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Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti e zaffiri a forma di farfalla

Scent of a DDonna

If one woman is not enough, there is DDonna (donna means woman in italian language). With two “D” is better, they thought 20 years ago in the Paduan company founded […]

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Anello con cubic zirconia rosse

Rainbow Valentine’s Day for Stroili

Valentine’s Day against the tide for Stroili. The Italian brand of affordable jewelry, in fact, dispels a myth: love is not just red. For the party of lovers, in fact, […]

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Nanis, collezione Luce

Nanis shines with Light

Spring is back, summer is approaching and the light increases. The desire for the sun’s rays is accompanied by that for a happier life, the desire to appear with greater […]

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Pendenti a cuore della linea Macri

(Italiano) I tanti cuori di Buccellati

What is the best place for a heart? The answer is obvious: at the chest. And this is evident even if it is a jewel. Even the historic Buccellati fashion […]

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Collana Sciau Rosa

The Sicily of Giuliana Di Franco

The charm of Sicily, the mystery of an island that is a bridge between Europe and Africa, a crossroads of cultures immersed in an exuberant nature: all these elements are […]

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Bracciale con ciondolo di 2Jewels

Valentine’s Day with 2Jewels

Valentine’s Day 2021: it’s already time to think about the gift for the party of lovers. As always, jewelry brands focus heavily on February 14, a day often accompanied by […]

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Anello in argento placcato oro , cubic zirconia e smalto nero

The bees of Misis

Bees, the best side of nature: industrious, ingenious, useful. And also are interesting from an aesthetic point of view: the Italian Maison Misis dedicates its latest collection to bees. The […]

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Orecchini Soleil con smeraldi Muzo

Soleil rises with Marina B

The charm of the Mediterranean sun, the charm of the Eighties: these are the two aspects that give life to the new Soleil collection signed by the Marina B brand. […]

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Il diamante da 80 carati di Tiffany

A super diamond for Tiffany

A great diamond for a great jewel. Who knows if the 80-carat super diamond purchased by Tiffany is the echo of a grandeur with a French flavor, given that the […]

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Catena dell'americana Ingemark

5 tips to maxi chains

When can you wear a maxi chain or chunky chain? Many celebrities like it, but before you put it on your neck or wrist, read these five things to know […]

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Pendente in platino con diamanti taglio brillante. Prezzo: 4.100 euro

How to choose the Tiffany spot lighting

Guide to the choice of pendants spot lighting by Tiffany: a selection of ten necklaces with the prices ♦ ︎ Spot lighting. This is the name of the jewel that draws the […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa, diamanti e perle rosa

Coscia, a pearl under Vesuvius

The centuries-old tradition of pearls from Coscia, a jeweler born just 100 years ago in Torre del Greco ♦ The story is rather adventurous and dates back to 1919, when […]

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Orecchini di Cristina Ramella

Traveling with Cristina Ramella

Do you like traveling? So look how Cristina Ramella has transformed her passion for traveling in jewelry ♦ From Milan to Mexico, to found her Maison: Cristina Ramella is a […]

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Orecchini in vetro con foglie d'oro 24 carati

Crystalline outfit with Antica Murrina

The Murano crystals, in the Venice lagoon, are transformed into rings, bracelets and necklaces with Antica Murrina ♦ A few kilometers from the Venice lagoon, in Olmo di Martellago, Antica Murrina […]

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Anello in oro giallo e diamanti

Romantic Stone Paris

The romantic jewelry of the French with Polish origin Marie Poniatowski, founder of Stone Paris. Stone Paris: a name that does not leave space to guess what is the city […]

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Swarovski, ciondolo con una delle lettere applicabili grazie a una chiusura magnetica

Trend: jewels with your name

Necklaces with personalized names or pendants to spell words? It is one of the most followed trends ♦ In 2021 one of the trends will be that of necklaces with […]

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Collana in argento con rosa. Prezzo: 149 euro

Water your ring

If you have a green soul and maybe you love vegan cuisine, here are the silver jewels for you, with real vegetables ♦ Are you a nature lover? As soon […]

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Bracciale friendship

Friends with La Petite Story

It is called La Petite Story, but the success of this brand seems to be large. Launched a couple of years ago by the Morellato group, this line of bijoux […]

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Anello Royale in oro orange e diamante

Annamaria Cammilli Royale

Jewels for queens, certified by family tree, or simply women who are considered as such by their partner. Perhaps thinking about this concept Annamaria Cammilli proposes the Royale jewelry line. […]

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Gioielli della collezione Legàmi indossati

The ties of Lenti & Villasco

Question: what is the jewel that every woman carries with it every day, from morning to evening and not from which it would never be separated? Simple: it’s the smartphone. […]

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