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Pasquale Bruni, anello in oro bianco e pavé di diamanti

The Sensual Touch by Pasquale Bruni

The Sensual Touch collection by Pasquale Bruni combines nature and love through a leaf ♦ ︎ There is nothing more sensual than love. At the same time, there is nothing […]

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Pasquale Bruni, il collier Ghirlanda Green Tara

Divine necklace by Pasquale Bruni

The Green Tara necklace from the Ghirlanda collection by Pasquale Bruni ♦ ︎ The Ghirlanda collection by Pasquale Bruni is an example of how creativity applied to high jewelery is […]

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Anelli della collezione Bon Ton Goddesses

Pasquale Bruni and the Bon Ton goddesses

The Bon Ton line by Pasquale Bruni in the new four delicate shades ♦ ︎ The bon ton is needed when you are in the company of someone, but Bon […]

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Mattioli, collezione Puzzle, modello Bikini in oro rosa e madreperle fuxia

Chains on exhibition

In Vicenza 80 jewels that have the chain’s protagonist ♦︎ There are chains that bind and there are chains that release. There are also chains that like. Those that are […]

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Orecchini medi in oro, diamanti, agata rossa

Pasquale Bruni even more Ton Jolì

Ton Jolì’s collection by Pasquale Bruni becomes even more jolie with new pieces ♦ ︎ Several novelties, many variations on the theme, new interpretations of winning models: those presented at […]

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La collana Ghirlanda '90 di Pasquale Bruni

New choker by Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni on the red carpet of Venice with a new choker ♦ ︎ Pasquale Bruni wins the virtual Golden Lion of Surprise at the Venice Film Festival. The Maison […]

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John Hardy, bracciale con smeraldi

All the winners of the Couture Design Awards

Here are the 14 winners of the Couture Design Awards 2017: four are Italian ♦ ︎ The Couture Design Awards is one of the most sought-after occasions by jewelers for […]

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Collana Quarto Chakra di Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni wins at Couture

At Pasquale Bruni the Haute Couture prize in the Las Vegas contest with the extraordinary 4th Chakra necklace, with 4549 diamonds ♦ We save you the hard work of counting them […]

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Las Vegas, Jck Show

Las Vegas plays jewelry

Las Vegas is the capital of jewels with Jck Show and Couture: there is also a piece of Italian jewelery industry ♦ In Las Vegas is the time of the Jck […]

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Zefiro in oro giallo con smeraldo, diamanti bianchi e smeraldi, fianco

Two flowers more to Pasquale Bruni

Two rings of high jewelry by Pasquale Bruni: they are part of Secret Gardens collection ♦ As is known, the gardens flourish again. Even those that are secrets, that are little […]

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Chocker Ton Joli

Pasquale Bruni in black

New jewelry added to the endless fable of Bon Ton collection by Pasquale Bruni. How you can renew a collection? In the case of Bon Ton line of Pasquale Bruni […]

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Orecchini Sissi

Pasquale Bruni, Sissi turns blue ice

A new variant of the icy collection of Pasquale Bruni dedicated to Sissi. In 2013, Pasquale Bruni, the prince of Italian jewelery, proposed the Sissi Collection, in honor of the […]

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Marica Pellegrinelli

(Italiano) Giardini Segreti a Sanremo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Pasquale Bruni, collezione Bon Ton, anello moi et toi in oro rosa, diamanti e crisoprasio

Green flowers with Pasquale Bruni

The turning point Green of Bon Ton: the collection by Pasquale Bruni adopts the hue of chrysoprase. The collection Bon Ton Pasquale Bruni is one of the cornerstones of the […]

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Matteo Marzotto, Vice Presidente IEG, Lorenzo Cagnoni, Presidente IEG, Corrado Facco, Direttore Generale IEG

(Italiano) Al via VicenzaOro

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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La collana della collezione Ghirlanda Nefertiti

A queen with Pasquale Bruni

The Ghirlanda Nefertiti by Pasquale Bruni: diamonds and topaz dedicated to the queen of ancient Egypt. If you do not know the history of the ancient Egyptians, you must know […]

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Il collier 4 Chakra

Dream Pasquale Bruni

By Pasquale Bruni a set consisting of necklace with diamonds 4549 and earrings: 4th Chakra. In Indian religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga, the chakras are areas of the body where […]

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Bon Ton indossato

Pasquale Bruni, new Bon Ton

New jewels of Bon Ton line by Pasquale Bruni. The Bon Ton line of Pasquale Bruni, one of the big names of Italian jewelry, never ends to add charm and […]

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Pasquale Bruni on the air with Zenday

Pasquale Bruni on the air with Zenday

Pasquale Bruni airs: the actress and Zenday American singer wore the creations of Italian jewelry house at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which was held on April 3 in Los Angeles. […]

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Anello della collezione MakeLove

Make love with Pasquale Bruni

Needless to say that love is the engine that moves the world, even that of jewelery. And with a slogan that appears to come directly from the sixties, Pasquale Bruni […]

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