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Lo Stregatto

Eight more for Pandora and Disney

Pandora’s collaboration with Disney continues. After the first charms with Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the characters of several Disney cartoons, eight other charms arrive which, in this case, represent the […]

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Bracciale Love

The thimble bracelet is inspired by the Orient

The sewing thimble, in silver, as a lucky charm. It is the idea of ​​Keep Out, which proposes the new collection of Kimono bracelets, which is inspired by Japanese cotton […]

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Bracciale con beads rosa azzurri

Morellato’s tree of life

The jewels of the Morellato, Tree of Life collection, are inspired by the image that has been occurring for centuries between religions and myths of different populations. The tree represents […]

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Giovanni Raspini, bracciale grande in argento

Giovanni Raspini’s Berries for spring 2020

Environment, nature, woods: in spring 2020 Giovanni Raspini lets himself be enchanted by the sylvan atmospheres, naturally interpreted with the use of silver. An organic plant-naturalistic inspiration is, in fact, […]

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Ape Regina

Pandora collectible with the queen bee

One more Pandora collectible jewel. To celebrate the 20 years of the Pandora Moments bracelet, which decreed the success of the Danish brand, for 2020 the company has decided to […]

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Orecchini a lobo in oro bianco e zircone con carrozza di Cenerentola

Cinderella gets into the carriage with Stroili

Instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, Stroili turns Cinderella’s anniversary into a collection of bijoux. Or, to be more precise, the spell is used to celebrate the 70th […]

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Anello My Letters con smalto nero e galvanica oro rosa

The fashion jewels of Dvccio

Roberta Marinelli and Giovanni Selvi are founders and owners of the Dvccio brand. For those who are not Italian, it is necessary to specify that the name is written as […]

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Anello in argento 925‰ e galvanica oro rosa a forma di bocca con smalto rosso" width="709" height="510" class="size-full wp-image-81052" /> Anello in argento 925‰ e galvanica oro rosa a forma di bocca con smalto rosso

Got me, Rosato chases love

Got me, that is, you took me, you conquered me, you desire me: these words Rosato pronounces it through its new jewels. The collection for spring 2020 is called Got […]

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Boccadamo, collezione Natura. Bracciale placcato oro con decoro foglie di quercia

Boccadamo leaves for spring

Silver, also golden, and glitter: the new Boccadamo collection uses these two simple elements to make the new jewels. But not only: there is also everything else, that is, the […]

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Anelli in argento con ametista, topazio blu e citrino

A rock soul for Ell

Silver rock and rebellious soul of Ell, a small Maison in Milan ♦ ︎ Two brothers, one goal: to chisel silver to make it an original jewel. With a bit […]

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Orecchini con galvanica black gun e 194 cubic zirconia bianchi

Pianegonda expands the Dorifera collection

Presented in 2017, the Dorifera by Pianegonda collection (brand of the Bros Manifatture group) is renewed three years later. New pieces are added, alongside those that have had a good […]

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Anello toi et moi in argento con citrino o topazio

Quinto Ego at finger

In the deep Tuscany, Quinto Ego jewels’s have the oldest fragrance of silver craftworks. In Tuscany, the silver craftsmanship, as well as gold, is particularly entrenched and has solid traditions. […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione City Hardwear di Tiffany

All about rose gold

Rose gold is trendy. But not everyone knows what rose gold really is and in which cases it is better to wear it. So here is everything you wanted to […]

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Anello della collezione Voce del Bosco

The Voices of the Bosco by Boccadamo

The rustling of a stream, the creaking of dry twigs, the rustling of leaves: there are many voices in the woods, recalls Boccadamo, an Italian brand specializing in silver jewelry. […]

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Pendente in argento a forma di chiave

The jewels by Ti Sento Milano

Ti Sento Milano is a brand with an Italian name, but owned by the Dutch group Ibb. Now the brand presents the new spring / summer 2020 collections. They are […]

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Bracciale rigido Moon Bowl

Giovanni Raspini on the lunar surface

Giovanni Raspini brings the surface of the moon to our earth. Or, more precisely, it presents a collection inspired by the appearance of the lunar surface, all covered by craters. […]

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Bracciali indossati

Pandora jewelry for Galentine’s Day, the day of friendship between women

For Pandora don’t exists only love between man and woman. Friendship is also important. And among women, this bond is even more special. So much so that friendship between women […]

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Elena Lara Bonanomi, collana in argento e oro

The double jewels by Elena Lara Bonanomi

Thin chains, with a design that doubles: the jewels of Elena Lara Bonanomi ♦ ︎ From Brianza (area north of Milan, Italy) to London. Elena Lara Bonanomi has been infected […]

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Pendente Chiama Angeli con cubic zirconia

Valentine’s Day Call Angels with Roberto Giannotti

Love is protected by angels according to Roberto Giannotti. The Neapolitan designer based in the Tarì of Marcianise (Caserta) offers his most successful collection for Valentine’s Day: Chiama Angeli (Call […]

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Collana in argento rodiato black e spinelli  della collezione Arcana

The new jewels of the Arcana collection of Pianegonda

Arcana was, in 2017, one of the first successful collections of the second life of Pianegonda, the one signed by the Bros Manifatture group. The collection features shiny surfaces, which […]

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