Anello Octopus in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri rosa

The magic touch of Georg Hornemann

Few jewelers can boast that they are true artists: Georg Hornemann is one of them. The designer has a story worth telling. He was born in 1940 in Dassau, in […]

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Pendente in oro rosa, rubini e diamanti

Gilberto Cassola without borders

Now that it has also arrived on the platform of an international marketplace that sells via the web, Gilberto Cassola, a historic company from Valenza, certainly has better visibility abroad. […]

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Anello con tanzanite di 9,25 carati

Sicis’s game of fantasy

The exuberant imagination of Gioia Placuzzi, Sicis art director, has resulted in a new series of jewels. It is a series of seven rings of high jewelery, with the name […]

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Anelli su dita diverse

Which finger does a wedding ring go on

Do you want to know which finger is the right one to wear a ring? It depends on your hands, but also on the meaning of the ring. Here is […]

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Anello con agata blu

Preziosa with small balls

Preziosa Jewelry was born in Milan in 2015 under the sign of the pleasure of traveling: the first collection was inspired by famous places in the world, cities or countries, […]

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Anello da cocktail in oro rosa 18 carati, diamanti e zaffiri

The new past of Francesca Villa

The objects found and the new jewels by Francesca Villa, a designer who brings the past back to life ♦ ︎ For years, in Valenza, she has developed collections of […]

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Anelli acciughe in bronzo dorato

The micro zoo of Bona Calvi

Anchovies, giraffes, ladybugs, whales, bears, octopuses, elephants: if you don’t like animals, you won’t even love the jewels of Bona Calvi, a goldsmith and designer, but also a sculptor and […]

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Anello sulla mano destra

Wedding rings, how to choose

Wedding rings, guide to choosing it (and 5 ideas to find the right wedding ring for you) ♦ Jewels have always played a decisive role in relationships, not only from […]

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Anello che lascia una parola impressa

The strangest rings in the world

Ok, you have the diamond ring. But if you have a lot of imagination you might want something more. And, if you really want to exaggerate, here are eight really […]

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Anello Aurum, con cuore in micro polvere di diamanti bianca

The simple success of Maman et Sophie

It’s called Maman et Sophie but, despite the French name, it is an Italian jewelery brand, Florentine to be precise. And it is also a phenomenon: in a few years […]

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Anello con diamanti e smalto vetrato

The noble ring of Victor Meyer

The rings and pendants of the German Maison Victor Mayer ♦ For two decades (1989-2009), the renowned German jewelry company Victor Mayer has been authorized to create Fabergé jewelry under […]

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Gioielli di Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas: appeal to save the nature of Mexico

Years ago Daniela Villegas defined Mexico, her homeland, a chromatic paradise. A definition that then became a collection inspired by the animal world of the Central American country, in particular […]

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Parulina, anello a due dita con smeraldi Gemfields

How to wear the two fingers ring

How to wear two fingers ring: they are fashionable, they are beautiful, they are showy. But the contraindication is … ♦ ︎ A ring for two fingers. It seems a […]

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Orecchini in oro e diamanti

James Taffin, a Frenchman in New York

The elegant, eclectic, geometric jewels of James Taffin de Givenchy ♦ Take a look at this unique jewel: two topaz stones mounted along with diamonds on a thin flexible 18K […]

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Anello in oro giallo e malachite

Damiani D.Side rings (and images of the young Brad Pitt)

After having renewed pendants and bracelets, Damiani has completed the new edition of the D. Side collection with some rings. Jewelry enthusiasts probably remember that the D. Side collection was […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa e pavé di diamanti

The Joie of Giorgio Visconti

Presented last autumn, the maxi collection by Giorgio Visconti called La Vie Privé contains the beauty of 13 lines of jewels, all characterized by the same style, but with different […]

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Vhernier, anello Eclisse

Vhernier, blue rhapsody for three rings

Blue like the sky, the sea and the color of the year Pantone: Vhernier proposes again jewels with the most fashionable hue. These are three rings, all composed of the […]

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Orologio e bracciali Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington’s communication to Aff

Above all watches, but also rings and bracelets: they are the specialty of Daniel Wellington, a brand that will now be managed in Italy in terms of communication by Aff, […]

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Bracciali della collezione Smart Pearl

Yana Nesper, pearls with embedded video

Yana Nesper’s idea is fascinating: to enclose images or videos in a pearl jewel. The Smart Pearl collection is based on this innovation, a combination of jewelry and hi-tech. The […]

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Anello sushi, per le amanti della cucina giapponese

The 100 craziest rings in the world

Do you like things a little strange? Here are some of them: here are the 100 craziest rings. They won’t be precious, but they are fun and have their admirers […]

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