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Anello di Sicis indossato

The precious flower of Sicis

x A new high jewelery ring signed by Sicis. Those who know the brand from Ravenna (Italy) know that the specialty of the house are micro mosaics: tiny glass tiles […]

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Anello con tanzanite di 9,25 carati

Sicis’s game of fantasy

The exuberant imagination of Gioia Placuzzi, Sicis art director, has resulted in a new series of jewels. It is a series of seven rings of high jewelery, with the name […]

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Sicis, collana e orecchini indossati

Sicis, rhombus as high jewelry

The word lozenge is a term used in heraldry to indicate a geometric figure of four sides with the upper and lower angles acute, while the two lateral ones are […]

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Sicis, ciondolo con la lettera B

The Sicis alphabet

A, B, C, etc.: how many things can be said with a simple letter like those in the Alphabet collection by Sicis? The letter can refer to an initial of […]

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Anello Anemone con perla, diamanti e micromosaico

Sicis high jewelry flies to New York

From Ravenna to the Big Apple: Sicis Jewels participates in the first edition of the year of JA New York, one of the main jewelery fairs for the entire east […]

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Collana Calipso con 165 perle Akoya e diamanti

The extraordinary Sicis necklace dedicated to Calipso

Calipso, nymph daughter of Atlas, who in the Odyssey welcomes the shipwrecked Odysseus on the island of Ogigia and, in love with him, holds him for seven years, until he […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco, micro mosaico, diamanti

Sicis flowers and feathers in Singapore

Flowers and colored feathers composed of gold and precious stones with micro mosaics presented by Sicis in Singapore ♦ ︎ Sicis micro mosaics get to JeweLuxe Singapore (from October 16th). […]

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Anello Art Déco in oro bianco, micro mosaico, diamanti, rubellite. La parte superiore è mobile

Sicis flowers

The Sicis micro mosaic between flowers and Art Deco, here are the new jewels ♦ ︎ Micro mosaic, great result. Sicis, a Ravenna-based company specialized in mosaic activity, which also […]

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Van Cleef & Arpels, clip Pesce in oro bianco, con diamanti cabochon e zaffiri neri, onice

The jewelry of sea

The jewels inspired by the sea: perfect to be worn in August, but even better in the other months of the year ♦ The month of August, in the northern […]

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Sicis, orecchini della collezione Daisy

The Sicis daisy

Bracelets, jewel watches, ring and earrings by Sicis inspired by the most cheerful flower: the daisy ♦ ︎ Browse the daisy to see if she or he loves you. A habit […]

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Sicis, orecchini con minuscole tessere di micromosaico in pasta vetrosa, uniti a pietre preziose e oro

Sicis among the stars

Tiny pieces of gold, enamel, stones are used to compose the Etoile collection by Sicis ♦ ︎ Tiny pieces of micromosaic in glassy paste, combined with precious stones and gold. […]

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Alessio Boschi con la spilla Great White Shark

The 12 designers of VicenzaOro September

The 12 jewelers which will be in the Design Room at VicenzaOro September. Among the new entries Tomasz Donocik and Yeprem. Stephen Webster is also coming ♦ ︎ Ieg, the […]

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Gioielli di Sicis

Sicis Jewels, the micro mosaics show

The micro mosaics of Sicis Jewels: small Venetian glass tesserae, together with gold and precious stones ♦ ︎ At VicenzaOro January there is also Sicis Jewels, a Ravenna company specialized […]

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L'area Design Room a VicenzaOro September

In 12 in the Design Room

Here are the 12 creators present in the Design Room at VicenzaOro January 2019 ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro warms the engines and anticipates the names of the 12 creatives who will […]

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Sicis, anello e bracciale con cuori

The Universe of Sicis

The Universe collection by Sicis: the micromosaic becomes a modern jewel ♦ ︎ Sicis Jewels micromosaic abandons the concept of a single piece to become a collection. This time the […]

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Sicis, anello Arabesque in micromosaico, oro bianco, diamanti e rubino

The Arabesque by Sicis

Two new pieces of high jewelery made by Sicis with the technique of micromosaic, combined with diamonds and rubies, the Arabesque parure ♦ ︎ The micromosaic becomes a jewel: it […]

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Anello Felce di Sicis

From Sicis a fern jewel

By Sicis, a micro-mosaic with emeralds turns into a jewel-fern ♦ ︎ Sicis’s micro mosaic is made in Ravenna, a city that houses some of the most famous Romanesque mosaics […]

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Sicis, collana Damisa

A leopard by Sicis

A leopard becomes necklace: it has been created by Sicis with the micro mosaic technique, diamonds and sapphires. Animals at Sicis home. The company from Ravenna is specializes in the […]

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Parure Butterfly indossata

Sicis on the fly

Two butterflies with garnet, agate and diamonds are flying from Sicis atelier. About Sicis we talked about many times: it is a unique brand in the jewelry world. Not only […]

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Particolare della collana Koi di Sicis

Sicis plunges into Chinese legend

Sicis, Ravenna company that has made of technique of micro mosaic an art, loves to turn the spotlight on one piece at a time. In fact the jewelry that it […]

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