Tutto sotto controllo: l'anello Monitoring della scultrice Rebecca Rose

The 61 rings craziest of the world

Rings crazy, my love. Who said that only the solitaire, made with platinum and diamond, is right for your fingers? Why not choose, instead, a gas-pipe ring, a ring on […]

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Anelli su dita diverse

Guide: on which finger wear the ring

Do you want to know which finger is best for wearing the rings? It depends on your hands and the meaning of the ring. Here is a quick guide with […]

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Anello della collezione Luscious Shrine

The latest fantastic of Wendy Yue

If you think that Eastern designers are linked to the traditional style, you must change idea: an example is that of Wendy Yue, which not coincidentally also studied in Vienna. […]

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Collezione Dune, anelli

Garavelli in four colors

The Garavelli formula (tradition plus innovation) works: it introduces jewels a few at a time, with a cautious but sure proposal of new pieces, it’s good for the Piedmont Maison. […]

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Anello in oro rosa con diamanti bianchi e brown

Jovane, a specialist in rings

Why limit yourself to import watches and jewelry produced by others when you can give rein to their imagination and do it yourself? In 2005, in Milan, Joseph Telio has […]

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Anello vincitore del premio Jck. Oro rosa e diamanti, collezione Pirouetta. Prezzo da 2000 dollari

By Kirk Kara the most rewarded rings

You want to know what are the engagement rings the most awarded in the world? They are those of Kirk Kara. It is the only jewelry designer who arrives in […]

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Collezione Chevalèere, anelli

The noble ring of Victor Meyer

For two decades (1989-2009), the renowned company of German jewels, Victor Mayer, has been authorized to create Faberge jewelry with exclusive worldwide license. This is to say that the goldsmith […]

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Xpandable, bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti e smalto nero

Picchiotti becomes more expansive

The tradition embraces the 21st century in the Xpandable collection by Picchiotti. A wide range of rings band and bracelets, to suit all sizes of wrists and fingers thanks to a […]

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Collezione Magic Circus

(Italiano) Tutti al circo di Copenhagen

From Copenhagen to Basel: here is presented the latest collections of Ole Lynggard, Danish brand that stands for a rather refined image, more than other competitors born in the same […]

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Particolare del pendente Star Wars, in oro rosa e diamanti

(Italiano) Garavelli in orbita con un pendente

The Drago Collection has become a classic brand Garavelli Aldo (http://gioiellis.com/garavelli-95-anni-con-il-drago). But like all continuous collections, it is renewed. The style remains the same, but you add new pieces, which […]

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Collezione Minuosa. Anelli in oro rosa 9 o 18 carati, diamanti, agata bianca, onice nero

The Minù games

Giovanni Ferraris is a noble and valuable brand of homonym Piedmont company. But it is also the “father” of a brand dedicated to the young, or at least at an […]

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Collezione Stromboli

A dip in the Mediterranean sea for One More

From the mists of Belgium, to the sun of the Aeolian islands, Pantelleria and Ischia: to One More is a trip long as his story. The brand, in fact, is […]

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Anelli Mon Contraré, con calcedonio, quarzo rosa e  acquamarina

Preview: Bronzallure new collections

It’s already time for the spring-summer of Bronzallure. The young jewelery brand, born only four years ago in Milan, is preparing to market the new season in 2016 with a […]

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Jewels on the fly with Blackbird

Jewels on the fly with Blackbird

If Katy Perry sign a collections of jewelry with Claire’s, another American singer though far less famous, Marie-Juliette Bird, decided to emulate and become a jewelry designer. The result is […]

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Anello con rubino e diamanti della collezione Devotion

Fabergé forever

Fabergé, ancient Maison, who was resurrected from the group Gemfields, uses a tongue twister to publicize his creations: the big rings of Devotion collection, with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. His […]

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Rosie Kimber, collana collezione Sugar

Necklace or candy?

Remember the candy bracelets? It was every’s little child dream but, it seems, continue to be appreciated by the older girls. As the Scottish designer, Rosie Kimber, which creates earrings, necklaces, […]

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Theo Fennel, anello ispirato alle «Cronache di Narnia»

Theo Fennell, a book in a ring

Theo Fennell is a jeweler who lives in London with his wife Louise. Fennell is one of the most original designers and saw rapidly growing success, so much so that at […]

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Anelli Pandora Autunno 2015

Pandora Fall 2015

Pandora has showed officially also in Italy the the collection Fall 2015. As we anticipated, the themes are those of the forest, enchanted, where live there fairies, and legendary phoenix […]

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Anello di ottone di Lock Me Tender

(Italiano) I lucchetti diventano anelli (a Parigi)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Indossato di Vitaly

Vitaly in Italy

Jewels for generating skateboarder, for lovers of tattoos, for hipster and cool: Vitaly, Canadian brand founded in 2011 by Shane Foran Vitaly, arrives in Italy. Her jewelry, very street style, […]

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