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Bracciale in argento sterling placcato oro giallo e zirconi

Michael Kors in silver and gold

Michael Kors’ autumn collection: silver and gold plating, zircons and colored quartz ♦ ︎ Sterling silver, gold plating, colored quartz. And, of course, lots of padlocks, a hallmark of Michael […]

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Cassa in oro bianco con 128 diamanti bianchi a taglio brillante 2.30,  126 smeraldi a taglio brillante e 72 smeraldi a forma ovale- Quadrante incastonato con 148 smeraldi e lancette da rodio Dauphine. Cinturino: galuchat verde. Chiusura pieghevole tripla in oro bianco con 95 smeraldi

Cascata hours for de Grisogono

High jewelery bracelets with built-in clock: the de Grisogono Cascata collection ♦ ︎ They are not watches. Or, more precisely, they are clocks that are indifferent to time. Ok, the […]

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Collana con gemme multicolori

The rainbow of Dolce & Gabbana

The Rainbow collection by Dolce & Gabbana : a shower of gems to compose the entire color scale ♦ ︎ A rainbow that sparkles colors, cheers and warms even the […]

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Orecchini in acciaio pvd giallo e cristalli

Morellato in a circle

The Cerchi collection by Morellato: simple bijoux, with a gipsy variant, in steel and crystals ♦ Riddle: what is the part of the plane delimited by a circumference, constituted by […]

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Anello della collezione Menottes

The irony of Dinh Van

The jewels in addition to the famous menottes of the Parisian brand Dinh van. Like the Le Cube Diamant collection ♦ Dinh van in 1965 opened his own jewelry workshop […]

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Ciondoli della linea My Luck

Miniature by Rosato

Three silver bracelets and 24 pendants from Rosato’s Miniature collection. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Three basic bracelets, on which 24 pendants can be added. If you calculate all the […]

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Anello in oro giallo maglia Flex'it con rondella in oro bianco e diamanti

Fope forever Prima

The Prima collection by Fope expands like the patented Flex’it system ♦ ︎ The Prima collection of Fope made its debut with its mesh chain Flex’it at Baselworld 2017. In […]

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Bracciale della collezione Maui

Giovanni Raspini in Hawaii

Giovanni Raspini’s Maui line: silver with mother of pearl and quartz for iridescent colors ♦ ︎ Giovanni Raspini always plays the same instrument, but notes and music are different. As […]

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Rebecca, anello della collezione Iconic

Rebecca iconic style

The Iconic collection by Rebecca: bronze plated in the colors of gold. Images and prices ♦ ︎ The jewelry brand Rebecca has established itself in a few years among those […]

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Bracciale in Pvd giallo con ciondolo barca

Kidult traveling

Kidult bracelets dedicated to the theme of travel, in steel and crystals. Images and price ♦ ︎ It’s time for holidays and, therefore, travel time. For those who already have […]

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Anello La Reina Coyote in quarzo, oro e tormalina

In the desert with Daniela Villegas

The jewels of the La Reina Coyote line designed by Daniela Villegas: the wild American desert becomes precious ♦ ︎ Unique pieces, as always. It’s natural: Daniela Villegas uses stones […]

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Bracciali in oro rosa della collezione Ocean Jasper

Tamara Comolli in the Ocean Jasper

The Ocean Jasper collection by Tamara Comolli brings out the thousand colored combinations of stone combined with gold ♦ ︎ The waves of the sea are all different. And, in […]

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Pandora, bead da inserire sul bracciale

Pandora for Christmas

Pandora charms for Christmas dedicated to the myth of Mickey Mouse. Images and prices ♦ ︎ It seems that the marriage between Pandora and Walt Disney is a happy marriage. […]

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Brosway, collana della Veronica Ferraro Capsule Collection

Brosway flies to Los Angeles

From Brosway a collection dedicated to the myth of Los Angeles and Hollywood ♦ ︎ Fashion is fashionable also for jewelry and bijoux. So Brosway has entrusted the signature of […]

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Vendorafa, bracciale della collezione Tribal

Tribal dance for Vendorafa

The Tribal collection by Vendorafa: hammered gold together with precious wood elements ♦ ︎ Just a century ago, Picasso, Braque and a large group of artists working in Paris, were […]

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Orecchini della collezione Super Bowl

Giovanni Raspini in the field with the golden Super Bowl

New pieces of the Super Bowl collection by Giovanni Raspini: there is also a golden version ♦ ︎ In the USA the Super Bowl is the final of the National […]

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Anello in oro, diamanti, smalto blu

The jewels by Ludovica Andreoni

Ludovica Andreoni presented the jewels of the 2018-2019 collections ♦ Recently web and social media in Italy have written about Ludovica Andreoni for his separation from the former president of […]

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Ciondolo a forma di seme di ippocastano in oro giallo, diamanti brown, quarzo fumé, tsavoriti

The magic seeds of Annoushka Ducas

The pendants from the Seed collection of the British designer Annoushka Ducas ♦ ︎ To each his amulet. There are those who chose to those typical of its culture, its […]

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New Snake intrecciato

The temptation of the Breil snake

New Snake, a metallic snake of Breil wraps around the wrist, neck, waist and … ♦ Adopt a serpent for a friend. This is suggested by Breil, a brand of the […]

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Orecchini della colelzione La Mer en Majesté presentati a Couture di Las Vegas 2018. Oro bianco che simula la schiuma dell'acqua, zaffiri, perle dorate

Jewelmer, the Miracle of the Golden Pearl

The golden pearls by Jewelmer, the ultimate in luxury when they are combined with gold and diamonds. Get joint the word jewel, with the word which is French for sea, […]

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