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La cover in oro bianco e diamanti

A jewel case by Damiani for the Apple Watch

Damiani goes back to wearing an Apple Watch. For the smart watch with the apple brand, the jewelry company has created a luxury case. The cover is inspired by the […]

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L'ingresso del flagship store Damiani a Shanghai

Damiani focuses on China, a new shop in Shanghai

Damiani continues its expansion in Asia. After the openings in Korea, here is a new store in China. It is a space on the ground floor of the Shanghai IFC […]

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Paola Sacchi (Damiani)

Paola Sacchi, Head of Communications for the Damiani Group

First the appointment of the head of the Digital department, Andrea Ferrazzi. Then the new CFO, Claudio D’Ambrosio. Now it is the turn of Paola Sacchi, appointed head of the […]

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Anelli della collezione Battito di Salvini

Salvini opens in Korea and accelerates in China

After the Damiani boutiques, the group in Valenza also opens a Salvini store in Korea, brand which is controlled by the company led by Guido Damiani. The Salvini jewelry brand […]

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Boutique Damiani in Lotte Main Avenue a Seoul

A CFO for Damiani

Damiani calls a new manager with the aim of strengthening the financial management of the jewelry group. With this goal, the Valenza-based company called Claudio D’Ambrosio to head the Finance […]

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Anello in oro bianco ossidato 18 carati, diamanti verdi, bianchi e brown, smeraldo

Fabrizio Riva, design without end

The jewels of the designer with many passions Fabrizio Riva ♦ Milan, the capital of the design and point to start Fabrizio Riva, long-time designers and not just jewelry. He has […]

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Anello Mimosa in oro giallo e diamanti

Damiani’s mimosa blooms again

x Mimosa blooms again. And it is not only that of the flower symbol for Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 8 March. Instead (but the coincidence about calendar is […]

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La boutique Damiani a Busan, in Corea

Damiani pushes digital and calls Andrea Ferrazzi

x Damiani has appointed Andrea Ferrazzi as head of the Digital department. Objective: to strengthen and further structure the digitization process already underway in the Group. Sales, even for the […]

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Boutique Damiani in Lotte Main Avenue a Seoul

Damiani shines in Korea

Damiani is strengthened in South Korea. In the wake of the double-digit growth recorded in 2020 in the Asian country, the Italian brand has decided to strengthen management in the […]

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Metropolitan, anello in oro rosa e diamanti. Prezzo: 1690 euro

Damiani, the 10 least expensive rings

Ten rings of different types, the least expensive by Damiani ♦ ︎ Lunch, invitations, guests, decorations, organization, relatives, friends, colleagues and … Marriage can turn (and often happens) into a […]

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Giorgio Visconti, anello della collezione Vie Privée indossato sul dito medio

Rings: 10 mistakes not to be committed

Are you about to give a ring? Pay attention, because it is very easy to make mistakes. Here are the mistakes you should not commit when choosing a ring ♦ The […]

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Collezione Bagliori, anello in oro bianco e diamanti

Heart and glows with Salvini

Hearts and diamonds, a couple that makes the couple feel good. A heart-shaped jewel in gold and diamonds, in fact, is usually intended to strengthen the understanding between two lovers. […]

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Esterno della boutique Rocca a Lugano

Rocca (Damiani) in Lugano

Damiani opens a new Rocca brand boutique in Lugano, in via Nassa 4, in the heart of the luxury shopping of the Swiss city. The shop is characterized by delicate […]

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Gabriella Colombo Damiani

The covid turn off Gabriella Damiani

Covid-19 also claims victims in the world of jewelry. To be irremediably affected by the virus was Gabriella Colombo Damiani, who together with her husband Damiano represented the second generation […]

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Anello della collezione Sole

Sunshine in winter with Bliss

Look for the sun when it is autumn. And wear it in winter. It is possible if you choose the jewels from the Sole (sunshine) collection by Bliss, a brand […]

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Orecchini della collezione Margherita

Christmas Margherita with Damiani

Fir trees, bright decorations, wreaths of leaves hanging on the doors. And many daisies. All white, however, in tune with the idea of ​​a Christmas in the snow (even if […]

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Cho Yeo-Jeong assieme agli altri attori di «Parasite»

Damiani shines in Korea

While in Europe and the USA the covid continues to slow down consumption in the luxury sector, in Asia things are better: it is not surprising, therefore, the opening of […]

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Rocio Morales

The jewels of the Venice Film Festival 2020

The mask is not everything. On the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival number 77, jewels worn by big and small stars have reappeared. Naturally at a safe distance […]

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Nikos Koulis, orecchino della collezione Universe (immagine da Facebook)

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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Damiani, anello in oro, zaffiri rosa, diamanti e morganite

Damiani high jewelry with the new Margherita

Daisies are associated with spring, except for Damiani: the collection of high jewelery that uses the spontaneous flower shape par excellence, in fact, blooms in July. This is a new […]

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