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The 5 rings by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement rings: she has collected five. The most valuable is … ♦ ︎

Is there anything better than a marriage with the man you love? The answer is yes: five betrothals with as many precious rings are better. Or, at least, this is the answer that Jennifer Lopez could give you: she has just announced her new official engagement, with its big diamond ring. Probably Jlo is a collector of rings and the rotation of husbands and boyfriends is due to his desire to be given new jewels.

The last ring received by the American singer from her ex-boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, is rated with an emerald-cut diamond of 10-15 carats, with a value of up to 5 million.

L'anello con diamante di Jennifer Lopez
L’anello con diamante di Jennifer Lopez

The stone has an emerald cut and the jewel is in Art Dèco style. Perhaps not surprisingly it is very similar to that received by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex who has considerable popularity (although critics are not lacking). In any case, in her first 50 years (on July 24, 2019) JLo received five engagement rings, all of which cost at least six figures.
One of the most precious rings was the pink diamond of Harry Winston that Ben Affleck gave her, it seems the most precious of all. But also the penultimate ring, also by Harry Winston but this time with a blue diamond of 8.5 carats, was very precious: it has been estimated that it cost 4 million dollars. It didn’t help much for her romance, though. Lavinia Andorno

1 Ojani Noa ring

Jlo con il primo marito, Ojani Noa e l'anello di fidanzamento
Jlo con il primo marito, Ojani Noa e l’anello di fidanzamento

2 Cris Judd ring

L'anello di Cris Judd
L’anello di Cris Judd

3 Ben Affleck ring

L'anello di Ben Affleck
L’anello di Ben Affleck

4 Marc Anthony ring

L'anello di Marc Anthony
L’anello di Marc Anthony

5 Alex Rodriguez ring

Jennifer Lopez e Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez e Alex Rodriguez

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