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Bracciale con cristallo nero

Swarovski dark for Halloween

Every year the Halloween party brings with it more or less lively opportunities for fun or, for children, the search for sweets among the neighbors, as the American tradition dictates. […]

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Bracciale in acciaio con finitura oro e cristalli

Squares and circles with the Brosway Juice collection

A combination of variable geometries, with large but light volumes. And a name that refers to a liquid element: Juice. The juicy collection of Brosway, a brand of the Bros […]

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Bracciale della linea T Bar

T Bar Crystals by Swarovski

Shoes with high heels and two straps: one that fastens the ankle, the other that starts from the toe to join the one that surrounds the first forming a T. […]

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Bracciale della collezione Tahlia

Swarovski Tahlia collection for autumn

According to the Urban Dictionary, the name Tahlia in slang indicates a fun and confident girl, who loves being the center of attention, loves music and sports. A girl defined […]

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Anello della collezione Twist

Twist by Swarovski for autumn

Among the lines of bijoux that Swarovski presents for autumn 2020 there is also one that focuses all attention on the hinted shape of the spiral. Or rather, a spiral […]

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Collana il Moro in ottone dorato, argentato, con scialle e turbante con perle, rubini, cristalli Swarovski

Alcozer, Florentine style bijoux

The unmistakable style of luxury bijoux signed by Alcozer, a Florentine Maison ♦ ︎ In Florence, brass is like gold: it becomes a luxury material thanks to the precise and […]

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Anello per tre dita

Spectrum Shine, the rainbow by Swarovski

A rainbow for the summer, sparkling like Swarovski crystals. In fact, it is a rainbow made up of crystals from the Austrian company: the Spectrum Shine jewelry line incorporates the […]

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Bracciale di Bliss

Mother’s Day, ideas for everyone

Mother’s Day and feast of manna for jewelers, who sell many bijoux. Usually, these are mostly jewelry with an affordable price: more than the value, in this case, the intention […]

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Collana con pappagallo sul trespolo

Tropical charm for Swarovski

For Swarovski, 2020 is truly the year of exotic charm. After the Bamboo collection, here are other bijoux inspired by botany and equatorial fauna with the Tropical collection. Leaves, flowers, […]

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Orecchini pendenti della collezione Bamboo

Atelier Swarovski’s bamboo

Bamboo plants belong to a botanical family that includes about 650 genera and 9,700 species and now, thanks to Atelier Swarovski, there is one more new. The high-end brand of […]

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Bracciale con ciondoli

Oriental dream for Swarovski

Swarovski speaks of the charm of the Orient for its new Oriental Dream collection. But more than fascination for the East, one should speak of attraction for Eastern religions and […]

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Anello della collezione Shell

Swarovski spring between shells and the desire for the sea

The spring of Swarovski, as always, brings many news. The Austrian brand renews its collection twice a year which, once again, is made up of several homogeneous lines. One of […]

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Spille gatto, con diamanti, perla e smalto

Jewels for the Cat’s Day

Jewels dedicated to the Cat’s Day, which is February 17th. For all tastes ♦ ︎ Maybe you do not know, but there’s a Day in February which, for many, is […]

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Ciondolo arcobaleno

Swarovski crystals lucky for spring 2020

Spring brings luck according to Swarovski. Or, to be precise, it can bring luck with the jewels for the spring / summer 2020 season offered by the Austrian company famous […]

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Bracciale Albero della vita

Silver and Swarovski crystals in the new collection of Lotus Silver

There is also the tree of life among the new jewels of Lotus Silver, a brand of the Festina group. The new collection is called Charming Lady and uses crystals […]

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Bracciale in galvanica oro rosa di Swarovski

Naughty or Nice with Swarovski

The Naughty or Nice collection by Swarovski dedicated to the winter holiday period ♦ ︎ Christmas with the glitter of Swarovski: the Austrian Maison celebrates the holidays (and especially the […]

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Anello in ottone, galvanica oro rosa, cristalli Swarovski amethyst, light amethyst e crystal

Brosway for Christmas

Brosway rings and earrings for the Christmas holidays: brass with gold and Swarovski crystals ♦ ︎ Bros Manifatture celebrated its first 40 years and, precisely for this reason, continues to […]

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Lo Sparkle Bar

Swarovski opens the Crystal Studio concept store

Swarovski opens the Crystal Studio concept store in Milan. Paris, Shanghai and … ♦ ︎ Swarovski opens its first Crystal Studio concept store in Milan. Milan will be followed by […]

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Bracciale con la forma della ragnatela di Swarovski

Bijoux for Halloween

A selection of low-cost bijoux for Halloween ♦ Halloween, like every year, is an opportunity for an additional party. The day dedicated to the Hereafter turned into an occasion for […]

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Spilla Swarovski collezione Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes, cartoons with Swarovski

The canary and the clumsy cat of cartoons are transformed into bijoux with the Looney Tunes collection by Swarovski ♦ ︎ Do you like cartoons? Certainly there was an age […]

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