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Ananya and Bea Bongiasca, a bracelet for two

in vetrina
Il bracciale indossato

Ananya Malhotra, Indian, studied the world of jewelery in London, where she graduated from Central Saint Martins, but also in the USA at GIA. Also Bea Bongiasca, Italian, graduated with honors in Jewelery Design at Central Saint Martins in London. The two designers are evidently friends if they have decided to collaborate together to create…

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Rainbow jewelry for new year

in vetrina
Cavigliera in oro e zaffiri multicolore

A rainbow jewel with all colors: it brings joy and is also a message of hope for the next 12 months. Forget the simple touch of color: rainbow jewelery is in fashion, even in high jewelery. Rainbow jewels can be composed of precious stones, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies, but more easily with semi-precious…

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Spectrum Shine, the rainbow by Swarovski

Anello per tre dita

A rainbow for the summer, sparkling like Swarovski crystals. In fact, it is a rainbow made up of crystals from the Austrian company: the Spectrum Shine jewelry line incorporates the entire range of colors on its jewels. The Spectrum Shine line thus joins the tropical trend that has almost monopolized the creativity of the Maison…

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Bliss’s rainbow bracelet

in Argento/

A bracelet with the colors of the rainbow is added to the #Mywords collection by Bliss ♦ ︎ Color message from #Mywords, the Bliss line (Damiani group) designed for a young audience. The collection includes modular bracelets and necklaces with a series of symbols, letters or numbers. The jewels in this collection are tennis style,…

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