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Marta Paolillo, life in curve

For the Roman designer Marta Paolillo, fate is a curl in gold and diamonds.

Destiny is a curved line, often with a tortuous path that turns into a small labyrinths, curls, circles broken. The curves are drawn by Marta Paolillo, an international design signatures, based in Rome. She is one of the few able to offer something different, and also one of the few that can boast a pedigree starry. She has from her own the birth: his father diamond trader and stones and she has traveled the world. And so she has a first hand knowledge of the market. But she is also graduated at the Gemological Institute of America. In short, for her the stones have no secrets.

Anello Snake in oro giallo e diamanti
Anello Snake in oro giallo e diamanti

But is their use to do special her proposal: the jewels have a linear style and the same Baroque time, they are rich, but at the same time sober, they are great, but at the same time light. It is also attentive to new technologies and uses materials such as titanium, carbon steel, Stingray skin (shagreen), next to the classic 18K gold. Collections such as Snake, which follows the traditional pattern of the reptile, are the greatest sinuous. Others, such as Jaipur, flanked by the convolutions of the metal to the color of the stones. And there are striking proposals: as the deck of playing cards (flexible) in gold. If you want to make a game of poker you begin to put on the plate in 1800 euro. Lavinia Andorno

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