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Pendente Palloncino in oro bianco e giada

Palloncino by Vhernier also around the neck

If you like something, why change it? Right. Vhernier, however, has chosen to introduce some innovations in his longest-running collection, Palloncino (means balloon). Now, in fact, the balloon is transformed […]

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Orecchini della collezione Coucher du Soleil

In the blue hour with Vhernier

Photographers define blue hours as those moments that precede nightfall and which offer a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. With greater romanticism, the Italian Maison Vhernier called Coucher du Soleil (sunset) its […]

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Orecchino Palloncino con pavé di diamanti neri

The new balloons with diamonds by Vhernier

Although the smartphone has become the favorite game of children, the old balloon that floats in the air tied to a thread is still (fortunately) something that attracts those who […]

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Anello in titanio con pavé di diamanti

How to evaluate the pavé of your jewels

Can you realy judge the pavé of your jewel? Pavé is the most used technique in jewelry, but few really know how it is made. Read how to evaluate the […]

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Bracciale Calla in oro rosa, titanio nero

Calla collection by Vhernier is blooming again

The calla, a flower that never fades in the Vhernier house, continues to bloom in similar but different forms. In fact, for autumn 2021, the Calla collection returns in the […]

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Anello Palloncino con turchese

The Palloncino by Vhernier flies on a ring

The Palloncino (balloon) was the first jewel to take flight in 1984, when the Maison was founded. But the Palloncino collection by Vhernier continues to float in the catalog of […]

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Bracciale Mon Jeu in titanio e diamanti

A chain for play from Vhenier

x Wearing a bracelet, for fun. Surround the neck with a choker, for fun. Use a chain as a belt, just for fun. Vhernier, an Italian brand that makes design […]

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Anello Trottola in oro rosa e titanio nero

The spinning top by Vhernier continues to spin

The Trottola collection by Vhernier  never stops: now it adds a ring to the successful jewelry line of the Valenza fashion house. The collection is inspired by one of the […]

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Anabela Chan,  orecchini in alluminio color bronzo rosa

Precious jewels in aluminum

Aluminum has been rediscovered for quality jewelry. Here’s how to clean and store aluminum jewelery ♦ ︎ Cans for drinks, dishes, components for airplanes: aluminum is used for many things. […]

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Van Cleef&Arpels, set in legno e diamanti

How to clean wooden jewelry

The jewels with wooden elements also appeal the greats Maison. But how do wooden jewels are cleaned and stored? Pay attention to … ♦ ︎ The most precious metal? The […]

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Catena Freccia in oro rosa, cristallo di rocca e madreperla grigia

New Freccia for Vhernier

In the morning, women look in the mirror to fix their hair or do their make-up. The jewelry brands, instead, touch up their most successful collections. This is the case […]

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Anello in oro giallo e argento con diamanti irregolari, rifinito sul gambo con diamanti rotondi. Diamante centrale a goccia

Indian jewelry auctioned in Milan with Il Ponte

An auction featuring Indian jewelry is not ordinary. But this is exactly what the sale program organized by the auction house Il Ponte in Milan for the 2nd of July […]

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Nigaam, anello in oro bianco con diamanti e zaffiri rosa

Pink jewelry

Do you like pink? Do you want to wear pink jewelry? Are you looking for a pink necklace? Or a bracelet? Or … Here are many ideas ♦ There are […]

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La spilla Camaleonte da colorare

A Coloring Book from Vhernier

Are you forced to stay indoors, perhaps for a long time? Can’t you buy new jewelry? So Vhernier offers you to color some of them. On a sheet of paper, […]

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Spille Bruco

The return of the Vhernier’s Bruco

It is not easy make a worm appear precious, but Vhernier performs the miracle with the historical Bruco (caterpillar) brooch. Unjustly snubbed, the caterpillar is instead the sign of the […]

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Vhernier, anello Eclisse

Vhernier, blue rhapsody for three rings

Blue like the sky, the sea and the color of the year Pantone: Vhernier proposes again jewels with the most fashionable hue. These are three rings, all composed of the […]

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Anelli Abbraccio in oro rosa

For Valentine’s Day Vhernier offers a hug

A hug: it is the immediate reaction of those who receive a ring or, more generally, a jewel. If, furthermore, the ring is of high quality, the embrace lasts longer. […]

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La collana fred Velvet

Vhernier’s new extraordinary velvets

Vhernier presents new necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ring from the Velvet line ♦ ︎ The Blue Velvet song was played by American singer Bobby Vinton in 1963. It was a […]

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collana CALLA in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri grigi e kogolong

Vhernier extends Calla

A new necklace in kogolong and sapphires is added to the Calla collection by Vhernier ♦ Do you know which flower never fade? The calla. Or, better, the Calla with […]

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Bracciale Calla in oro rosa e diamanti

Calla bracelets by Vhernier

The Calla bracelets by Vhernier, the newcomers to the Maison’s most classic collection ♦ They are called Calla, because the shape of jewels resembles that of the delicate flower with […]

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