Choker in argento indossato
Choker di Giovanni Raspini in argento indossato

The Bubbles by Giovanni Raspini

Soap bubbles, financial bubbles, champagne bubbles, shampoo bubbles, water bubbles in which the paste is immersed: how many bubbles is life dotted with? Now there are more bubbles: they are those of the new Bubbles collection by Giovanni Raspini. The Tuscan jewelry company, which has long been launched on the international market, offers a series of jewels designed using the lost wax casting method. It goes without saying that the subject of the jewels are the silver spheres, placed close to each other, in clusters, resulting in rather marked volumes.

Collezione Bubble indossata
Collezione Bubbles worn

But these are not just round balls. The silver used for the jewels is hammered, in order to create an irregular surface, capable of creating chiaroscuro light effects. The silver, in fact, is partly burnished and contrasts with the surface which retains its natural color. The Bubbles collection consists of a necklace, a pendant, two bracelets (rigid and articulated), two rings and three earrings.

Collana in argento Bubble
Collana in argento Bubbles
Orecchini in argento Bubble
Orecchini in argento Bubbles
Anello in argento Bubble
Anello in argento Bubbles
Bracciale rigido in argento Bubble
Bracciale rigido in argento Bubbles
Bracciale morbido in argento
Bracciale morbido in argento
Choker in argento indossato
Choker in argento indossato
Bracciale e orecchini Bubble indossati
Bracciale e orecchini Bubbles indossati

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