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Pearls for eternity with tinyOm


The tinyOm jewelry: 18K gold and Bahraini pearls ♦ ︎

TinyOm founder Virginie Dreyer, a former lawyer in Paris, defines her business as “jewelery for the Soul”. In short, jewels for the spirit, more than for vanity. As, moreover, the name of the small Maison indicates, which incorporates the suffix om, a Tibetan mantra inspired by the creation of the universe. Virginie moved to the Middle East for family reasons, studied graphics and design and, attracted by the goldsmiths and crafts of Bahrain, her adopted country, she began to create jewelry. She is passionate about yoga, which she practices and teaches, as well as inspiring her jewelry.

Orecchini della collezione Seeding
Orecchini della collezione Seeding

The small 18-karat gold threads that make up the jewels are combined with small Bahraini pearls, which for Tiny Om “are the rarest and most exceptional for their unique nature: they are born where fresh water springs burst into the salty water of the sea, acquiring an extraordinary brightness thanks to this unusual contrast ”. Rare, in short, but not excessively, given that the tinyOm jewels have prices that do not exceed $ 700.

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