Lionheart, Seasons collection
Lionheart, Seasons collection

The Seasons of Lionheart

You have to be brave to move to a distant country and found a jewelry brand. Perhaps it is not accidental, therefore, the choice of the name: Lionheart. But the sisters Joy and Sarah Haugaard, who as teenagers left Denmark to live in New York City, in addition to the heart of lionesses, also have a connection with the world of jewelry. The liveliness of the American city served as fuel to determine the design and jewelery collections, which combine minimal Scandinavian style with the dynamism of Manhattan. The passion for jewels, however, is a legacy from their grandmother, to whom they dedicated their first collection.

Ciondolo personalizzato di Lionheart
Personalized Lionheart pendant

Lionheart’s new collection is Seasons. It is centered on a pendant with interchangeable discs, which are inspired by the beauty of winter, spring, summer and autumn. The discs are crafted from semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, red coral paste, malachite, turquoise and black mother of pearl and are supplied with each pendant (as part of the overall price). All are handmade in Italy. The collection starts at $3,925. The brand uses ethically and responsibly sourced diamonds and precious stones. The gold is 14 or 18 carats and the craftsmanship is made in Italy and New York.

Le diverse combinazioni della collezione
The different combinations of the collection
Ciondolo in oro e pasta di corallo
Pendant in gold and coral paste
Ciondolo Seasons indossato
Seasons pendant worn

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