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Anello X Wire in oro rosa e diamante

10 Tiffany from 270 to 970 Euros

Ten jewels by Tiffany from 270 to 970 €: a reasoned choice for a gift. Introductory Note: gioiellis.com not receiving advertisements from Tiffany or is related in any way to Tiffany & […]

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Coppia di gemelli in oro di TIffany

Cufflinks with Sotheby’s

Cufflinks for men made by the big names in jewelry: they are auctioned by Sotheby’s ♦ ︎ Cufflinks are probably the only kind of twins that does not worry a […]

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Kim Kardashian

Who was at the Tiffany Blue Book 2018

High jewelery and bejeweled celebrities at the presentation of the Tiffany Blue Book 2018 ♦ ︎ It is not news that the presentation of Tiffany & Co high-end jewelry, that […]

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Anelli in oro giallo, rosa e diamanti

Tiffany doubles the T

Tiffany renews the T collection with new pieces, here are the images ♦ ︎ Once upon a time in Brooklin there was an “emporium of stationery and fancy items”. It […]

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Anello in oro bianco con zaffiro Ceylon, non scaldato, taglio rettangolare di 33,40 carati

A sapphire from Faraone

Diamonds, sapphires, but also watches, sculptures and hippopotamus jewelery in the new appointment of Faraone Casa d’Aste ♦ ︎ The traditional Christmas auction of Faraone Casa d’Aste is back. It […]

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Anelli Tiffany True in platino e oro, diamanti bianchi e gialli

New Tiffany engagement rings

Tiffany introduces a new engagement ring: change diamond cut and platinum or gold band design ♦ When the most requested jewelry brand for engagement rings introduces something new it is an […]

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Victoria Beckham con bracciale Tiffany

Tiffany proclaims Victoria

Victoria Beckham discovers herself as a Tiffany fan and wears the Maison bracelets ♦ ︎ In New York stroll Sophie Richie, in London she walks Victoria Beckham. It seems that Tiffany […]

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Sofia Richie con orecchini della collezione Tiffany City HardWear

For Sofia Richie a walk with Tiffany

Fashion show for New York by American model Sofia Richie with Tiffany jewels ♦ In 2017, the walk to New York with Tiffany’s jewels was by Jennifer Lawrence. In 2018 […]

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Tiffany, charm elefante

New Tiffany jewels to defend elephants

New Tiffany jewels to support the defense of the elephant, lion and rhino ♦ ︎ Tiffany in the African forest to defend wild animals from extinction. The commitment of the […]

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Violante Placido, collana di Pasquale Bruni

The jewels at the Venice Film Festival

Jewels and bejeweled on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Here are the choices of the stars ♦ ︎ Let’s face it: not everyone at the Venice Film […]

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Tiffany, New York

Tiffany closed for renovation

Tiffany store closes. But do not worry: the Fifth Avenue shop of the world’s most famous brand pauses to restructure ♦ ︎ The most famous jewelry store in the world […]

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Davanti a uno store Tiffany

51% of women buy jewelry for herself

Over half of the women buy the jewels for herself. And loves white metal ♦ ︎ Are women in New York different from those in Boston, London, Paris or Milan? […]

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Collier trasformabile Aria Passionata, lacca rosa e oro, 3 granati Rhodolite ovali di 16.28 carati, 14,25 carati e 10.96 carati, 3 rubini cabochon 6,25 carati, 4,89 carati e 3 15 carati, granato baguette rodolite, ovale e rotonda, rubini baguette, sfere di rubino, onice e diamanti

The jewelry transformers

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Alessio Boschi, orecchino Palio, chiuso

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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The secrets of the princess cut

The secrets of the princess cut

Diamonds with princess cut, also chosen by Emily Ratajkowski, seems to have a lot of fans. That’s why ♦ Do you want feel as princesses? It’s easy, just choose a […]

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Natalie Dormer

Tiffany with celebrity in London

Tiffany glamor in London to launch the Paper Flowers collection ♦ ︎ Tiffany and celebrity is an inseparable combination. A fortiori now, in which the Maison in New York is […]

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Insegna di Tiffany a Londra

Tiffany like Apple

Tiffany inaugurates an Apple-style store in London. Is it a turning point for the US brand? ♦ ︎ Tiffany like Apple? The comparison is obviously risky. Yet the great American […]

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Dettaglio orecchini Van Cleef & Arpels, rubini Mistery setting e 9 diamanti  montati a griffe

The three jewelry’s milestones

The three techniques of jewelry that you absolutely must know if you do not want to make bad figures. The first is … ♦ There are jewels that have marked […]

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Mary Ching, Wing, in oro rosa e zaffiri

Pink jewelry

Do you like pink? Do you want to wear pink jewelry? Are you looking for a pink necklace? Or a bracelet? Or … Here are many ideas ♦ There are […]

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Audrey Hepburn in «Colazione da Tiffany», davanti alle vetrine del negozio di New York

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in Turin

Breakfast at Tiffany’s celebrates 60 years at the Turin Book Fair ♦ ︎ Are you fascinated and fascinated by Holly Golightly, aka Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Perhaps you […]

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