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Annamaria Cammilli’s shades with Dune Color

in vetrina
Orecchino in oro indossato della collezione Dune Color con tormalina rosa e diamante

The soft undulations, which are Annamaria Cammilli‘s trademark, are colored. The Dune collection, launched by the Florentine brand in 2010, is renewed year after year with small or large innovations which, in any case, leave the aesthetic imprinting of the jewels unchanged, composed of parallel gold bands, which have inside small gems set. A longevity…

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The heart of Paul Forrest button

in COLLANE/vetrina
Pendente in oro bianco 18 carati con madreperla, diamanti bianchi e rosa

A pendant that moves: the creation of Paul Forrest hides a mechanism such as Swiss watches ♦ A game, perhaps. But a very valuable game. A game that is based on the mechanical movement of the clocks. With one difference: not scores the time. The new brand of jewelry, Paul Forrest, launches its first collection, Heart’s…

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A rock soul for Ell

in ANELLI/Argento
Wrecked Apollo, anello in argento rodiato

Silver rock and rebellious soul of Ell, a small Maison in Milan ♦ ︎ Two brothers, one goal: to chisel silver to make it an original jewel. With a bit of rock music. Lorenzo and Luca Cavolini, who were joined by two other brothers, Camilla and Gian Luca Clivio, gave life to Ell, a small…

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Jewelery with hand shape

in da sapere
Roberto Demeglio, anello Joy in oro e diamanti

Pendants and charms with shape of a hand. Do you want to know why you can wear hand-shaped jewelry and what does the symbol mean? ♦ ︎ The shape of the hand often occurs in jewelry, for example with pendants or pendants: this symbol is considered a lucky charm. But it doesn’t just mean that.…

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Pandora for mom

in ANELLI/Argento/COLLANE/Pandora
Orecchini in argento a cerchi

Mother’s Day is one of the few celebrations that unite the whole world, even when the world is divided. In truth, there is no common day for this holiday, even if all countries celebrate it more or less in spring: almost two thirds of it is set in May, while about a quarter celebrates it…

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All goddesses with Bee Goddess

in vetrina
Anello Queen Bee in oro, diamanti, smeraldi

Modern jewelry inspired by archaic shapes and talismans by Bee Goddess, from Turkey to Harrods ♦ There are jewels that have a history: the case of the most famous collection of Bee Goddess, a brand that has chosen to appeal to history, with the ‘s’ capital. Many jewels of the Maison founded in 2007 in…

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Luck of Aaron Basha

in vetrina
Bracciale edizione limitata in platino

In 1950 the Middle East Aaron Basha was not the current one. He was a young jeweler born in a family who supplied rich people and real, and he was determined to conquer the New World, that is, America. He succeeded. Specializing in pendants for necklaces and bracelets, she won not only New York, but…

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Gimor, spirit of Milan

Pendente Lotus con zaffiri rosa, tsavoriti e diamanti

Directly from the 1960s, the style and precious sobriety of Gimor, a brand that sums up the Milanese spirit ♦ ︎ Sixties, seventies, eighties: those decades are back to get liking, especially in fashion. But also in the jewelry. Keeping that spirit, the years in which Italian design is affirmed, is one of the characteristics…

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Elena Braccini, jewels and so be it

in Argento/vetrina
Anello basculante con immagine della Madonna

Religious devotion, tradition, a pinch of the Middle Ages: these are the elements of Elena Braccini’s jewelery ♦ ︎ From architecture to jewelry: it seems that this is one of the most popular streets by designers. And there is a link: architecture takes care of volumes and shapes, communicates aesthetics, also loves functionality. All elements…

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In Akillis’s viewfinder

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello Capture Me in oro bianco e diamanti

The adrenaline-filled jewels of Caroline Gaspard, designer of Akillis. Also with the Capture collection ♦ In this turbulent periods of time, marked by painful and bloody episodes, a bullet is not really an object that you puts at ease. But Caroline Gaspard, who founded the French Akillis in 2007, continues to offer the Bang Bang…

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The new dreams of Dreamboule

in ANELLI/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Anello Fan in oro rosa, diamanti, rubini

Four years later the dreams have multiplied. On the other hand, the jeweler and expert in fine watchmaking Ben Rocco has always thought big. And so his creature, Dreamboule, widened the horizon. For those unfamiliar with it, Dreamboule is a unique case in the world of jewelry. The Milanese Maison was born, in fact, offering…

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How to choose a pendant

in da sapere
Collana indossata

A pendant at the end of the necklace, a beautiful pendant that attracts attention, is what it takes to enhance your body. But, beware: a pendant, or a pendant, must be chosen well. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect pendant, a pendant that complements your necklace and your appearance. Before choosing…

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Annamaria Cammilli presents a new Queen

in ANELLI/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Anello della collezione Regina con diamante solitario

A Regina (the italian word means queen) of water. The collection of the Florentine brand Annamaria Cammilli, now enriched with new pieces, has always been inspired by the soft and changing shapes of water for the jewelry line that is part of the wider Vision project, that includes successful lines such as Musa, Sultana, Idra…

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A candy on the neck with Sinico

in COLLANE/vetrina
Girocollo in oro rosa con 163 zaffiri rosa naturali

Sinico’s candy-shaped jewels continue to evolve, but without losing their shape: wear them, don’t eat them ♦ Chicca by Sinico, the latest collection of the Vicenza company founded in 1969 by the craftsmanship and that over time has become an established jewelery. The production technique, they explain, is that of micro-fusion, in 18 or 14…

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Belle Époque collection by Damiani is renewed

Orecchini a forma di cuore in oro bianco e diamanti

Belle Époque is the name of a historic Damiani collection. But it is also the name of a period in French and European history, usually dated between 1880 and the outbreak of the First World War, in 1914. The era of the French Third Republic was a period characterized by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity,…

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An embroidery with OpsObjects

in bracciale/COLLANE
Orecchini pvd color oro giallo con cuore

The new Balance line by OpsObjects is inspired by embroidery. The brand’s bijoux are made up of subtle textures that intertwine to form intricate designs and create charms like lace that adorn necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The shape of the heart, emblem of the brand, opens and is enriched with decorations, taking on three-dimensionality. It…

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Piaget renews the Possession collection

in bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
La modella iraniana Shiva Safai

After celebrating its 30th birthday, Possession collection by Piaget is once again enriched over time with new pieces and variations on the theme. Possession collection, in particular, is now enriched with three sliding pendants with malachite, carnelian and turquoise. All three are in 18k rose gold and are set with 20 brilliant cut diamonds (approx.…

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Giorgio Visconti’s stars with Luce

Anello in oro bianco e pavé di diamanti

Periodically Giorgio Visconti sees a Luce (light). A collection with this name, in fact, has been revived over the years. The last time was in 2018. Now it is the turn of the 2021 version of Light and this time it is a starlight. Of course, these are not only the same jewels, but pieces…

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High jewelry by Piaget for Mother’s Day

in COLLANE/Orecchini/vetrina

May is the month of roses, but also the time of the year when Mother’s Day occurs. A day that Piaget has decided to remember with two special jewels that combine these two aspects: it is the Piaget Rose pendant and earrings, with petals that open to reveal bright pink sapphires. The jewels are made…

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Monica Rich Kosann, one click jewels

in COLLANE/vetrina
Pendenti in argento placcato oro e smalto

The jewels of the American designer Monica Rich Kosann reflect all the modernity of New York ♦ ︎ There are women who become jewelry designers after long studies in goldsmithing or gemology schools. Others who leave professions like finance or marketing to dive into the world of rings, necklaces and bracelets. But, perhaps, there is…

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