Amlé, Costiera collection
Amlé, Costiera collection

Amle, the South you do not expect

If you aren’t from South Italy, as you imagine it? Easy: color, vibrancy, exuberant nature. It is with these images in the heart that a decade ago was born Amle in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Province of Caserta. In Campania region the colors are, perhaps, even more determined than elsewhere: Marisa Angelucci, creative mind of the Italian brand, does not hide it. She started with an antique store and then went just to handcrafted jewelry.

Collana con cammei, collezione Costiera
Necklace with cameos, Costiera collection

It debuted in Milan at Macef, the first trade fair. It was successful, until get now to Las Vegas, to Jck Show: sign that jewels of Neapolitan company are appreciated even beyond the border. One of the characteristic signs is the use of an ancient material, but little used in jewelery: the horn, also of zebù. It is natural, they say in the company, and has an ancient tradition.

La collana Bambolata nata dieci anni fa per un progetto speciale realizzato con la nostra musa Erminia Manfredi per Vogue, un gioiello iconico, decisamente un opera d’arte. Negli anni ha conquistato copertine, musei e alcune delle donne più importanti al mondo. Un gioiello realizzato totalmente a mano, con stampi borbonici dell’800 ancora rifilati a mano, montati su corno e perle
The Bambolata necklace born ten years ago for a special project created for Vogue, made entirely by hand, with Bourbon molds from the 1800s still trimmed by hand, mounted on horn and pearls

It is used in an unusual mix: semi-precious stones, precious and semi precious, pearl, coral, pearls, silver, onyx, starfish. But the beauty is that these traditional materials are used to combine bijoux colorful and modern. By the way, the Amle name is formed from the initials of the family: Alice, Marisa, Luca, Ermenegilda. The summer 2023 collection, portrayed in the images with the advice of art director Marco Ferra and the photographs of Victor Santiago, is called Costiera, like that stretch of sea and land in Campania famous all over the world.

Collezione Costiera, collana con conchiglie
Costiera collection, necklace with shells
Collezione Costiera, con conchiglie, corallo, fiori
Costiera collection, with shells, coral, flowers
Collana e orecchini con tamburelli dipinti a mano
Necklace and earrings with hand painted tambourines
Collana con tamburello in legno e pelle di capra dipinto a mano, cimbali in argento
Necklace with hand painted wooden and goat skin tambourine, silver cymbals


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