Collana con pietre verdi
Green stone necklace

No-hacker jewelery with futuroRemoto

A heart free from pirates of feelings and, given the era in which we live, also from digital dangers that beset everyday life. The association between the two extremes is summarized in the No hacker in Heart collection presented by the futuroRemoto brand, founded in Lecce (Puglia, Italy) by Gianni De Benedittis. The jewels in the collection are partly obtained with the micro-casting technique, while others are unique pieces, made by hand. In this case, human creativity prevails over artificial intelligence. The design of the jewels seems consistent with the concept summarized by the name of the Maison: a mix of traditional technique combined with futuristic shapes.

Collana con cuore
Heart necklace

The jewels, a series of necklaces, should be made of silver and gold bath, like the others proposed by the Maison, with the addition of semi-precious stones, often with an original cut, as well as small sculptural elements. The No hacker in Heart collection will be available online and at Banner, a Milanese luxury brand boutique in Via Sant’Andrea, which is part of the Biffi Group.

Collana con stella
Star necklace
Girocollo di futuroRemoto
Choker by futuroRemoto
Gioiello della collezione No hacker in Heart
Jewel of the No hacker in Heart collection
Collana della collezione No hacker in Heart
Necklace from the No hacker in Heart collection
Collana in argento bagno oro
Necklace in gold-plated silver

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