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Collana Clipea indossata

The soft shields of Pianegonda

Although the word Clipea, the name of one of the new Pianegonda collections, may seem an allusion to the English term clip, it is instead a new contribution of the […]

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Giovanni Raspini, collana della collezione Butterfly

The butterflies of Giovanni Raspini

Butterflies fly in the spring sky in search of flowers, but they also know how to inspire jewelry collections. But not all jewelry collections inspired by the butterfly turn into […]

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Collana con medaglione a sostegno dell'Ucraina

Julie Lamb for Ukraine

Julie Lamb proudly jokes about the meaning of her name and transforms it into jewels ♦ Chronicles from New York: Julie Lamb said he had a passion for jewelry since […]

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Sautoir in oro rosa e madreperla

Mattioli forever with the new Navettes

The new jewels by Mattioli. According to legend, in jewelry the navette shape, also called marquise, is connected to the Marquise de Pompadour, official mistress of the French king Louis […]

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Collana in oro bianco della collezione Aria

Fope launches Aria in athleisure style

Even the youngest have the right to wear quality jewelry. Starting from this idea, Fope opened 2022 with the launch of a new collection, intended (also) for a younger audience, […]

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Bracciale della linea il Giardino degli Angeli

New angels in Roberto Giannotti’s garden

In Roberto Giannotti’s garden there are three more angels. The brand has expanded the Giardino degli Angeli collection with new pieces and, at the same time, emphasizes its attention to […]

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Charlbi Dean Kriek, attrice e modella sudafricana, indossa gli orecchini della collezione Fantasy di Fawaz Gruosi. Photo: German Larkin

Chains with Fantasy for Fawaz Gruosi

If there is one thing that Fawaz Gruosi does not lack, it is fantasy. In his new Maison, created in his image and likeness, the jeweler unleashes his proven experience, […]

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Anello per tre dita Aria Jane in oro rosa e diamanti

The geometries of Melissa Kaye

Geometric, rigorous, but pleasant jewels of the New York designer Melissa Kaye ♦ ︎ For ten years Melissa Kaye has been dealing with complicated financial products in the world’s most […]

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Collana di Al Coro indossata

How to match the necklace to the dress

Long, short, or half size necklace? It depends. Here is how you can choose the type and size of the necklace combined with the dress ♦ The measure matters, certainly […]

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Bracciale in argento con pvd oro rosa e cubic zirconia

Michael Kors for spring

Chains, silver, cubic zirconia. But, above all, the logo of the fashion company that many like: MK. That is Michael Kors. As is well known, Michael Kors is a designer […]

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Spilla di diamanti a forma di palma

Bijan & Co, gems for queens

Jewels worthy of queens of Bijan & Co, New York brand ♦ ︎ It defines itself as a brand specialized in majestic jewels, suitable for a queen. For once, the […]

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Ciondolo in argento placcato oro giallo

The Suonamore “I Mondi” is tinged with yellow gold

New jewels from leBebè, the brand founded in 2007 by Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde through the family company, Lucebianca. The brand has recently expanded the collection of the Suonamore […]

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Jewelry made in Vicenza for Cambi Casa d’Aste

Jewelry made in Vicenza for Cambi Casa d’Aste

Italian jewels at auction in Milan. This time it is Cambi Casa d’Aste to present a sale focused on Contemporary Jewelery. The beater’s hammer will drop on 195 lots on […]

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Bracciale tubogas della Snake collection in oro rosa e pavé di diamanti

The K di Kuore jewels

Chores of K di Kuore: the jewels, basically, are evidence of the passion and affection of a person to the other. But this should not overshadow the beauty of the […]

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Collana ex-Voto in argento, onice nero

IDoni for those who want to believe

The brand IDoni was launched by Nuova Jolly Oreficerie, a Arezzo-based company leader in the production of medals with the image of the Madonna and crosses: “The idea is that […]

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Ciondoli a forma di frutta e foglie

Fruits and chains for the Fossil summer

A bit of hearts, a good dose of chains along with kiwis, bananas and pineapples. It is not a detoxifying recipe to prepare for summer. Instead, they are the ingredients […]

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Catena con pendente robot

A robot for PdPaola

A robot hanging on your ear can signal your propensity to appreciate technology and, more generally, the future. Although the robot-shaped earring made by PdPaola has the shape of a […]

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Anello in argento placcato oro

Amen, it’s Father’s Day

Father’s day around the world and Amen’s gifts. Silver band ring with cubic zirconia and engraved with some prayers, or a burnished silver chain with a cross as a pendant. […]

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Bracciale in smalto verde, oro rosa, diamanti

Bee Goddess lucky ladybirds

When, after winter, the plants start to thrive again, the insects get ready for the banquet. And in the new Ladybug collection by Bee Goddess it is about ladybugs, lucky […]

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Anelli della collezione Amuleti di Nanis

Traveling with the Amulets of Nanis

Ah, travel. After the limitations imposed by the pandemic, he returns some freedom. But there are those who are afraid of the unknowns hidden in travel. The solution is there, […]

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