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Is it worth buying jewelry when there is inflation?

Is it worth buying jewelry even if inflation is high? Conversely, if inflation continues is it a good idea to see the jewels? And maybe it’s time to buy gold to hedge against rising prices? If you ask yourself these questions, read this article: we try to answer them, but with a premise: be wary of those who tell you they can guess the future. There has never been a human being who knows, for sure, how things will go, Nor an astrologer, a psychic, but not even an expert on anything. That said, some trends can be identified with relative certainty. So, with prices rising, is it worth buying (or selling) jewelry?

Prezzo dell'oro nel 2022 per oncia, in dollari
Prezzo dell’oro nel 2022 per oncia, in dollari

The price of gold
Let’s start talking about the yellow metal. Because it is obvious that buying or selling jewels or bijoux of little value are not an investment and inflation changes little. The value of an 18-karat gold jewel, i.e. containing 75% gold (the rest is made up of different metals: pure gold is 24-karat), will instead be more linked to the trend of the yellow metal on the markets international. So, given that 2022 was a year with high inflation in Europe and the US, and many other countries, how did the price of gold fare? Let’s answer immediately: not very well. But not too bad either. The graph, updated to December 2022, offers a concise answer. If you want to understand why gold hasn’t followed inflation, read on.
Prezzo dell'oro, in dollari, a 25 anni
Prezzo dell’oro, in dollari, a 25 anni

You must first know that the price of gold depends above all on the trades on the international market. Gold is mainly traded on the London market, the US futures market and the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The largest producers of gold are China, Australia, the United States, South Africa, Russia, Peru and Indonesia, while the largest consumers of gold jewelery are India, China, the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, when you buy or sell a gold jewel you must take into account that the price summarizes an average of those determined in many different countries. If, for example, China’s economy slows down due to the restrictions decided to deal with the covid, Chinese women will buy fewer jewels and, probably, the price of gold will fall. By contrast, gold jewelry purchases have increased in the United States. It is an extreme synthesis, but it is to give an idea.
Prezzo dell'oro, in dollari, a 50 anni
Prezzo dell’oro, in dollari, a 50 anni

In addition to this factor, i.e. the performance of the economy in countries such as China, inflation in 2022 also caused an increase in interest rates. This means two things: government-issued bonds (more or less in all countries) with higher yields and, for the United States, a stronger dollar (for the same reason, that is, for more attractive interest rates for investors, who buy dollars driving up the price). However, according to the World Gold Council, all in all the gold price has held up quite well, taking these negative factors into account. In December, the price of gold in dollars per ounce (which corresponds to about 28 grams) was more or less 1% lower than 12 months earlier. Compared to the stock market indices, which fell much more, it therefore held up better.
Lingotti e monete d'oro
Lingotti e monete d’oro

How will it go in the coming months? The price of gold is often linked to geopolitical factors. Gold is considered a safe-haven asset, which is bought when there is a lot of uncertainty. The war in Ukraine or other factors of international instability can push gold purchases. If, on the contrary, the world is a little less dangerous, the price of gold will probably tend to fall. Another factor that could affect the price of gold in 2023 is, as mentioned, the interest rate factor. Both the American and European central banks have announced further rate hikes. If this is the case, many will prefer to buy dollar or euro bonds rather than yellow metal. Conversely, a climate of instability could push central banks to buy themselves large quantities of gold to reserve. Furthermore, if the stock market falls further, many investors could be tempted to seek shelter in assets considered safer, including gold. But as we wrote: be wary of those who say they know how to read the future, but take into account the macroeconomic scenarios.
Shopping in Cina
Shopping in Cina

Is it worth buying gold jewelry?
Inflation looks set to linger for a while longer. And if you take a look at the charts published on this page you will notice that gold has risen a lot in the last 20 years: it was quoted at around 250 dollars at the beginning of the new century and now it is somewhere between 1700 and 1800 dollars. but it hit 2000 a couple of years ago. In 2016, however, it was just above $1,000. This will tell you that gold is not a safe investment (there are no safe investments), but that it has held high levels over the last 10-15 years. Impossible to establish whether it will increase further or decrease in the next few years. But it is possible that it will still remain well above $1500. We translate: if you buy 18-karat gold jewellery, better still it would be 22-karat, you can have a good chance of protecting your purchase from inflation or, at least, of keeping a good part of the investment. With a little luck you could even make money if the yellow metal returns to the high levels of a few years ago. But even selling your jewels can be convenient, if you bought them before 2008 when gold was much cheaper (and if you bought them at a fair price, of course).
Gioielli a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:
Gioielli a GemGèneve 2019. Copyright:

Gioielli di Roberto Coin. Copyright:
Gioielli di Roberto Coin. Copyright:

5 tips before buying kewelery at auction

The advice of a great expert in jewelry for those who want to buy vintage jewelry at auction. It can be convenient if you … ♦

Do you like attending jewelry auctions, but are you hesitant about buying? Do you wonder when a piece of jewelry could be a safe investment and when its price is justified only a passing fashion? And then better vintage or contemporary pieces? Time ago David Warren, senior international Jewelery director of Christie’s, great jewelry expert and (obviously) of auctions, offered some advice to jewelry lovers, especially those of the period and of great value. They can also be a bargain, an excellent investment. The full text of Warren’s intervention can be found on the auction house website here. Here, then, the five tips to follow for those who want to buy a jewel.

Bracciale Art Déco con diamanti e rubini di Van Cleef & Arpels, 1940
Bracciale Art Déco con diamanti e rubini di Van Cleef & Arpels, 1940

1 The Art Deco period of Cartier
From the end of the 20th century to the 1920s, Cartier has adorned the wrists, the neck and the heart of the royal houses and the international aristocracy, explains David Warren. The unstoppable creative vein of the brothers Pierre, Louis and Jacques was pervaded by an ethic that no one else had: not to copy, to always create. The result is that these jewels of this period with their clean and linear style never go out of style. Art Deco jewels, among other things, are also signed by other big names in jewelry, such as Van Cleef & Arpels or Verdura.

Carier, bracciale Art Deco del 1928 in platino con 40 carati di diamanti taglio rosa e tondo e al centro un diamante taglio brillante di 3,35 carati
Cartier, bracciale Art Deco del 1928 in platino con 40 carati di diamanti taglio rosa e tondo e al centro un diamante taglio brillante di 3,35 carati

2 Colored diamonds
The colored diamonds are the stars of the last years and at the auctions mark stratospheric prices. But, be careful: they must certainly have a certification with their characteristics, for example, whether they have been treated or not to bring out the color. A heated diamond can be more lively, but certainly a natural stone has more appeal. Not only. A small but refined stone is always preferable to a large but faulty one. “What’s the point of having a 50-carat emerald, but if it’s full of inclusions?” Asks Warren. “Better an 8-10-carat stone that is a jewel, worth between 40 thousand and 60 thousand dollars per carat, rather than a stone of 50 carats which, however, is worth a maximum of 3 thousand per carat”. In short, if you want to buy a stone, in addition to the overall price, also you must consider the price per carat.

Diamanti giallo, rosso, blu, rosa
Diamanti colorati di diversi tagli e colori

3 Portability
Profits in jewelry auctions grow and for Christie’s every year is better than the previous one. Part of this seems to be due to portability, that is, the fact that jewels and diamonds can move easily from one place to another. In other words, they are an investment in a pocket. “You can not buy a house in central Paris and then, when the market goes down, move the investment to London. But with a diamond in your pocket you can go anywhere. ” So if someone had bought colored diamonds in the 1970s and sold them in 1990, the gain would have been great, but who bought them in 1990 and sold them now would have a much larger profit. ” And attention, it is said that also counts the provenance and prestige of the previous owner, but according to the expert this is true but not fundamental. What matters is quality.

Chanel Comètes, orecchini Étoile Filante, con 93 diamanti taglio brillante e montatura in oro bianco a forma di stella
Chanel Comètes, orecchini Étoile Filante, con 93 diamanti taglio brillante

4 It is not just a question of time
Some contemporary pieces trigger real wars at auction and their final value far exceeds the estimates. It was the case, just to give an example, of Jar’s Parrot Tulip bracelet, sold for over 3 million and a half dollars at the Magnificent Jewel auction in Geneva, despite the estimate being between 200 thousand and 300 thousand dollars . In short, there are brilliant contemporary designers working all over the world: Lorenz Bäumer in Paris, Vicente Gracia in Valencia, and Michelle Ong, Wallace Chan and Edmond Chin in Hong Kong. You can even transform an old jewel, with a result that can be surprising. For example, Warren tells of one of his clients in possession of some sapphires and diamonds mounted by Gérard, who entrusted them to Jar to make it a new jewel. According to Christie’s expert, although displeased that the artistic legacy of such an important name was lost, the transformation into a large, massive cross with five sapphires surrounded by a pavé of diamonds is one of the best creations of a true genius, the contemporary equivalent of Fabergé.

Jar, bracciale Parrot Tulip in oro modellato a forma di foglie due che circondano il polso con diamanti e granati verdi
Jar, bracciale Parrot Tulip in oro modellato a forma di foglie due che circondano il polso con diamanti e granati verdi

5 Go hunting
Collecting jewels, explains Warren, is like hunting: you have to be patient and wait for the right prey. In this way you can conclude a good deal and, at the same time, use your money well. Monica Battistoni


Anna Hu con David Warren di Christie's (da Facebook)
Anna Hu con David Warren di Christie’s (da Facebook)
christie's collana
Collana con diamanti tagliati a pera e pendente da 20,20 carati. Venduta da Christie’s per 4,5 milioni di euro
collana Art Deco con ciondolo composto da un diamante eccezionale (colore D, Internally Flawless) di 16,24 carati, all'asta da Christie's
Collana Art Deco con ciondolo composto da un diamante eccezionale (colore D, Internally Flawless) di 16,24 carati, all’asta da Christie’s
Asta di Christie's
Asta di Christie’s
Bracciale venduto per 3,5 milioni da Christie's
Bracciale venduto per 3,5 milioni da Christie’s
Anello di Etcetera venduto da Christie's per 3,3 milioni di dollari
Anello di Etcetera venduto da Christie’s per 3,3 milioni di dollari

Is it worth investing in jewelry? According to Credit Suisse …

Is it worth investing in luxury? How much does an investment in jewelry make? Is it a good idea to buy vintage jewelry? The answer is an analysis conducted by one of the main Swiss banks, Credit Suisse. The credit institution’s research department has examined the luxury sector, such as that of jewelry, along with art, wines and collectible cars. The total value of these collectibles has been estimated at around $ 1 trillion. Result: the purchase of jewelry is in second place, immediately after the investment in art, and represents about 5 billion dollars in sales volumes.

Shopping in Place Vendôme, Parigi
Shopping in Place Vendôme, Parigi

According to the Credit Suisse Wealth Report 2020, 44% of the very wealthy buy paintings and jewels, who devote 2-5% of their assets to collectibles. But 31% do even more and spend over 5%. Only 13% of the wealthy are not in the habit of buying collectible luxury goods. The most passionate about this kind of investment are the Americans, followed by the Asian millionaires. In the luxury landscape, jewelry and watches are stable. But this does not mean that the performance over time has been excellent.

Asta di Christie's a Ginevra
Asta di Christie’s a Ginevra

How much does it make to invest in jewelry

Credit Suisse has also calculated the return on investment in jewelry (of course this is an average) over the last ten years. Result: the vintage jewels, produced from 1945 to 1975 had an annual yield of 4.8%. The art deco ones and pearls have increased in value by 5% per year, and wristwatches have done a little better, with an increase in value of 5.5%. On the other hand, the pocket watch market, outdated, with only 1.5% annual return is sluggish.

Orologio in oro e brillanti battuto all'asta da Christie's
Orologio in oro e brillanti battuto all’asta da Christie’s

Another positive aspect of investing in jewelry, again according to the Credit Suisse Wealth Report, concerns volatility. This term indicates the price fluctuations (always on average) for a given asset. The higher the volatility, the greater the fluctuation in the value of a jewel, for better or for worse. The jewels, among all the luxury goods examined, are those that have the lowest volatility. In short, they are the ones that keep their value most constant. For example, while for impressionist art the volatility is 19.1%, for jewels from 1945 to 1975 it is only 2.4%. Or, if contemporary art has a volatility of 35.3%, art deco jewels and pearls always have a fluctuation contained at 2.4%. Provided, of course, that you choose what you buy well, as we have explained here.

Collier con ametiste e turchesi messo all'asta
Collier con ametiste e turchesi messo all’asta

The 10 rules for buying a jewel on the internet

Do you want to buy a jewel on the internet? Know that you are not alone. In 2020, web searches involving jewelry increased by 28% and online jewelry sales are expected to steadily increase. But is it safe to buy jewelry on the internet? What are the dangers? How to defend yourself from scams?

Unfortunately, even if most of the people who buy jewelry on the internet have no problems, the scam is always lurking. But, thankfully, it’s not that hard to avoid getting cheated. Just follow the rules and do a few small checks before typing in your credit card number.

Acquisti su internet
Shopping on the internet

What are the dangers when buying a jewel on the internet? In 2019, for example, in the US, the FBI received an average of 1,300 reports of online theft per day (not just about jewelry, of course), for a total of $ 3.5 billion illegally stolen. The worst scam is to buy a fake jewel, perhaps a ring with the brand of a famous Maison. Or, simply, with diamonds that are not diamonds. Or diamonds born in the laboratory and not natural. Or, again, gold jewelry that turns out to be simply covered with a thin plating. Finally, the most frequent disappointment is that of finding a jewel that does not correspond to the idea suggested by the site (or the jeweler) who sold it. For example, with tiny stones, less brilliant than those in the photograph and, above all, of Lilliputian dimensions.

Shopping online in tutta comodità
Online shopping in complete convenience

So why do internet jewelry purchases keep increasing? The dangers listed are possibilities, but fortunately they are not the rule. In addition, it is very convenient to receive a ring at home (when you are not mistaken in choosing the size). For many people it is not easy to approach a jewelry store for the embarrassment of having to admit the availability of a limited budget. Or because, simply, the desired jewelry brand is not available in physical stores in your city or locality. So, don’t worry too much: following the rules for buying jewelry on the internet can make you have the advantages of online shopping without running any dangers.

Lavoro di hacking
Hacking job

1 Check who the seller is
A well-known brand will surely avoid selling pits. And it does not need to be one of the largest companies in the world, as long as the brand is large enough and well known in the area in which it operates: a company is unlikely to risk losing its credibility. But it is also important to check that the site on which you are about to make a purchase is a reliable one, that of the brand of jewelery you want to purchase or a reliable online shopping site, Luisaviaroma, Modus Operandi, or a well-known jewelery company and, above all , which really exists. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check that you are not a victim of phishing.

Meglio un controllo attento
Better to check carefully

2 Beware of mistakes
It seems trivial to say, but one of the dangers involved is to misspell the company name in the browser’s address bar. If you google Tiffany, you can be sure that the search engine will show you the right link. But if, by mistake, you write Tifany (for example) in the address bar, you can run the risk of ending up on a site that mimics the famous jewelry brand. Or, even worse, on a site built to resemble the authentic one in every way. Obviously to take possession of your data.

Non sbagliate a digitare il nome
Don’t misspell the name

3 Find out the identity of the company
If you buy a jewel from a company in your country, it will be easy to check on their website what the name of the company behind the brand is. The name of the jewelry brand, in fact, does not always correspond to that of the company that produces them. A quick web search by typing the name of the company can confirm that the company really exists, the address, the name of the owner. All information that is an extra guarantee. And if you want to be even safer, make a phone call to the company.

Controllate le «impronte digitali» dell'azienda
Check the company’s “digital footprints”

4 Beware of easy lucky
Before making a purchase, compare similar jewelry from different companies. Carats of gold, the weight of the stones, the quality of diamonds: these are all elements that affect the price of a jewel. When you have an idea of ​​how much the jewel you want to buy can cost, you can discard incredible discounts, unmissable offers, stratospheric discounts that are about to expire on sites other than those of a well-known manufacturer. It is probably fraud.

Diffidate dei colpi di fortuna
Be wary of lucky breaks

5 Avoid public wi-fi networks
You are at the airport and you have boring hours in front of you waiting to board the plane. To distract yourself, decide to go shopping with your smartphone. Mistaken. If you use public wi-fi networks, the danger is around the corner. There may be a cybercriminal around you just waiting for some gullible to enter your credit card number. The public networks, in fact, are very convenient, but also at risk if you venture into shopping. Fortunately, however, there is a remedy: use a VPN: a virtual private network makes your connection impenetrable. It is a service that can be purchased for a few euros or dollars a month.


6 Beware of passwords
It seems incredible, but even for 2020 the most widespread password worldwide is 123456. An invitation to dinner for those who want to steal your data. Use passwords that are difficult to guess, with a mix of lowercase and uppercase numbers, letters, and symbols. Avoid birth dates and names of children and partners. Think of a movie, place or book that is important to you and start from that. Don’t use the same password for different sites.

File che contiene alcune password criptate
File containing some encrypted passwords

7 Pay attention to the abbreviation at the top left
E-commerce sites, as well as banks or where money passes, must have the web address preceded by https: //. These letters indicate that the site is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. If an e-commerce site starts with http only, it means that it is not secure and is probably very suspicious.

Shopping con lo smartphone
Shopping with smartphone

8 Credit card is better
A credit card does not allow the seller to directly access the money in your bank account. Additionally, most credit cards offer refund liability in the event of fraud. Therefore, a credit card is better than a debit card (such as an ATM).

Carte di credito
Credit cards

9 Consider a virtual credit card
To purchase a jewel, you can use a virtual credit card, basically a temporary card number that is linked to the real credit card account. In this way, in the event of data theft, the damage will be limited.

Shopping online
Shopping online

10 Size matters
One of the biggest disappointments is to receive a jewel that turns out to be much smaller than expected. Yet on the site it looked so big … Before buying a jewel, check the dimensions described carefully and try to compare them to a jewel you already own. You will realize the differences and avoid bad surprises.

Shopping da Tiffany
Shopping at Tiffany’s

Why women buy more jewels

According to De Beers, there is an increase in the number of women who buy a jewel for themselves. And, moreover, women want … ♦ ︎
Things that everyone should know, especially those who sell (but also buy) jewels. Diamond jewelry, for example. De Beers, the largest name in the market for diamonds, stones and jewelery, has studied what are and what will be the trends of its customers in the world. And it has come to a conclusion: women are increasingly buying a jewel with diamonds, without waiting for someone to give it to them. The more women work, the more they have financial resources, and, moreover, displaying a jewel is no longer just the sign of being desired, but also a demonstration of power. In short, the world changes and jewels have to adjust.
De Beers summarized the trends in seven points. Here they are.
The Usa shines more. The world’s leading diamond jewelry market in 2016 was that of the United States. In the big American country almost half of all diamonds in the world are sold (sales amounted to $ 41 billion). In short, thinking that China is the best market is a mistake. It is also worthy of an economy that for some years is growing, of course.
Women dance on their own. As mentioned, the number of women who buy diamond jewelry for themselves is increasing. In 2005, De Beers explains, jewelry purchased by women (excluding engagement rings) in the US accounted for 23%. In 2011 it had already risen to 24%, in 2013 to 27% and in 2015 it reached 33%. In short, a woman on three buy diamond ring or earrings on their own.
Empower women. Attention: Women who buy jewels are on the rise, but also those who tell their partners what they want. Even when they do not buy, in short, they are the real motor of shopping. Always according to the search for the diamonds giant, women influence the decision to buy jewels in 42% of cases. Almost half the jewelry they receive, in short, was strongly recommended by them.
Married or resigned? Who has a husband, perhaps, receives less gift jewels. This canexplaines that married women buy more jewels of diamonds for themselves than the single. For the record, a married woman tends to buy more than others a ring, followed by earrings. Nostalgia of when she was single? Who knows.
The price more of all. Women are used to spending. And, therefore, are attentive to the most men’s prices. Even for jewels, it is the idea of ​​ending a good deal what attracts them most. If there is a diamond, it is understood.
Impulsives. According to De Beers, women are price conscious, but also impulsive. Most jewelery is bought on impulse of the moment, though perhaps they did first an internet search (maybe on pages). 72% of American women, for example, do an online search before buying a jewel. Visits to a boutique, instead, are much less used, only 23%
Too much stress. According to De Beers’s survey, purchasing a jewel is for those who spend the money, in a very serious, almost stressful experience. It would be better if those who buy a jewel had more fun. How not to agree?

Boutique della De Beers
Boutique della De Beers
Anello Eternity di De Beers
Anello Eternity di De Beers
De Beers, anello della linea Awakening
De Beers, anello della linea Awakening
De Beers, collezione Aria anello Toi et Moi con due diamanti taglio brillante e strati spirale di pavé su oro bianco
De Beers, collezione Aria anello Toi et Moi con due diamanti taglio brillante e strati spirale di pavé su oro bianco
De Beers, Caress ring
De Beers, Caress ring