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What are bridge jewelry?

Do you know what bridge jewelry is? This name has been used to indicate a large part of jewelry. If you don’t know what bridge jewels are, then, here’s an opportunity to learn it.

Bracciale fiorito Pandora Garden
Bracciale fiorito Pandora Garden

Of course, as with all categories, there are nuances. In some cases there are jewels that can be defined differently, a bit like hair color: there are those who are not blonde or even brunette, but somewhere in between. But this does not mean that jewels have long been divided into categories: high jewelery, jewelery, bridge, fashion, to which is added costume jewelery. As it is clear following this cataloging, jewels defined as bridges are halfway between high-end ones and those much more related to fashion.
Collana con pendente ad anelli
Collana con pendente ad anelli by Morellato

The jewels defined as bridge, in short, is a category that bridges the gap between low-end costume jewelery and high-end jewelery. Bridge jewelry is made with metal such as silver, 9 karat gold, vermeil (gold plated silver). They can be enriched with crystals or with the least expensive semi precious stones or even with synthetic stones and small cultured pearls. In large part this type of jewel is very popular and is represented by major brands, such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo or Morellato, but also individual Maison such as Monica Vinader, Giovanni Raspini or John Hardy, to name a few. And, of course, there are also small artisans who offer bridge jewels.
Cara Delevigne con bracciale di Monica Vinader
Cara Delevigne con bracciale di Monica Vinader

According to a survey conducted a few years ago of about 120 jewelers in the United States, the percentage of bridge jewelry in overall sales has remained the same or has increased over time. Nearly half (48%) of jewelers said their bridge jewelry sales have remained pretty much the same as the percentage of overall sales in recent years, while another 43% said they have increased.
Bracciale in argento con acquamarina e cianite, catena soft flex
John Hardy, bracciale in argento con acquamarina e cianite, catena soft flex

Why have bridge-type jewels been successful? The factors that convinced the buyers are two: the very low price, also because it is not particularly sensitive to fluctuations in gold prices, and a design that in many cases has nothing to envy to that of more expensive jewelry. In any case, there are also notable differences between bridge jewels.
Orecchini piccoli della collezione Nautilus
Orecchini piccoli della collezione Nautilus by Giovanni Raspini

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