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The Vanity of Giovanni Ferraris

The Vanity of Giovanni Ferraris

The Vanity collection by Giovanni Ferraris, gold, diamonds and pearls for a pleasant luxury ♦ ︎ Perhaps not everyone knows that a pearl, just like a diamond, is forever. The […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, anelli della collezione Contrasti in oro rosa, diamanti fancy,
rubini, zaffiri blu

Giovanni Ferraris between Contrasts and Armonie

Contrasti and Armonie: the life of a couple seen through the rings of Giovanni Ferraris ♦ ︎ If the contrasts in a couple can be the fuse of an explosive […]

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The news jewels by Minù

The news jewels by Minù

New rings and bracelets in rose gold and stones in the Minù collections ♦ Rings with many cabochon gems, like many small bubbles set on rose gold. Or super-flexible pink […]

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Ring pink gold, diamonds, rubies. Ring white gold, diamonds, blue sapphires

Giovanni Ferraris, nature is Bella

The Bella collection by Giovanni Ferraris, beautiful like the colors of nature and the dew drops ♦ ︎ What is beauty? The question, at first glance, seems silly. But it […]

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Bracciale oro rosa, spinello nero, perle bianche

Millebolle with Minù

Millebolle and doreMinù: new collections of prêt-à-porter jewels from the Maison Giovanni Ferraris ♦ ︎ Like other first-level companies, Giovanni Ferraris has cultivated two souls: that of great jewels, often […]

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Ingresso alla messe

Baselworld: win or flop?

Baselworld 2018, number of visitors unchanged. Here’s who is happy and who is puzzled among jewelers ♦ ︎ It depends. The final judgment on Baselworld 2018 can be summarized as […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, anello farfalla della collezione Titanium

Giovanni Ferraris, color virtuosity

Giovanni Ferraris illuminates with the color three new collections presented at Baselworld ♦ ︎ Among the pleasant novelties of Baselworld 2018 there are also those of one of the best […]

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Ingresso principale allo spazio espositivo di Baselworld

Baselworld 2018, selection and news

Baselworld 2018 starts with the selection. But news jewelry are not lacking ♦ ︎ “The world is changing fast. Faced with this challenge, there are only two alternatives: to grow […]

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Anello oro bianco naturale, diamanti

All are for one with Giovanni Ferraris

The stacked rings of the Diva collection by Giovanni Ferraris: precious stones together with a skilful goldsmith’s technique ♦ ︎ Stacking different rings can be fun. But it is a […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, collezione Anastasia. Anello in oro rosa, rubini, diamanti

Giovanni Ferraris doubles with Anastasia

The transformable rings of the Anastasia collection by Giovanni Ferraris ♦ ︎ Anastasia was one of the daughters of the last Russian Tsar, who was said to have been mysteriously […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, orecchini vincitori al Couture

Giovanni Ferraris, surprise at Couture

Giovanni Ferraris, Couture’s Design Awards winner earrings and new jewels ♦ Giovanni Ferraris, Maison of Valenza, presented himself at the Couture in Las Vegas with a collection (among others), called Tiramisu. […]

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John Hardy, bracciale con smeraldi

All the winners of the Couture Design Awards

Here are the 14 winners of the Couture Design Awards 2017: four are Italian ♦ ︎ The Couture Design Awards is one of the most sought-after occasions by jewelers for […]

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Nuovi anelli della collezione Vanity

The Vanity of Giovanni Ferraris

The new Vanity collection signed by Giovanni Ferraris: colored pearls, fancy diamonds, gold, and a taste a little retro. “After learning the craft of art goldsmith with passion, Giovanni Ferraris […]

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Collezione Twist Nature, orecchini

Let’s Twist Again with Giovanni Ferraris

“Let’s Twist Again”, writes Giovanni Ferraris on his Facebook account. The words, which are also those of a song of the sixties, are appropriate: Twist is now a historical collection […]

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