Jewels and nature with Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas, one of the most imaginative designers, continues her representation of the nature of her native country, Mexico. Among the new features it offers is the Imprints of the Heart collection, dedicated to people or places that leave a mark. It is composed of a series of large evocative pendants that resemble the objects used for stamping, made of gold and semi-precious stones.

Her jewels, conceived and made in Los Angeles, where Daniela Villegas lives and works, are always surprising, like the Papalote earrings, inspired by a type of scorpion. They are crafted in 18k yellow gold, with multicolored gems surrounding kite-shaped amethysts. In fact, the word Papalote means kite in Spanish. They are part of the Chromatic Paradise collection and have been proposed, together with other jewels, in a trunk show on Tiny Gods.

Orecchini Papalote in giallo 18 carati, tormalina, ametista e zaffiri
Papalote earrings in 18k yellow, tourmaline, amethyst and sapphires

Daniela Villegas has always been a passionate observer of nature. In her jewelry she uses organic elements such as beetles, porcupine quills, feathers, shells, pebbles and wood with 18 karat gold in every color mixed with precious and semiprecious stones. But the designer is also inspired by what surrounds nature, even from a cultural point of view. As evidenced by the series dedicated to the English director and journalist David Attenborough, specialized in documentaries on natural life. The necklace is made of 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds and opal.

Collana David Attenborough in oro giallo 18 carati, diamanti champagne, smeraldi, opale
David Attenborough necklace in 18k yellow gold, champagne diamonds, emeralds, opal
Daniela Villegas
Daniela Villegas
Anello con smeraldi
Ring with emeralds
Anelloc Atabey in oro giallo 18 carati, quarzo rutilato, occhio di gatto, tormalina, granati che cambiano colore
Atabey ring in 18k yellow gold, rutilated quartz, cat’s eye, tourmaline, color-changing garnets
Orecchini della collezione Into the Deep, conchiglie naturali, opali d -fuoco, oro rosa e smeraldi
Earrings from the Into the Deep collection, natural shells, fire opals, rose gold and emeralds
Mini orecchini a forma di granchio tempestati di diamanti e incastonati in oro rosa
Mini crab-shaped earrings studded with diamonds and set in rose gold
Collana Say Cheese a forma di macchina fotografica. Oro giallo 18 carati, topazio imperiale, tormalina rosa, verde, verde acqua, anguria, zaffiro rosa, giallo, occhio di gatto, alessandrite, apatite
Say Cheese necklace in the shape of a camera. 18k yellow gold, imperial topaz, pink tourmaline, green, teal, watermelon, pink sapphire, yellow, cat’s eye, alexandrite, apatite

The colors of Gioielliamo

Gioielliamo is the name of a small but lively company that produces jewelry near Arezzo, one of the traditional areas of Italian goldsmith production. Founded by Massimo Scortecci, the company aims to reach a young audience who want to wear bright, but not bizarre, jewelry. It is not a haute couture production, of course, but simple but interesting rings, bracelets and necklaces. One of the new Gioielliamo collections is called Emma and is made of rose gold and diamonds.

Anello in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione Emma
Rose gold and diamond ring from the Emma collection

But other collections use semi-precious stones, such as Caramelle, made of pink gold, small brilliants, and a series of natural quartz, or amethysts, which are mounted in cabochons, but with an oval cut reminiscent of candies, with the beveled edges. The colors of the stones are purple, green, pink. The diamonds follow the outline of the stone forming a small crown. But in some cases they also form a pavé which replaces the main stone. For the earrings, there are also pairs with the colors of the stones different from each other. The Geometrie collection, on the other hand, uses faceted quartz surrounded by a pavé of sapphires.

Anello a fascia in oro rosa e diamanti
Band ring in rose gold and diamonds
Bracciale della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracelets from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Collana della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Necklace from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Orecchini della collezione Emma in in oro rosa e diamanti
Earrings from the Emma collection in rose gold and diamonds
Anelli della collezione Caramelle
Rings from the Candies collection
Anello con quarzo azzurro e pavé di zaffiri della collezione Geometrie
Ring with blue quartz and sapphire pavé from the Geometrie collection

How to combine jewels with face and skin

How to match jewelry, skin color and face shape? Here are some tips ♦

The key to the success of each look is the combination. And this also applies to jewelry: they are not neutral accessories, but must be chosen based on the dress, the occasion, the shape of the face and also the color of the skin. In short, the choice must be considered following some simple principles, for example the shape of the oval and another aspect, which is underestimated by many, the correspondence between stones and metals and the tone of your face. It is not true that yellow gold is always good: in many cases it is white or pink gold that enhances your body more.

Bracciale e collana indossati
Giovanni Raspini, silver bracelet and necklace worn

How to discover your hue: just bring a sheet of white paper (which is really white, not ivory) close to the make-up face and look carefully in the mirror at the nuances that are reflected on the paper. If it is the white of the paper it becomes slightly pink, your face has a cold tinge, while if you see a shadow with a yellow accent, the shade is warmer. Obviously there are many nuances between the two extremes. Be careful, though: you have to do this experiment using natural light (no incandescent, neon or led lamps). Not only that: the natural light, that of the sun or the sky, must not be that of the morning at dawn or in the evening just before sunset, when the sun’s rays color nature with a particularly warm shade.

Prima regola: verificate il vero colore della vostra pelle
First rule: check the true color of your skin

Gold or silver: for leathers with a colder or neutral shade, it is better to choose silver, platinum or white gold. If, on the other hand, the hue is warmer, the yellow and pink gold will stand out more, but also the bronze, the golden brass and the copper. Of course, there are also skin colors that are somewhere in between: in this case what matters is balance. But, be careful: we must not exaggerate: those with very brown, olive skin must not cover themselves with yellow gold like a Christmas tree. In summary: the metal of the jewels should be chosen in harmony with the color of the skin: who has a very light shade can choose white metals, who has a Mediterranean or dark color, will appear better with metals that have more intense shades.

Metallo bianco e pelle chiara
White metal and light skin

Stones and complementary colors: the cool shades of the skin combine well especially with white pearls and diamonds. So no color? Don’t worry, you can also wear pink, blue, red and magenta stones. The warmer tones go well with coral and earth colors, therefore brown, green, peach yellow, orange and all shades of turquoise. Attention, these are general rules: the possible combinations are really many also because there are other aspects to be taken into account such as the combination of skin, eye and hair color. In addition, the shape of the face also counts for earrings and necklaces. Not to mention that a beautiful jewel can always be worn if you like, regardless of these aspects.

Gioielli di corallo rosa di Rajola indossati dalla modella Federica Calemme
Rajola pink coral jewelery worn by model Federica Calemme

Match the jewels to the shape of the face

Heart shape: if your face is round, with a thinner chin, that is, it has a heart shape, it is better to opt for not too large hanging earrings to avoid the effect of enlarging the face. A choker necklace, on the other hand, is the most suitable accessory to soften the tip of the chin.

Collana indossata di Evanueva
Evanueva necklace worn

Round or square face: oval or geometric pendant earrings, such as rectangles, can lengthen the lines of the face and offer a sweeter symmetry. For necklaces, it is preferable to choose long ones, also in this case to streamline the shape of the face, if it develops too wide.

Orecchini con diamanti e smeraldi di Chopard indossati da Julienne Moore
Chopard diamond and emerald earrings worn by Julienne Moore

Rectangular face: the lobe earrings can give an extra touch and soften the lines of the face, without creating an imbalance. Hoop earrings are also fine, especially if they are small. As for necklaces, if the neck is beautiful and long, a choker will be fine.

Orecchini punto luce indossati
Worn stud earrings

Oval face: the choice of earrings is quite intuitive: they must not be too long and it is even better if they have a geometric shape, which contrasts with the regularity of your face. You don’t need to sweeten it, but to add a breaking element. For necklaces you have ample freedom of choice, even if a long neck will be balanced with a choker.

Orecchini della collezione Eyes, indossati di Cora Sheibani
Earrings from the Eyes collection, worn by Cora Sheibani

Sovrani’s bijoux

Silver and gold-plated brass are the elements that make up the menu of Sovrani, an Italian brand of bijoux and jewelry at an affordable price. Chains, stones and crystals, simple and immediate geometries are used for collections that can immediately meet the favor of the public are the distinctive elements of the brand. The jewels are made in Recanati, a town in the Marche region (Italy) is famous as the homeland of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, but also for its production of silver objects and jewels.

Orecchini della collezione  Fashion Mood
Earrings from the Fashion Mood collection

Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique
Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique

Sovrani was born in 1996 becoming in a few years the reference for gift items in 925 silver and, from 2010 also for bijoux, with its first collection of silver jewels. In 2013, then, the entrepreneurs Sandro and Silvano Bravi, brought together three companies from the sector in the sector (Valenti, Mida and Sovrani) under the same roof, with integrated back-office, production, logistics and distribution activities. An operation that has made Sovrani a more competitive company.

Collana della linea Fashion Mood
Necklace from the Fashion Mood line
Bracciale della linea Cristal Magique
Bracelet from the Cristal Magique line
Orecchini della linea Cristal Magique
Earrings from the Cristal Magique line
Collana della linea Cristal Magique
Necklace from the Cristal Magique line

The Fartan’s Etruscan Patents

In the goldsmith district of Arezzo, the Fartan Group intends to continue the tradition. Starting from the name: according to what the company emphasizes, Fartan in the ancient Etruscan language means “genius, vital and creative force”. In short, the claim of ancient roots, but at the same time the desire not to be left behind from a technological point of view. The production of jewelry proves this. The company, in fact, boasts numerous patents concerning both specific processing models and the machinery used. The idea is to combine technology with the creativity of Italian design. A story that has been going on for about forty years, with a good result, as evidenced by the collections.

Set della collezione Rondò
Set from the Rondò collection

The sole shareholder and director of the company since 2009 is Leonardo Terziani, who has behind him a career as an engineer and project manager in companies in the mechanical sector: a background that testifies to the industrial approach of the brand, which works in particular for third parties. Terziani’s experience has yielded innovation. For exemple, for Multi-light a patented technology for the insertion of elements in the basic chain: the final result is a unique jewel, which presents a “dynamic brightness”. Or Atmosphere, also with a patented technology for the insertion of precious inserts, which «generates remarkable harmony and linearity (with pre-established pitch) and avoids any unsightly overlapping of the elements. Extreme brilliance of the jewel thanks to the direct and reflected brightness ». Or, again, Rondò, which derive from a specific processing «thanks to which it is possible to obtain in the finished product areas with different surface finishes that create captivating plays of light, accentuated by the possible different colors». In short, creativity lies not only in the design or choice of a stone, but also in identifying intelligent construction techniques. Perhaps this is also a legacy of the Etruscans.

collane rondo
Necklaces from the Rondò collection
Collana della linea Dna
DNA line necklace
Collane della linea Holly
Necklaces from the Holly line
Collana Holly di Fartan
Holly necklace by Fartan
Collane della collezione Holly
Necklaces from the Holly collection
orecchini fartan
Fartan earrings
Collana della linea Dna
DNA line necklace
Orecchini Dna
DNA earrings

The combinations of Roule & Co

Playing volumes by Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire: a precious Tetris of jewelery ♦ ︎
Maybe Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire are passionate about Tetris, the game that consists of combining geometric geometric shapes. Perhaps yes, because the jewels of their Roule & Co brand, born in New York in 2010, who for the second consecutive year arrived among the finalists at the Las Vegas Couture Design Award, seem to be assorted by combining the simplest geometric shapes, such as triangles , circles, squares. Only combinations are multiplied and the same volumes of jewels are covered by other small areas, in turn triangles, circles, hexes, and so on.

Bracciale in oro giallo 18 carati e diamanti4
18k yellow gold and diamond bracelet

Like the forms of Tetris must be complementary, so is the work of Christopher and Laurin, husband and wife who founded the jewelery brand. The simplicity of the style is only apparent: in fact jewelry often surprising with the possibility of the enclosed elements, as small precious stones. But jewels also have architectural references, as in the Wired collection inspired by the hyperbole of engineering used by archistar and past characters, such as Buckminster Fuller, Gustave Eiffel and Antoni Gaudí.

Orecchini in oro brunito e rubini
Blackened gold and ruby earrings
Laurin Lucaire
Ciondolo in oro rosa e rubini
Pendant in rose gold and rubies
Anello in oro rosa 14 carati e diamanti champagne
14k rose gold and champagne diamond ring
Anello in oro bianco annerito con ametista cabochon e diamanti bianchi
Blackened white gold ring with cabochon amethyst and white diamonds
Ciondolo in oro rosa 14 carati e diamanti bianchi
Pendant in 14k rose gold and white diamonds

Sorellina loves the daring

The brand in New York Sorellina, by Nicole’s and Kim Carosella’s, born for daring women ♦ ︎

Sorellina is an Italian word meaning little sister, but it is also an affectionate way of expressing a very intimate woman friend. In the case of Sorellina, the two aspects coincide. To use the Italian language are two Sisters of Long Island, near New York, Nicole and Kim Carosella. The surname, indeed, indicates the origin of the family in the country that created the Pisa Tower and invented the pizza (that would be enough for a sympaty for Italy). Their jewels are highly appreciated: Sorellina came first in the Best in Platinum category at the Couture Design Awards in 2023.

La collana in platino, perle, diamanti, zaffiri vincitrice nella categoria Best in Platinum ai Couture Design Awards 2023
The platinum, pearl, diamond and sapphire necklace winner in the Best in Platinum category at the 2023 Couture Design Awards

Nicole and Kim had also as when were little girls, they tell, passion for design, art and, of course, jewels. Nicole studied Fine Arts, but in California, especially photography. Then, he began collecting vintage jewels and studied jewelery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Kim, the youngest, studied art history at the University of New Orleans. Afterwards, he chose to live in Florence, Italy.
After, the experiences of the two sisters have come transformed in Sorellina, which proposes “jewels neither thin nor discrete”. In contrast, Sorellina’s pieces are bold, with a mix of female and masculine, vintage and modern style.

Orecchini in oro, tormalina blu e lapislazzuli intagliati
Carved gold, blue tourmaline and lapis lazuli earrings
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Nicole & Kim Carosella
Anello cocktail in oro giallo, tanzanite, zaffiri blu e diamanti
Cocktail ring in yellow gold, tanzanite, blue sapphires and diamonds
Pendente La Papessa Owl in oro giallo, acquamarina intagliata, diamanti
La Papessa Owl pendant in yellow gold, carved aquamarine, diamonds
Pendente La Forza Piccola Tarot Card, in oro giallo, malachite, zaffiro orange e rosa, diamanti
La Forza Piccola Tarot Card pendant, in yellow gold, malachite, orange and pink sapphire, diamonds

The sinuous jewels of Marta Paolillo

Destiny is a curved line, often with a tortuous path that turns into small labyrinths, curls, broken circles. The curves are those designed by Marta Paolillo, one of the Italian design signatures, based in Rome. She is one of the few capable of proposing something different, and also one of the few who can boast a starred pedigree. Meanwhile, her birthplace is on her side: the family has been working with stones and jewels since 1880. And with her father, a diamond and precious stone trader, she has traveled the world and boasts first-hand knowledge of the market. But she also graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and founded the IGL, Gemmological Analysis Laboratory with which she carries out appraisal reports.

Orecchini in oro bianco, zaffiri e diamanti
OEarrings in white gold, sapphires and diamonds

In short, for her the stones have no secrets. However, it is the use she makes of it that makes her proposal special: the jewels have a linear and at the same time baroque style, they are rich, but at the same time sober, they are large, but at the same time light. She is also attentive to new technologies and she uses materials such as titanium, carbon steel, Stingray leather (galuchat), alongside the classic 18k gold. Collections like Snake, which takes up the classic snake motif, are the height of sinuosity. Others, like Jaipur, combine the convolutions of the metal with the color of the stones. And there is no shortage of surprising proposals: such as the deck of (flexible) playing cards in gold.
Anello in oro 18 carati
18k gold ring

Orecchini in oro
Gold earrings
Orecchini pendenti in oro bianco, zaffiri, diamanti
Pendant earrings in white gold, sapphires, diamonds
Marta Paolillo
Marta Paolillo
Anello serpente in oro e diamanti
Snake ring in gold and diamonds

The jewel that sends out an anti-violence emergency call

Attacks, rapes, murders: for women the daily news is always a story of violence. But a jewel can ward off danger. It is the idea of MonSherif, a small French company: an ornament that connects to your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) and sends a geolocalized message. It is not the first time that jewels are offered with a hidden electronic device that serves to protect the wearer. But MonSherif is one of the solutions that seems to work best, it has already been used by thousands of women in France.

Bijou MonSherif Mille et une nuits doré
Bijou MonSherif Mille et une nuits doré

The initiative started in 2015 by Dominique Brogi. The electronic device can be hidden inside a pendant, but there is also a minimal version, the size of a button, which attaches to clothes: for example it can be hidden by hooking it to the strap of a bra. MonSherif connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to inform or request help with one click. The recipients of the message are those chosen and registered on an app. They can be family, friends, colleagues, anyone who can help. Just a press on the jewel or on the mini version of the device is enough to send a geolocalized text message. A quick double press, however, sends a triple geolocalized alert in the form of a phone call, SMS and email to the recipients. A video connection also intervenes automatically to organize the rescue.
Ciondolo con dispositivo di sicurezza inserito. Metallo argentato e cristalli Swarovski
Pendant with safety device inserted. Silver metal and Swarovsk crystals

Finally, there is a third possibility: a long press records the sound environment or activates an alarm. This last function allows you to acquire evidence through sound recording and can be very useful in identifying the attacker and proving his guilt.

Bottone nascosto MonSherif indossato
MonSherif hidden button

Lavinia Fuksas, design between rhombuses and triangles

Perhaps creativity cannot be transmitted genetically, but growing up between two famous architects can be useful for developing one’s aesthetic sense. And this is what Lavinia Fuksas, daughter of Doriana and Massimilano Fuksas, two internationally known Italian designers, can tell. Lavinia, however, followed her path. And she is now considered one of the emerging jewelery brands. Merit, if one can say so, also of the lockdown period caused by the covid, which has allowed a time for reflection and planning for the long-held idea of tackling the jewelery market.

Orecchini in oro 9 carati con malachite, onice e madreperla
9 carat gold earrings with malachite, onyx and mother of pearl

Furthermore, one of the characteristics of Lavinia Fuksas jewels, based in Rome, is that they are designed indifferently for men or women. Gender fluid is a trend and, on closer inspection, for jewelry designers to propose rings or earrings without distinction of gender is a great saving and an excellent opportunity.

Anello Jaipur in oro 9 caratis
Jaipur ring in 9 carat gold

The designer’s style is a road with two points of arrival and departure. On the one hand there is the architectural geometry, daughter of the cultural environment in which the designer grew up, on the other the effort to make the figures of triangles and rhombuses, which recur in the collections of Lavinia Fuksas, ductile and not too rigid. She also reveals it with the choice of one of her collections, Jaipur, inspired by the atmosphere of the Indian capital city of gold and gem processing.

Orecchini in argento
Silver earrings

Orecchini in oro bianco 9 carati con cinque smeraldi
Jaipur earrings in 9k white gold with five emeralds

Anello Gadir in oro 18 carati
Gadir ring in 18k gold
Orecchini Jaipur in oro 9 carati e cinque smeraldi
Jaipur earrings in 9 carat gold and five emeralds
Orecchini Jaipur in oro 9 carati
Jaipur earrings in 9 carat gold
Choker in oro e diamanti
Choker in gold and diamonds

Burato with simplicity and nature

Burato is a brand founded by designer Marta Burato in 2015. The designer has a long experience in the jewelry sector behind her: her parents opened a jewelery and watch boutique in Jesolo in 1969. Passionate about art, Marta Burato chose the path of simple design and essential, which allows us to offer jewelery at affordable prices: 18-karat gold pieces with simple and elegant lines that can be worn every day. As for Amuleto, one of the latest collections. The brand underlines the importance of respecting the environment: Burato jewels are made with materials coming only from controlled supply chains.

Amuleto Satin Pink Bracelet
Amuleto Satin Pink Bracelet

But not only that: the attention to nature is also demonstrated by initiatives such as the weeping willows donated to the city of Jesolo (Venice), and the project in support of Arte Sella, after the effect of Storm Vaia, which at the end of October 2018 it destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forest in Trentino and Belluno. Arte Sella is an exhibition of contemporary art in nature, which takes place in Val di Sella, in the municipality of Borgo Valsugana (Trento). Burato’s project is called #iloveartesella and consists of a 23-carat gold leaf that you glue on your favorite tree.
Bracelet Amuleto Pink Gold Chain
Bracelet Amuleto Pink Gold Chain

Hoop Linea Full Diamonds Pink Earring
Hoop Linea Full Diamonds Pink Earring
Element Amuleto Full Diamonds White
Element Amuleto Full Diamonds White Gold
Cufflinks Amuleto Yellow Gold
Cufflinks Amuleto Yellow Gold

Adjustable necklaces

Adjustable necklaces, necklaces with a knot, necklaces with the string: this is why to choose this type of jewel ♦

Almost always long and thin, sometimes very precious, necklaces of this type are back in fashion. But, in reality, has it ever been forgotten? In any case, it is good news for those who love sexy jewelry, as its shape highlights the contour of the body with a drape delicately resting on the décolleté. Adjustable necklaces have an obvious advantage: they adapt to the surface and size of the wearer’s body. Not only. An adjustable necklace also changes shape and can be worn in different ways depending on the clothing and circumstance.

Also read: how to choose the necklace

Collana Aria indossata
Nanis, Aria adjustable necklace worn

Of course, it depends on how it is worn because originally they were nothing more than a long thread of gold or pearls, more or less thick and broad, without any closure, to be turned several times around the neck, or to be knotted simply or with an adjustable clip to be placed at a strategic point. Like the vintage Cartier jewel, dated 1965, made with flat round links and a drop-shaped clasp, or the long double string of Chanel eighties beads.

Collana con pendente cone inserto in pelle
Necklace with pendant with leather insert by 12PM

You need to be careful when choosing the adjustable necklace. At the time of purchase it is best to check whether the mechanism that allows you to vary the length of the necklace is really efficient and, above all, does not appear to be too delicate: it would be disappointing to have to take the necklace to the jeweler to have the locking system repaired.
Collana indossata Magnetica System
Extendable Magnetica System necklace worn by Breil

Another important aspect is to use the adjustable necklace appropriately. A jewel of this type is interesting precisely because it adapts to the body and dress, but before choosing the length of the necklace, do several tests in front of the mirror, to establish what the right size really is: after all, you have chosen a jewel of this type precisely because of this.

Collana in diamanti e smeraldi, indossata a Baselworld
Jacob & Co diamond and emerald necklace, worn

The models of the past perfectly coexist next to the new millennium versions with revisited iconic logos and motifs, while one of the most luxurious places belongs to Bulgari with its famous snake in diamonds, turquoise emeralds, presented at the 2012 Biennale of Antiquarians. , shows how this type of necklace has never completely disappeared, but certainly now, especially overseas, it is a must have. Here is a selection of the most interesting pieces.

Collana in oro bianco e giallo con diamanti e smeraldi
Antonini, white and yellow gold necklace with diamonds and emeralds
Collana della collezione Zyp
Tirisi, necklace from the Zyp collection
Cartier, collier a forma di coccodrillo in oro bianco, diamanti e smeraldi
Cartier, crocodile-shaped necklace in white gold, diamonds and emeralds
Collana Marble Marquetry con diamanti e zaffiri
Harry Winston, Marble Marquetry necklace with diamonds and sapphires
Salvini, collana regolabile della collezione Daphne
Salvini, adjustable necklace from the Daphne collection
Autore, Best in Pearls con una collana di perle dei Mari del Sud
Autore,Best in Pearls with a necklace of South Sea pearls
Pendente con smeraldo colombiano del peso di circa 16 ct montato su collana in oro bianco 18 carati con diamanti taglio brillante del peso totale di circa 6,10 carati. Lunghezza collana 44 cm (chiusura regolabile)
Pendant with Colombian emerald weighing approximately 16 ct mounted on an 18k white gold necklace with brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 6.10 carats in total. Necklace length 44 cm (adjustable closure)

Nouvel Heritage, but in the tradition

The innovative but judicious jewels of the French Maison Nouvel Heritage ♦ ︎

He has only a few years of life, but he has already conquered a place in the world of jewelry: born in 2015, Nouvel Heritage has succeeded in getting itself talked about. A merit that is above all the founder and creative director, Camille Parruitte. And thanks also to his mother, former director of Cartier, who encouraged the vocation of Camille, who worked in the gemstone trade before founding her jewelry brand.

Diamond Thread ring
Diamond Thread ring

Having tradition with active goldsmith workshops in and around Paris, including the one purchased by Camille’s mother, allowed the young Parisian brand to immediately establish the right contacts to make the pieces of the collections. The jewels are in 18 carat gold and with diamonds and precious stones of ethical origin, while the design is a bridge between avant-garde and tradition. Because Nouvel Heritage wants jewels to be fresh, innovative, but also comfortable when worn. A need that Camille Parruitte has understood well by working within the jewelery manufacturing world. Now, however, Camille is based in New York, although it continues to produce collections in France that were immediately successful.

Dinner Date Mood Hoops
Dinner Date Mood Hoops
Monday Morning Mood Hoops
Monday Morning Mood Hoops

Tuxedo Mood Bangle
Tuxedo Mood Bangle

Anello in oro rosa con diamanti, collezione Thread
Rose gold ring with diamonds, Thread collection

Anello in oro rosa con diamanti
Rose gold ring with diamonds

How to lengthen a necklace

If the necklace is too short for you the only solution is to lengthen it. Yes, but how to lengthen a necklace? The simplest answer is: add other elements, for example pearls if it is a necklace of this type. But who ever has unused pearls at home? In short, lengthening a necklace is not a simple problem. There are, however, some not too complicated solutions that you can adopt to lengthen your necklace. You can try some yourself if you feel confident enough, or you can suggest them to your jeweler, who will do them for you. Here are some.

Collana di PdPaola
Necklace worn by PdPaola

1 Tie knots
If the necklace is too short and is made of pearls, a solution could be to knot the thread that runs along the necklace between one sphere and another. The knot, which must be small, will space the pearls a little apart. In this way the necklace lengthens, even if only slightly. Sometimes it is just what is enough to make the jewel more pleasant and, above all, suitable for your body size. Furthermore, a knot between one pearl and another also has an additional advantage: it makes the necklace more secure. If it breaks, the pearls will not be lost.

Collana e orecchini con cascata di perle indossati
Necklace and earrings with cascade of pearls worn

2 Add pearls
This tip is perfect for a pearl necklace, but it’s also good for other types of necklaces. It involves adding small cultured pearls, which have a very affordable cost, between one pearl and another. But pearls can also be added inside a chain by alternating gold and small white spheres.

Collana Jardin de Peggy in oro 14 carati e perle di acqua dolce
Jardin de Peggy necklace in 14k gold and freshwater pearls by Sophie Bille Brahe

3 Golden Spheres
A solution similar to the one just described is the addition of gold spheres, which can lengthen practically any type of necklace. However, choose gold of the same color as the one already present, be it white, yellow or pink. You can opt for small grains not too different from a grain of rice, or light spheres (which are usually empty inside) of larger diameter: it depends on the type of necklace. The same remedy is obviously suitable for silver necklaces, but in this case you can choose elements of the same metal.

Collana con pietre colorate e croce
Necklace with colored stones and cross by Elena Braccini

4 A chain
If the necklace to be lengthened is made of precious or, more easily, semi-precious stones (for example, turquoise, lapis lazuli, tourmaline), you can add a small gold chain in the section of the jewel that is located on the back surface of the neck. In this way the necklace is significantly lengthened without losing the original aesthetic appearance.

Collana multicolor
Multicolor necklace by Coeur de Lion

5 More gems
If you have the financial means and the necklace is made up of stones, you can choose to add the same type of gems, although in many cases it will not be so easy to find the same shade of color. Or you can choose to alternate the existing gems with others of a different colour, playing on strong color combinations, such as green and red, or on nuances of the same shade, as in the case of yellow and orange, or blue and blue gems. Or, again, with enamel elements. A jeweler will easily be able to satisfy you: but ask for a quote first so as not to have any surprises on the final cost.

Collana con ametista
Necklace with amethysts of different sizes by Andrea Fohrman

Marcello Bread literally

Marcello Pane, the ancient Neapolitan tradition in modern key with the Letters collection ♦︎

The ancient tradition of Neapolitan jewelery also goes through the Marcello Pane brand. The company boasts an ancient birth in 1899. Today the company is led by Ettore and Marcello Pane, descendants of the founder of the small house. Meanwhile, it has moved from the crafts to the industrial scale: the jewels of the Marcello Pane collections are made in the goldsmith’s center of Caserta, near Naples. This shift from craft to one with more modern machining means has allowed to reduce costs.

Anello con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential
Anello con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential

The Marcello Pane collections follow two roads: the most traditional one with gold jewelry, and the most affordable price with silver, along with pearls, while the diamonds alternate with the crystals. One of the most popular collections, for example, is one that uses the most alpha alphabet letters in the most classic ways to make names or simply initials. The Essential and Itaca collections use silver with a particular sandblasted finish that enhances the surface of the jewels, with or without gold plating.

Bracciale in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Orecchini della collezione Essential
Orecchini della collezione Essential
Orecchini in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Orecchini in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale rigido in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Bracciale rigido in argento con elementi sabbiati della collezione Itaca
Girocollo Ellisse
Girocollo Ellisse
Collana con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential
Collana con cuore stilizzato, collezione Essential

Neha Dani, rhodium, titanium and fireworks

The precious jewels with flowers and leaves of the Indian designer Neha Dani. Also with Titanium Collection ♦

From her office in New Delhi to the boutiques of Europe and the US: Neha Dani is a designer (but perhaps it would be better to call an artist of jewelry), which has succeeded in becoming an international signature. Take a look at the jewels on this page and you’ll understand why. Someone wrinkles the nose to the use of rhodium to give particular nuances to the metal, but in reality this is just a detail of what is the creative process of Neha Dani.

Anello Amishi ispirato alle fronde delle palme. I dettagli sono incisi nella cera dall'artista, aggiungendo e scolpendo il materiale fino a ottenere la forma finale perfetta dell'anello
Amishi ring inspired by palm fronds. Details are etched into the wax by the artist, adding and sculpting material until the perfect final shape of the ring is achieved

The jewels created are unique pieces which exalt the precious stones used around the 18-carat gold structure. Although the shapes may appear abstract, the themes of the natural world and human emotions are present in each piece: dried leaves and petals of flowers are among those that occur most often in the creations of Indian designers. The contours of necklaces or rings are flexed, as if they were bent by the wind: a choice that gives lightness to even the most elaborate jewels. Dani is a member of Gemological of England and has a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. The price of her jewelry starts at about $ 18,000.

Bracciale Bonita in oro 18 carati con rodio blu, diamanti e zaffiri blu
Bonita bracelet in 18k gold with blue rhodium, diamonds and blue sapphires
Orecchini Talia con zaffiri blu e diamanti
Talia earrings with blue sapphires and diamonds
Orecchini Erith in oro rosa, con diamanti brown di diverse sfumature
Erith earrings in rose gold, with brown diamonds of different shades
Anello Nerida in oro bianco e diamanti, con al centro un diamante taglio rosa di 4,21 carati
Nerida ring in white gold and diamonds, with a 4.21 carat rose-cut diamond in the centre
Orecchini con diamanti e oro brunito
Earrings with diamonds and burnished gold
Anello Myra in oro rodiato verde, diamanti e tsavorite
Myra ring in green rhodium-plated gold, diamonds and tsavorite
Neha Dani
Neha Dani

Ambush, a 4334 euro brass necklace

Can a simple brass chain necklace cost 4,334 euros? Yes, if it is signed by Ambush, an emerging fashion brand, which has added accessories and jewelery to its catalogue. Judge for yourself whether the price is appropriate. The online marketplace Farfetch offers it. The model presented is made with a lobster clasp, clip closure and silver-colored metal components. However, the same brand also offers a version in the classic yellow brass colour. Also in punk style is the Choker Spike model, again in silver-colored brass, available at 2245 euros.

Ambush, collana in ottone
Ambush, collana in ottone

Ambush was founded in Tokyo by Korean-born designers Yoon and Verbal. Ambush’s clothing has found admirers in Rihanna, M.I.A., Lady Gaga, Pharrell, Jay-Z and Kanye West, and he has collaborated for the jewelry line, also in brass or silver. The brand is based, they explained, on innovative pop art-inspired designs that capture a distinctive Tokyo aesthetic. For now, for sure, they have captured the attention of the media.

Choker Spike
Choker Spike

Anello in ottone
Brass ring

Anello a catena
Chain ring
Anello a fasce in argento
Silver band ring
Anello con il segno della pace
Ring with the sign of peace
Collana con pendente in ottone
Necklace with brass pendant
Collana con porta sigarette
Necklace with cigarette holder

Muisca jewels by Muzo Emerald

Unique jewels with the best emeralds in the world presented by Muzo Emerald ♦ ︎

Muisca is the name associated with a Chibcha civilization that formed a confederation encountered by the Spanish during the conquest of present-day central Colombia. Muisca is also one of the four original civilizations of the Americas. According to legend, the tribe performed El Dorado, a ritual in which a ruler covered his body with gold dust, offering precious objects and emeralds to the gods.
​And it is also the name of a series of precious jewels by Muzo Emerald, the big company that operates in the department of Boyacá, in Colombia. Muzo is the world capital of emeralds: here you can find the highest quality green stone mines. And Muzo Emerald extracts these emeralds from the earth: a good part sells them to jewelers all over the world. A small, selected quantity of emeralds is used instead to make Muzo jewels.

Muzo Emerald, collana Muisco
Muzo Emerald, Muisca necklace

An example is, indeed, the jewelry series from the Muisca collection. Like the necklace with over 228 carats of emeralds along with yellow and white diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold, which is sold at a price of 91,000 dollars. It is, obviously, made with the best quality emeralds, with the same deep shades of the forest that extends (for now) between Brazil and Colombia. This is also a precious commodity.

Orecchini della collezione Muisca
Earrings from the Muisca collection
Bracciale Muisca
Muisca bracelet


Orecchini con 43,76 carati di smeraldi
Earrings with 43.76 carats of emeralds

Rivière jewelery guide

Rivière and Triple X: Two terms that are sometimes used in jewelery. You want to know what Rivière and Triple X mean? Read here ♦

Some time ago, in New York, in a Bonhams auction, a 51 diamond rivière necklace, rated triple X-cut, was sold for $ 1.2 million. It was been the jewel that has reached the highest price. Each diamond of the necklace was accompanied by a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. The diamonds in question weigh over 70 carats: in the necklace are joined by a 2.04-carat heart-shaped clip. The stones are mounted in platinum. But do you know what the rivière and triple X definitions mean?

Collana rivière di diamanti di metà XIX secolo
Mid-19th century diamond rivière necklace

Rivière. The term rivière derives from the French word that means river. In jewelry, it indicates a row of stones that are the same size or scale, that is, from larger to gradually smaller. It is also a way to make the most of the stones of different sizes and order them in a geometric pattern. It is a set often used for diamond necklaces, more rarely with other stones. Very fashionable in England during the Georgian period, rivière style necklaces are still popular today.

Collana rivière in stile art déco in oro bianco, tormalina, malachite, onice e diamanti
Boucheron, art deco rivière necklace in white gold, tourmaline, malachite, onyx and diamonds

Rivière necklaces are usually designed without ornaments, to enhance the stones used. But in some cases these necklaces hide a small ring that allow you to add a pendant. There is also a practical reason when it comes to necklaces with stones of different sizes: enhancing the larger ones, placing them on the front of the necklace, makes the jewel more slender. The perspective effect of the stones that become smaller when they approach the nape of the neck also makes the necklace more slender. Finally, it is difficult for a jeweler to have so many stones of the same size and quality. This solves the problem.

Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un'immagine di qualche anno fa
Nicole Kidman with a rivière necklace in an image from a few years ago

Triple X. Also known as Triple Ex, it is an informal denomination, mostly in the commerce sector, which means a diamond that has excellent chiselling, symmetry and cutting. The definition is only intended for brilliant cutting diamonds.

Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un'immagine di qualche anno fa
Nicole Kidman con una collana rivière in un’immagine di qualche anno fa

Tripla X. Conosciuta anche come «Triple Ex», è una denominazione informale, per lo più nel settore del commercio, che significa un diamante che ha ottima cesellatura, simmetria e taglio. La definizione è destinata solo ai diamanti taglio brillante.

La collana rivière appartenuta a Zsa Zsa Gabor. Stima: 1,2-1,5 milioni di dollari
The rivière necklace that belonged to Zsa Zsa Gabor
Bonhams Riviere necklace
The rivière necklace sold at Bonham’s for $1.2 million
Collana rivière a tre fili
hree-strand rivière necklace
collana cartier
Rivière necklace by Cartier. Sold for $2.8 million

Alina Abegg’s jewelry

Alina Abegg’s jewelry: when gold is something from other worlds ♦ ︎

NASA has only partially denied, but it is incontrovertible: aliens are among us. Not only: they are on our body, where they have put them ourselves. But they are jewels, those of Alina Abegg. The designer, born of a German mother and a Swiss-Canadian father, grew up between Italy, England, Switzerland and Germany. Perhaps this constant change of habits and cultures has pushed her to look beyond the boundaries. More, off from the entire Earth. Her jewels, in fact, are as aliens and flying disks in the most classic style. But not only. Alongside rings and earrings reminiscent of aliens, the designer also offers jewelery more common to Earthlings, in gold and semi-precious stones.

Anello in oro 14 carati con giada lavanda e tormalina rosa
14k gold ring with lavender jade and pink tourmaline

Even the social origin (Alina’s family deals with silk processing for the market in Europe) has probably influenced the luxury-chic style of her collections, including precious gems and extravagance. She certainly learned her job well with a study at the Marangoni Institute in London, a gemstone degree at New York City. She launched her Alina Abegg jewelery brand in London in 2016. Rockets, Ufo and planets soon are been liked: geometric shapes, gold and multicolored gems serve to create fun and refined jewels. Who knows what the aliens think.

Collana Candy Girl
Candy Girl necklace

But, not only: the latest idea is a necklace with nostalgia for childhood: the Candy Girl choker is inspired by colored candy necklaces. With, in addition, a Pfefferminz pendant made of rock crystal at the center of a fruity assortment of specially selected candy beads on a 14-karat recycled gold thread choker, which can also be worn alone. The candies are actually chalcedony, chrysoprase, moonstone, opal, rock crystal and white agate.

Anello in oro 14 carati con perla South Sea e tormaline
14k gold ring with South Sea pearl and tourmalines
Anello in oro rosa e pavé con mix di diamanti
Ring in rose gold and pavé with a mix of diamonds
Alina Albegg
Alina Albegg
Anello disco volante in oro bianco e tormaline rosa e verdi
Flying saucer ring in white gold and pink and green tourmalines
Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con giada e spinelli neri
18k yellow gold ring with jade and black spinels
Pendente Saturn in oro e zaffiri rosa
Saturn pendant in gold and pink sapphires
Orecchini pendenti Saturn, in oro giallo e perle di Thaiti
Saturn pendant earrings, in yellow gold and Thaiti pearls
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