Orecchini con diamanti taglio Ashoka
Orecchini con diamanti taglio Ashoka

William Goldberg and the Ashoka cut

William Goldberg and the rare Ashoka cut diamonds, modeled on one of the oldest and most famous stones in the world ♦ ︎

Once upon a time, and there still is, the very ancient original Ashoka diamond: classified as D (completely colorless), it weighs 41.37 carats. The name is in honor of the Buddhist warrior Ashoka Maurya, who lived two centuries before Christ, and was sold and repurchased twice by Harry Winston. The diamond has fascinated kings and billionaires, but also merchants in love with precious stones, such as William Goldberg, known as Bill, , who passed away in 2003. Many years ago the dealer and jeweler studied each of Ashoka’s facets: from its elegant and elongated shape to the rounded edges. Finally, he managed to understand the secret of that exceptional stone until he patented the cut: but it takes a special rough diamond to become an Ashoka diamond.

Anello con diamante fancy yellow con taglio Ashoka
Ring with fancy yellow diamond with Ashoka cut

Goldberg was born in Brooklyn, New York. He began cutting diamonds in 1948, and then trading high-quality gems. Goldberg & Weiss, with diamond cutter Irving Weiss, was founded in 1952. And in 1973 he founded the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, in the city’s Diamond District. In 1978 he was elected president of the New York Diamond Dealers Club. He dealt in famous diamonds, including the Queen of Holland diamond, the Premier Rose, the Red Shield diamond and the Pumpkin Diamond. Now William Goldberg is the name of the American Maison run by the heirs, but Ashoka remains a difficult goal, because less than 1% of rough diamonds meet the demanding standards required. All Ashoka diamonds are cut by the masters of William Goldberg. But, of course, William Goldberg doesn’t just offer Ashoka diamond jewelry.

Anello eternity con diamanti taglio Ashoka
Eternity ring with Ashoka cut diamonds
Bracciale rigido con diamanti taglio Ashoka
Rigid bracelet with Ashoka cut diamonds
Anello con diamante taglio Ashoka
Ashoka cut diamond ring
Orecchini pendenti con diamanti taglio Ashoka
Ashoka cut diamond drop earrings

Anello con zaffiro taglio Ashoka
Ashoka cut sapphire ring

William Goldberg il giorno del suo matrimonio con Lili Gordon
William Goldberg on his wedding day to Lili Gordon

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