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Andreoli hero of two worlds

From the sale of carpets in India,to Valenza, till up to the headquarters in Rockefeller Center in New York, so here is the high jewelry by Andreoli.
The work in Valenza, the success in the US. Andreoli is an American brand of haute joaillerie that started its journey in Italy in 1945, when the Hadjibay family has established itself in the trade of precious stones (we have also spoken here). Since 1970, the company has evolved and keeps the design and realization of pieces of fine jewelery in Valenza, Italy, while the market on which it operates is the American one. Seen the origins, not surprising that the protagonists of the collections are large stones, like brilliant diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as well as pearls, coral and turquoise. Not only that: in addition to gold Andreoli uses also platinum and titanium to create even impressive jewels, such as the large necklace with over 850 carats of rubies and 20 grams of beads. It must not be easy to wear in casual manner. The helm of the company is governed now by Caroline Hadjibay, who took the baton from Jack Hadjibay patriarch from his headquarters in Rockefeller Center in New York.
And to say that the history of the family started by Abraham Hadjibay, in India, where he sold the best Persian carpets. But we must add that Abraham’s father had sold gems to the czar of Russia. Abraham Hadjibay has focused from carpets to jewelery, the trade in precious stones. The son, Jack Hadjibay, then continued the business. The activity of the brand Andreoli, however, originated in Valenza, Italy, where it was founded in 1845. In 1920 Andreoli has launched her prêt-à-porter collection and immediately achieved success around the world. The two stories together have led to what is now one of the most famous brand of high jewelery. Lavinia Andorno

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