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7 regole per riordinare i gioielli

Seven rules for storing jewelry

Learn how to keep your jewelry tidy and, above all, keep it in the best possible way. Here are seven rules on how to store your jewelry ♦ How to […]

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Pendente a lucchetto in oro rosa e diamanti

A jewel in the shape of a lock? WhyNow

Since 1935 the Songa family, in Milan, has managed the homonymous company founded by Antonio and now managed by Giovanni Maria, Antonio Andrea and Francesco. In addition to an intense […]

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Bracciale Love

Kulto 925 bijoux for Valentine’s Day

Bijoux for Valentine’s Day, for young people and for those with a thin wallet after Christmas shopping. The bijoux are those of Kulto 925, a brand of the Diffusione Orologi […]

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Collezione Return to Tiffany, pendente Heart con chiave. Prezzo: 270 euro

Tiffany’s 10 less expensive necklaces

The ten Tiffany pendant necklaces that cost less. It starts from … ♦ ︎ Buy a Tiffany pendant necklace for 240 euros. Tiffany jewelry can cost tens of thousands of […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati e smeraldi

BE8 Jewels, positive laboratory

The BE8 Jewels creative laboratory, jewels combined with an ethical lifestyle ♦ It is called BE8 Jewels (evolution of the original name Otto Jewels), even if the team is made […]

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Anello con maschera, in oro 18 carati e diamante

Gerardo Sacco, from Magna Grecia to the big screen

Magna Graecia (Greater Greece) is the geographical area of ​​the Italian peninsula, South and Sicily, which was formerly colonized by the Greeks starting from the eighth century BC. What has […]

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Orecchini tondi in argento Return to Tiffany. Prezzo: 320 euro

The 10 Tiffany earrings not esxpensive

A selection of ten Tiffany silver earrings chosen from those that aren’t expensive ♦ ︎ Tiffany earrings: together with bracelets and necklaces, they are the most desired jewelry for many […]

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Collana in argento annerito pietra di vetroceramica, arenaria artificiale, spinello sintetico, cubic zirconia viola

Thomas Sabo’s stars

Thomas Sabo is a German manufacturer of affordable jewelery and watches. It was founded in 1984 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, by Thomas Sabo and is involved in the […]

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Piercing di Pdpaola

Pdpaola’s Atelier

Labradorite, aquamarine, cubic zirconia on 18k gold plated silver jewelry. A palette that was used by Pdpaola to compose the Atelier collection which, as per the premise, uses metal to […]

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Anello in bronzo con acquamarina

The new jewelry by Natsuko

Japanese design, sculpture and Milanese avant-garde: it is the mix at the base of Natsuko Toyofuku ︎jewelry ♦ The simple and ingenious design of Japan inspired by a sculptor’s soul. […]

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Anelo in argento con zirconia cubica

Beauty, the Beast and Pandora

Pandora has decided to celebrate, one year in advance, the 30th birthday of the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast, which premiered on the big screen on December 2, […]

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Anello in argento Vinctum

Pianegonda in chains

Let’s immediately clarify a doubt that those who approach the Vinctum collection by Pianegonda can ask themselves: the meaning of the name. The Bros Manifatture brand, in its second life, […]

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Piercing in oro bianco 18 carati e diamanti

The metals that are friends for the skin

Guide to Choosing the right metal for earrings and piercings ♦ Navel, the nasal septum, and, of course, the ears: earrings and piercings can be the kind of jewelry that you […]

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Collana Anemone

Giovanni Raspini’s anemones

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Greek word ἀνεμώνη (anemōnē) means “daughter of the wind”. And in the book Ovid’s Metamorphoses it is said that the plant was created […]

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Orecchini Stellar in argento rodiato verde e cristalli viola

Marco Panconesi’s jewels

Marco Panconesi’s jewels, from the Paris fashion world to own jewelry brand ♦ ︎ He is born in Florence, graduated in Fashion Design at the Polimoda Institute in the Tuscan […]

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Bracciali di C.P. Gioielli

C.P. Jewelery with Afrodite is worth double

The production of C.P. Gioielli in Vicenza, from silver to gold and precious stones, which doubles with the Afrodite brand ♦ In the great sea of ​​Italian jewelry, C.P. Gioielli. […]

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Collana con lettere

Kulto 925 silver necklaces

Silver jewelry, at a very low price: this is the proposal of Kulto 925, a brand of Diffusione Orologi (also owner of OpsObjects). Now Kulto 925 introduces a line of […]

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Orecchini in argento placcato oro rosa con cristalli e perle di acqua dolce

Emporio Armani for the winter

Armani is known throughout the world for clothing, but over the years the brand has ended up covering the entire outfit, including accessories and jewelry. Furthermore, the Milanese Maison has […]

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La collezione Lovetto

A new Lovetto by LeBebè

In autumn-winter 2021 the collection of Suonamore Lovetto by LeBebè expands. The brand founded by the brothers Paolo, Fabrizio and Mariana Verde, owners of Lucebianca and third generation of a […]

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Luca Cantarelli, immagine simbolica della collezione 2nd Round

Luca Cantarelli, jewels for sport

Big fashion magazines have already dealt with him: Luca Cantarelli is one of the emerging designers, who has made gender free one of his flagships. In short, jewels that can […]

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