Anello della collezione Groumette in argento e topazio
Anello della collezione Groumette in argento e topazio

The reborn silver of Maria and Luisa

The name has nothing special: Maria e Luisa. The surname, however, is known to jewelry lovers: Pianegonda. The Pianegonda brand, however, due to troubled corporate events, can no longer be used by Maria Luisa Pianegonda and not even by her brother Franco, founder of the Maison specializing in silver jewelry. The Pianegonda brand is now owned by the Bros Manifatture group. But the creativity of the two brothers, who each went down a different path, was not sold. After 16 years as a marketing manager in the original Pianegonda, and after a break marked by travel, Maria Luisa got back on track with a new brand, with a name that curiously doubles her own: Maria and Luisa.

Anello Shri in argento e 8 pietre di rodolite
Shri ring in silver and 8 rhodolite stones

Also for Maria and Luisa the basic material is silver. But it is a super-worked silver, which highlights a craftsmanship of yesteryear. The jewels are worked with a burin, with scrolls, curls, folds, inlays and in some cases with the addition of large semi-precious stones, such as citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, pink, cognac, and prasiolite, onyx, topaz. Some jewels also have small 9-karat gold inserts. Maria and Luisa’s boutique is located in Milan. Vicenza is long gone.

Orecchini in argento con elemento a rosone inciso a mano con la tecnica del bulino e catene groumette
Silver earrings with rosette element hand engraved with the burin technique and groumette chainse
Bracciale Groumette in argento e cristallo di rocca
Groumette bracelet in silver and rock crystal
Anello in argento brunito con quarzo fumé
Burnished silver ring with smoky quartz
Anello in argento brunito con ametista
Burnished silver ring with amethyst
Bracciale rolò in argento brunito
Bracelet in burnished silver
Orecchini in argento con citrino madeira
Silver earrings with madeira citrine
Collana groumette girocollo
Choker groumette necklace
Orecchini in argento intarsiato
Inlaid silver earrings

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