Bracciali di Gigi Clozeau
Bracciali di Gigi Clozeau

The bohemian style of Gigi Clozeau

Gypsy-style bracelets and necklaces, perfect for the beach or hot summers: the jewels by Gigi Clozeau recall Saint-Tropez, a glass of pastis and the scents of the Mediterranean. But they are sold in America, where Gigi Clozeau moved from her native France: she lived in the Marais district of Paris, where her father’s laboratory was based. She did not abandon her professional roots, however, since her father Alain was a jeweler and designer, her mother an artist. You made your debut designing jewelry with emeralds, before choosing a path less tied to luxury and classic models.

Bracciale indossato
Bracelet worn

The Gigi Clozeau brand focuses on lightness, simplicity, colors, with a Seventies nuance that allows you to wear bracelets and necklaces with an informal style, regardless of the rest. The jewels are made with thin 18-karat yellow, pink or white gold chains, diamonds, coral or resin beads. They are jewels designed to be worn with several turns, better if different models together.

Bracciale e ciondolo con l'immagine della Madonna in oro giallo e resina turchese
Bracelet and pendant with the image of the Madonna in yellow gold and turquoise resin
Bracciale Classic Gigi Flower in oro 18 carati, perle in resina e diamante
Classic Gigi Flower bracelet in 18k gold, resin pearls and diamond
Gig Sun, oro giallo e perle in resina di rame
Gig Sun, yellow gold and copper resin pearls
Orecchini in oro perle di resina
Gold resin pearl earrings
Collana in oro giallo e corallo
Necklace in yellow gold and coral
Bracciale in oro giallo e perle in resina bianca
Bracelet in yellow gold and white resin pearls

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