18k Gold Sterling Silver Diamonds ring
18k Gold Sterling Silver Diamonds ring

The precious leaves of Michael Aram

Handcrafted worked metal and colored stones in jewelery by Michael Aram ♦ ︎

In Hindi, the word aram means “sweetness, peace, love, and care.” If this is Michael Aram’s mood, it is uncertain. In any case, he emphasizes this semantic affinity. Michael Aram is an American designer and artist, born in New York, where he works. At the end of the 1980s he traveled to India and this trip changed his life: he discovered the tradition of metalworking and created a home and laboratory in New Delhi. From there, the business continued and Aram founded a company that produces home design items. Furniture, design, but craftsmanship. But it also offers jewelry.

Orecchini in argento rodiato nero, oro, diamanti
Earrings in black rhodium-plated silver, gold, diamonds

The passion for ancient traditions has been linked to an entrepreneurial spirit that has transformed it into a signature in its field. But after a few years, Michael Aram has expanded his business to jewelry as well. Of course with collections that have hand-crafted metal their fulcrum. Not only that: Micheal Aram’s jewels, which also appeared at Couture 2017 in Las Vegas, make a large use of precious stones and precious stones, as in the Botanical Leaf collection. This is something that the Indian likes too much.

Collana con perle grigie, ametrine, zaffiri viola
Necklace with gray pearls, ametrine, purple sapphires
Anello in oro, argento rodiato nero e diamanti
Ring in gold, black rhodium-plated silver and diamonds
Anello Butterfly Ginko in oro, argento e diamanti
Butterfly Ginko ring in gold, silver and diamonds
Orecchini Butterfly Ginko in oro, argento e diamanti
Butterfly Ginko earrings in gold, silver and diamonds
Anello Butterfly Ginko, in argento, oro, diamanti
Butterfly Ginko ring, in silver, gold, diamonds
Orecchini a foglia in argento con diamanti
Silver leaf earrings with diamonds

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