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Un bracciale in argento che si è ossidato

How to clean silver jewelry

How to remove the patina that tarnish your silver jewelry and black that is formed on the surface with four quick moves. Your silver jewelry that they have become blacks? […]

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Bracciale a catena in argento e cubic zirconia

The novelties of Rome 1947

You have just turned five. Rome 1947 was born from a branch of Better Silver, a Vicenza-based company specializing in silver and bronze chains, as well as in manufacturing for […]

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Pianegonda, collana collezione Tecum

Tecum by Pianegonda doubles

Pianegonda adds new pieces to the Tecum collection and presents a line for men. Nec sine te nec tecum vive possum. Translation: I can’t live with you, nor without you. […]

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Anello Vento in oro giallo e rodio nero by Antonini

Gold, silver, platinum: will they cost more or less?

What will the price of gold be in 2022? And that of silver? What about platinum? Questions that all jewelers ask themselves, but also those who plan to buy a […]

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Ciondolo chiave alata

Pandora returns to Hogwarts (with new arrivals)

Pandora also sends (without using an owl) the magic letters for the reopening of Hogwarts school. In this case, however, Muggles are also invited, as long as they buy the […]

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Anello in argento con placcatura oro rosa e 40 cubic zirconia

Rosato to the cube

Founded in 2004 by Simona Rosato, the eponymous brand has always focused on pendants to add to bracelets and necklaces. With the purchase by the Bros Manifatture group in 2011, […]

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Ciondolo in argento dorato

The heart of Tuum

Prayer can touch the heart. And Tuum, a brand that had the idea of ​​imprinting phrases and verses of the Catholic religion on its jewels, now proposes Cor, a collection […]

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Anello multibanda in argento, oro 9 carati, con pavé di diamanti

The gears of Ludovica Andrina

The tiny gears of Ludovica Andrina make new, but also traditional, jewelery ♦ ︎ Turin, the capital of Piedmont, Italy, is famous for cars and chocolate. But also for craftsmanship […]

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Anello con cubic zirconia taglio baguette

Kurshuni, XtraU autumn

Playing with words has become the norm since smartphones have existed: abbreviations, double meanings, acronyms, are used to communicate faster and in a more fun way, with the addition of […]

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Bracciale Serpente

The snakes by Giovanni Raspini

The snake, in addition to being a reptile, is also one of the darlings of jewelers. Bracelets, rings and necklaces in the shape of the sinuous animal have been adopted […]

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Una collana della collezione Les Petites

PdPaola’s jewels for little girls

Jewelery (also) for girls. In fact, there are not a few mothers who make their little daughters wear jewelry designed specifically for under 13s: mini necklaces and bracelets, but also […]

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Anello in argento dorato con pietre semipreziose

Alisia, creativity all in the family

Eco-sustainability and work all in the family. Alisia is a small jewelry company from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy) that offers silver rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces at very affordable […]

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Bracciale multi catena in argento Nathalie

Buddha to Buddha, guru’s bracelets

Eastern spirituality and Western practicality: it is the philosophy of the Dutch brand Buddha to Buddha ♦ ︎ The best method to create jewelry? Meditate. But Batul Loomans, the founder […]

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Bracciali Modo indossati

Eleonora Giordani’s customizable bracelets

Eleonora Giordani is an Italian jewelry brand that has Eleonora Giordani as its marketing and communication manager. The manager, whose curriculum has experience in the travel and food sector (with […]

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Bracciale in argento diamantato

Diva Gioielli’s silver diamonds

Buying a diamond without buying a diamond. It is not a contradiction, provided that instead of a stone you choose the Diamante collection by Diva Gioielli. But, despite the name, […]

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Collana con i ciondoli della collezione Mexico Mi Amor

Silver and tradition of Tane Mexico 1942

Love for Mexico of a Mexican jewelry company. Tane Mexico 1942 has 80 years of history behind it (it was founded in 1942). And she is extraordinarily proud of her […]

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Bracciale in argento della collezione Foedus

The Foedus of Pianegonda

From the Latin dictionary: Foedus, masculine noun that can be translated with the word kid. But that’s not all: Latin has several declensions. If we consider the meaning in the […]

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Ciondolo Sirena del latte a due code

The symbolic dreams by futuroRemoto

An old Italian film from the 1950s was called It’s not true … but I believe it. The story revolved, with humorous intent, on superstition. Little has changed since then: […]

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Girocollo della collezione Rata

John Hardy’s new soft chains

In the language spoken in Bali, terms such as flat or smooth are translated as Rata. And it is the same word used for a type of chain, the typical […]

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Orecchini in argento e cubic zirconia

Michael Kors’ brilliant autumn

A brilliant autumn without the need to use expensive diamonds: the bijoux for the new season by Michael Kors promise to sparkle even with the reflections of the Christmas lights. […]

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