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Training courses for setters and goldsmiths with Damiani

Learn (and work) gold and precious stones with Damiani. The proposal of the Piedmontese company called Damiani Academy is renewed. This is a training project, which aims to create vertical technical specializations in the field of goldsmith-craft production, thanks to a specific path aimed at training professionals to be included in the world of work. The goal is to identify the best technical and creative skills of the Italian market and offer them the unique opportunity to embark on a path of excellence at their goldsmith workshops in Valenza.

Lavoro di incassatura
Lavoro di incassatura

This initiative is part of the activities for the enhancement of Made in Italy and local craftsmanship excellence: Damiani is among the members of the Mani Intelligenti Foundation, an association that operates in the field of higher education with the aim of preparing future generations of employees to the jewelery sector, so as to continue to guarantee Valenza and the quality jewelery industry a leadership and a culture of excellence recognized all over the world.

In collaboration with Manpower, Damiani is looking for candidates for highly specialized courses, organized and financed by the goldsmith Maison, then offering the possibility of a subsequent insertion into the company. The training course will begin in September and will take place over five weeks (with a total of 200 hours of attendance), and includes both theoretical classroom training and practical activities at the Damiani factory. The training course consists of two modules:
The required figures are:
• Gemstone setters. It provides for the function and correct use of the tools essential to the profession of cashier, techniques for making cuts and blocking the stones, knowledge and execution of the most important cuts used, stone setting.

• Goldsmiths at the counter. It includes function and correct use of the tools indispensable to the goldsmith profession, goldsmith processing techniques0, creation of a jewel.

Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti
Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti

The required profile
The ideal trainee is strongly motivated to undertake a professional path aimed at job placement in the Italian cradle of goldsmith art as a setter or as a counter goldsmith. He has a keen interest in the sector and the ambition to build a career path in the art of jewelery starting from the acquisition of the artisan skills necessary in the specific production context, he has a passion for Made In Italy and high quality, he has good manual ability and preparation for carrying out tasks that involve great precision and attention to detail.
The candidate holds a diploma or certificate of professional qualification in the goldsmith or artistic field (for example, qualifications such as restorers or similar) and is determined to attend the Damiani Academy specialization course at the headquarters in Valenza (Alessandria). Admission to the course is subject to verification of the required requirements and the assessment that emerged during the selection process. The course is aimed at the unemployed, the headquarters are in Valenza.

L'ex spazio Expo Piemonte, ora di proprietà della famiglia Damiani
L’ex spazio Expo Piemonte, ora di proprietà della famiglia Damiani

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