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Bracciale con cristalli colorati

Golden dreams with Stroili

The best thing that can happen to someone who goes to bed, if we exclude love activities, is to have sweet or golden dreams. Expression that indicates a complete state […]

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Collana Night & Day, in oro, turchese, madreperla

Anna Maccieri Rossi by night and by day

There are refined watches that provide the Day & Night display, so as to immediately distinguish the phases of the day. Anna Maccieri Rossi spent many years dealing with luxury […]

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Anello Glaucus in oro rosa con acquamarina, zaffiri, diamanti

Daniela Villegas at the sea

Jewels in the shape of crabs and fish by Daniela Villegas: the charm of the sea and exotic minerals ♦ ︎ «I started Early – Took my Dog / And […]

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Collana in oro con elementi accartocciati a mano su acquamarina e perla naturale

The new jewels of Misani

Misani, a jewelry brand born in 1965 in Milan, uses a bit of everything: gold, pearls, leather, precious stones, amber, jade. The craftsmanship is testified, for example, by the use […]

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Anello in oro rosa, diamanti e zaffiri blu

Do not miss Netali Nissim’s eyes

A special look at the jewels of the milan designer Netali Nissim ♦ ︎ The Eye of Providence, the evil eye, the divine eye … But how many times the […]

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Bracciale con smalto orange

Unoaerre in color with Holi

Holi is a traditional festival held in India, but also in other countries where there is a strong Hindu presence, and is also known as the Spring Festival or Festival […]

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Collana Bizantina in argento dorato

Giovanni Raspini in the Byzantine version

Byzantium is the oldest name of today’s city of Istanbul, on the banks of the Bosphorus, the largest urban center in Turkey. The city was called Byzantium in the Greco-Roman […]

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Anello della collezione Eclipse in oro bianco, smalto, diamanti

The luxurious lightness of Mike Joseph Jewelery

Mike Saatji is the creative director of Mike Joseph Jewelery, a young brand, which has achieved good results. Mike Saatji came first in the Gold Jewelery Below $ 20,000 category […]

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Anello e orecchini indossati

New Anniversary of Recarlo with the Taper line

Anniversaries related to love are, perhaps, the most traditional occasion to give a jewel. For this reason, the Recarlo Anniversary Love collection continues over the years to propose new variations […]

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Bracciale in argento con anelli colorati

Pandora Me in color for summer 2022

Jewelery created to measure for Gen Z, that is young people born between 1995 and 2010. With this perspective, Pandora Me was born last year, a line of jewels that […]

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Bracciale per l'Ucraina

The bright silver of Spadarella

When a jewel is copied, it is damage to the company that sells the originals, but it is also a sign of success. How it happened to the brand of […]

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Orecchini Galaxy, in oro giallo, diamanti perle del Mari del Sud

Autore’s pearls

Autore’s best pearl jewels, the result of a story that began 30 years ago. At the table ♦ Oil, tomato and a plate of pearls. Or, better, a plate of […]

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Anello Hedgehog in oro rosa 18 carati con diamanti in esclusiva per Farfetch

The jewels of Mr David Morris

The exceptional pieces of jewelry from one of London’s symbols: David Morris ♦ David Morris is one of those jewelers who won fame by joining the goldsmith skills with the […]

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Pendente con profumo in argento

Veronique Gabai, a necklace for perfumes

French, born and raised among the perfumes of the French Riviera, Veronique Gabai does what she loves: to enclose the fragrances of Antibes-Juan les Pins in glass bottles. In short: […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo con zaffiri, hessonite, diamanti

The Emily Armenta precious duende

Jewels inspired by the poems of Garcia Lorca: they are those of the American designer Emily Armenta ♦ Symbolism, art, inspiration, and business: the frontiers of design and trade come […]

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Cosmic Creation, anello in argento e zaffiro

The two lifes of John Brevard

The angular geometries of American designer John Brevard, an architect lent to jewelry ♦ John Brevard is an American designer who lives among Miami and New York. If you like […]

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Anello Solar Duo in oro 18 carati e tormalina verde

Yael Sonia’s movements

The geometrical and kinetic jewels by Brazilian Yael Sonia, who has known success in New York ♦ There are children who never are stop. But there are also jewels that are […]

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Orecchino triplo in oro rosa, smeraldi, diamante

New Possessions for Piaget

New Possessions to own: Piaget renews and expands one of the longest-lived collections: it was born, in fact, in 1990 and hasn’t stopped rotating since then. In the true sense […]

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Bracciale Natural Heart versione nera

The natural heart of Opsobjects

A natural heart for Opsobjects. The brand of the Italian group Diffusione Orologi continually renews its offer of bijoux at a super affordable price. As is the case with the […]

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Orecchini in argento placcato oro rosa

Flowery Rosato with Gaia

Gaia, in addition to being a female name, in Greek mythology was the personification of the Earth, one of the primordial deities. Gaia was considered the mother of Uranus (the […]

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