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Anello X Wire in oro rosa e diamante

10 Tiffany from 270 to 970 Euros

Ten jewels by Tiffany from 270 to 970 €: a reasoned choice for a gift. Introductory Note: gioiellis.com not receiving advertisements from Tiffany or is related in any way to Tiffany & […]

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Bracciale di 2Jewels

Together on the wrist with 2Jewels

The Together collection of 2Jewels bracelets: thousands of possible combinations joining two halves ♦ ︎ Together: it is the magic word that unites couples. It is an invitation, a promise […]

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Ciondoli della linea My Secret

My charms by Rosato

The new Rosato signed pendants with bags, sneakers and hearts in colored silver with enamel ♦ ︎ Objects of everyday use, which every woman knows, in miniature. And designed to […]

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Chanel, anello con leone scolpito in cristallo di rocca, oro bianco e diamante

Lions under the sign of Chanel

A new collection of jewelry roars with Chanel: Sous le Signe du Lion ♦ ︎ The lion roars for the third time. And the majestic sound of the king of […]

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Bracciale in oro e diamanti

Alfieri & St. John celebrates Gaüdi

Earrings, necklaces and rings inspired by the Catalan architect Gaüdì in the 1922 collection by Alfieri & St. John ♦ ︎ Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia, famous for its rambla, the […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e bianco con diamanti della collezione Clara

A rhino in a jewelry store?

The jewels of Chateau Euphorie, which is inspired by an Indian rhinoceros that was adopted by Louis XV. Let’s face it: it’s important not only to do something good, but […]

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Il bracciale Sardegna Mia

Italy tour with Trolbeads

From Trollbeads silver elements to add to the bracelets with icons of food, Carnival and architecture of the various Italian regions ♦ ︎ This time to amaze is not the […]

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Anello Carlotta in oro giallo e diamante

The many names of Govoni Gioielli

The Cheri collection by Govoni Gioielli: names and words translated into yellow gold and diamond ♦ ︎ Alessia, Antonella, Carlotta, Giulia, Valeria … What do they have in common? Simple: […]

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Bracciale Pointelle Hue in oro 24 carati con tormalina rosa mista taglio cabochon

Gurhan, fable with 24 carat

A 24-carat gold and hand-crafted worked by the jewelry designer Gurhan. As in fairy tales, there is a humble artisan who lives in a distant country, Istanbul. And there’s a […]

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Orecchini in ottone con zirconi colorati

Brosway, embroideries in Corinth

The Corinto collection by Brosway: interweaving of light metal with white or colored zircons ♦ ︎ Corinth: a name that evokes History, Greece, maybe even the school memories. The city, […]

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A sweet chaos for Garavelli

A sweet chaos for Garavelli

The sweet chaos of the Garavelli collection is extended with a new rose gold bracelet ♦ ︎ Life is made of ups and downs. But not only: what happens is […]

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Bracciale tennis in argento, zirconia cubica, pietra sintetica rossa

A ladybug in the treasurs of Morellato

The new ladybug-shaped jewels from the Tesori collection by Morellato ♦ ︎ The Treasures are not always hidden. Those of Morellato, for example, have long been easily reached thanks to […]

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Bliss, #Mywords, elementi a forma di teschio

Bliss, new symbols for #Mywords

New symbols for the modular bracelets from Bliss’s #Mywords collection ♦ ︎ Skulls, cross, a soccer ball and a crown: the most trendy Bliss collection for winter is enriched with […]

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Particolare del bracciale

Love at the time of Recarlo

Feeling collection by Recarlo: heart-shaped diamonds, flexible bracelet. Images and prices ♦ ︎ At one time, in the Italian language, the word heart rhymed with love. It is still so. […]

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Orecchini della collezione Giardino misterioso, in oro e diamanti

The Africa blues of Anaïs Reiner

Jewels in gold and precious stones, but above all seen through the eyes of those who have long lived in Africa, such as Anaïs Rheiner ♦ Anaïs Reiner is Swiss, […]

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Bracciale in oro bicolore. Prezzo: 279 euro

Beverly style by Stroili

The max Beverly collection by Stroili, simple and at super-accessible prices ♦ ︎ The name suggests the hills near Los Angeles where many Hollywood actors live. But the Beverly collection […]

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Bracciali in oro e diamanti di Fiore Roberta

Fiore Roberta’s Candy

The new bracelets containing words signed by Fiore Roberta in gold and diamonds ♦ In S.Zenone Ezzelini (Treviso) there is the headquarters of Fiore Roberta, a company of jewelry that […]

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Anello in oro rosa con zaffiri

In Tibet with Mattioli

The Tibet collection in pink gold and diamonds signed by Mattioli is enriched with new pieces ♦ ︎ You do not need to climb the peaks of Tibet to find […]

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The dreams of Rosato

The dreams of Rosato

The Sogni collection by Rosato: silver jewelery with small stones set. Images and prices ♦ ︎ If dreams (sogni in italian) are desires, Rosato’s Dreams are vaguely retro-inspired jewels. Bracelets, […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Peroni & Parise, golden combination

Peroni & Parise, two jewelers who combine creativity with modern and non-trivial lines. Here are the new jewels that follow the Henné and Gipsy collections ♦ A couple (in goldsmithery) […]

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