Collana scapolare indossata
Collana scapolare indossata

Orixas scapular necklaces with Gi by Giselle

Jewelery inspired by a mysterious religion, with roots in deep Africa and sprouting in Brazil: Umbanda. From these beliefs the Florentine Maison Gi by Giselle, founded by the Brazilian designer and former model Giselle Effting, takes inspiration for the Orixas collection. Umbanda is a syncretic religion that incorporates elements of Catholicism, spiritualism and African religions, where the orixás are spirits sent by the supreme creator, Olodumare, to assist humanity and to teach how to succeed on Ayé (the Earth) .

Collana Orixas indossata
Orixas necklace worn

The collection, however, is very concrete and transforms the symbolism into jewels made with titanium chain and 18k gold pendant. Each jewel represents one of the subjects that populate Umbanda. For example, Ogun, the God of war and technology. Or Oxala, the divinity of creation, the orixá who created men. The necklaces adopt the scapular style, a term that originally indicates a fabric worn by monks to preserve the ordinary robe and now also a necklace that has one element in front and another behind the shoulders. But you don’t need to be a follower of Umbanda to be able to wear them.

Collana Xango e Oxumare
Necklaces Xango and Oxumare
Collana Oxala e Ossaim
Necklaces Oxala and Ossaim
Giselle Effting
Giselle Effting

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